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Chris P

Mentioned at tail end of last week's thread. Deceptive Practice, the documentary about Ricky Jay, was slated to come out today and appeared in my queue as late as Friday. Then over the weekend it popped back into the "Release Date Unknown" list. Double-checked, and the DVD is available for sale today. Anyone know why this happens sometimes?


I asked last week but never got an answer so I ask again. When (if at all) is season 1 of Hannibal and Chicago Fire coming to Netflix streaming? Also my girlfriend would like to know what when season 1 of Mistresses and season 2 of The Lying Game will be added. Does anyone know?


@Chris - I have seen it happen a time or two in my queue - I always assume they either changed the release date, Netflix decided not to stock the title, or the release was canceled.

@n8ball78 - I think I read that Hannibal is going to Amazon Prime so that more than likely isn't coming to Netflix. I do not see anything for Chicago Fire, Mistresses, nor The Lying Game via Netflix's site.




When is white collar season 4 out? ?


@laurren - I don't see anything on Netflix's page for the series regarding a streaming release of season 4 of White Collar, sorry.


Touch: Season 2 will be streaming on 12/1


The killing season 3 was added.

Peter Davenport

"FLIGHT" was inspired by the movie "THE PILOT" 1980 with Cliff Robertson. You can find it on Youtube. It will never be on Netflix.

tyler funderburke

when is american horror story season 2 available for streaming

Tony C

Tried to watch Polar Express with my kid but it's not in English.


When are they streaming season 2 of american horror story


Computer Chess appears to be a streaming title as well as DVD


When will the second season of house of cards be available


Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck! Chuck!

So thrilled to finally have this available (10+ months after promised)


sometime in 2014 for house of cards is all i can find. They just finished filming season 2, please remember Joyce that making shows is a process and patience is a virtue


@PeterDavenpor FLIGHT is on Netflix


will third rock from the sun ever come back to instant?, it was up for like a month a year ago


Do you know when glee season 4 will be streaming??


When will the Dvds that came out on the 5th be put onto the instant streaming?


Why isn't polar express in English?


Why is polar express in german? I mean, I speak dutch a little, but I'd like to watch it in english with my little brother. Fix please!!!!!!!


Polar Express is in English just checked. If you're connecting to Netflix via VPN or DNS to change your location it might be in another language.

Chantel Horn

Having the same issue. Works on my phone but not my samsung smart tv...what the heck?

Kyle B

Bond, James Bond in Skyfall, another unannounced addition to streaming made today (Sat Nov 9).


Polar Express is in German ? here too. Everything else is coming in English as usual.


Wanted to watch Polar Express w/my boy but it's in German. What's up w/that?


Tried playing Polar Express on an LG and it was in German. When I chose stereo instead of 5.1 surround, it played in English.




Polar express is in German here in California.


The temporary fix for the Polar Express streaming in German problem is to change your audio settings in Netflix from 5.1 Dolby to Stereo.

They are working on a solution. This advice was given to me by the Netfix support line.


Yep. German audio Polar Express for me, as well. Looks like a number of Netflix streaming titles have Dolby coding errors. I started watching a Tunisian film, Buried Secrets, on my PC then later decided to finish watching on the big screen in the family room. There was no dialogue at all. None. Music and sound effects were fine, but the voice track was completely missing. And I've recently discovered other language mix-ups as well.

But there is a simple workaround: go to the Audio and Subtitles option for the film that has the audio problem and select Stereo instead of Dolby Digital Plus 5.1. The film will now play the correct language track. Works like a charm on my Sony BD. I assume this will also work on other players.

Mary Avila

You have a poor list of movies available. I am thinking about canceling. thanks for nothing.


It's says curse of chucky is available but why can't I find it while streaming Netflix

Richard Miller

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How long do we have to wait for white Collar season 4? Come on, this is getting silly!

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