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I've noticed a huge amount of titles are going to expire on the 1st (hopefully they're going to reinstate them), but if not we'll lose a great deal of titles.

Also, I been noticing a disturbing trend of late, Netflix is adding more and more foreign films. For some it's great, but I would rather see Netflix spend my money on getting more American films and TV streaming.


Matt, where are you seeing the titles that expire on the 1st? Instantwatcher removed expiring titles, for example. Does anyone still list them that far in advance? Thanks.

Movie Buff

I hope all you are happy with streaming. You are now held by the short-n-curlys of what copyright holders want you to see and WHEN they want you to see it.

Give me DVDs any day. But all the world seems to think streaming is so frickin' great, huh?! You beg NF for titles but NF can't provide them in streaming if the holders don't give the rights. However, NF can buy and rent all the DVDs they want! You can't wait 1-2 days? Geez. Just do without then and quit complaining!

Kyle B

Umm...I made a post this morning about content expiring, and it's not here.


Movie Buff

DVD rental is dying a slow death.

Yeah, we are at the content owners mercy but its $7 a month too.


Ok, now I see all the titles expiring on the 1st. I have 15 expiring from my queue. I'm using an iPhone app called QueueView that shows me these (no longer available on the App Store). It'll be interesting to see if they're reinstated, but I kinda doubt it. The end of a year is a natural end point for a contract. But I do have a DVD plan also, because of the reasons Movie Buff outlined. So it's not really a loss for me, except for the one old tv show I have in there. TV shows are much more convenient to watch at your own pace via streaming.


Ultimate Spiderman season 2 has been added


Could someone post a list of titles going away on the 1st? I'd like to get started on any I have neglected up until now. Thanks!


Just got the Paradise disc (the new Diablo Cody film) in the mail and noticed that it is now on streaming. Oh well.


No mention of Lost Girl Season 3...

Peter Davenport

I have cancelled my Netflix account as of last night. I hate politics and it seems Reed Hastings went to the Whitehouse to ask President Obama if he wanted a cameo in HOUSE OF CARDS. I don't watch the show but it's great to see that's where the budget is going. I saw that bunch of trailer trash sitting there and it turned my stomach thinking many of my classic tv, movies are gone without negotiating contracts obviously so the original programming could be going full steam. After 13 years, that's it.



Mitch - I'd help if I could, but I don't know of a place to see those, other than one week prior, they will show in your queue on a web page. They show in this app I have two weeks prior, but as I mentioned you can't get the app anymore. One week's warning is really not enough. Netflix could definitely stand to improve this. If you have a PS3, I've noticed you will also see the expiration two weeks out, but with the new interface, you have to click through to each title to see it. Slow going.

Maybe if someone knows a place to still see these titles they can chime in.


@michaelant Yeah, I keep looking every day - it was nice when Netflix used to post them a few weeks in advance. I'll have to browse through my list on the PS3 or PS4 and see if I can find titles.

Dave Johnson

I currently do not have a Netflix account but I'm thinking of joining. Are you able to watch the most recent video releases or does it take awhile for them to show up?

Kyle B

@Dave Johnson...Pay tv services are not sold recent films during their initial sales period. Studios wait the standard 6 months after the films hit the stores, before selling pay tv rights to the monthly subscription outlets. And then there are exclusive contracts in place with several studios that prevent their competitors from offering the same movies, which means no single pay service will have everything we want.


@Peter, you can still rent classic movies by mail, even if you can't stream them. Personally, I am very pleased with the rent-by-mail selection of foreign films, which is my personal interest (particularly French movies). After all, streaming is only $8 per month. You get what you pay for.


Thanks to those of you who warned us about the coming purge of movie titles on streaming. Nothing showed as expiring on my PC, but when I went into the streaming queue on my Panasonic Viera TV, six out of the 60 queue entries showed a January 1 expiration date. Fortunately five were available as DVD rentals, so I only need to watch one in the next 12 days. I can handle that, I think.

This is in addition to six other titles, mostly TV series, that were expired in the past two months. My queue is shrinking fast!


I'm extremely happy with the DVD foreign film selection and the constant new foreign film additions, especially the Asian and euro fare. I'd never be able to see these otherwise, and some (like "Sleepless Night" that I watched on DVD the other day) are superlative. I hope they continue maintaining a steady flow of indie and overseas titles, particularly on DVD/Blu-Ray.


@Peter Davenport. Cry me a river will you? Have you ever heard of the saying "cutting of the nose to spite the face"?

So because you hate Obama and he was offered a few seconds on House of Cards you canceled Netflix? Yeah right. Where are you going to get your movies now for 8 bucks a month? Blockbuster, Redbox, Amazon? Get a life you crybaby.

Peter Davenport

You see that's where me and you differ wbad. I hate politics. PERIOD!! I think everyone in the White House is trailer trash. You assumed I hate Obama. No, just politics. It's Reed Hastings that is cutting his nose. Mixing fantasy and rubbing elbows with the trash in the White House means less classic tv, movies, etc.

Original programming is where the budget is going. He is quoted as saying he loves to make the politicians happy. Where am I going to go for my movies? Hmmm.... since I like classics I already subscribe to Amazon Prime which comes to just under $7 with a one time payment and options of renting new releases and stuff NF wouldn't touch. EPIX has plenty and all I needed was a code after paying a neighbor $6. Red Box Streaming has come a long way.

Creepster for my classic horror. Warner Archive for more quality picks. None of this Netflix crap. TVLand is what you will be turning it into. Oh yes. FANDOR! I get loads of foreign films from there. Netflix used to have pages of French films. Check it now. The other channels don't have Autoplay either! Useless channel that just 4 yrs. ago was great until you 'cord cutters' have started turning it into a TV channel!!! You can now take your foot out of your mouth.




I just got the "All the Boys Love Mandy Lane" Blu Ray but on the site's page it states "DVD and Blu-ray (available 1/2/2014)".


Jeez so many take this way too seriously. Get streaming or don't get it. Get discs or don't get them. Want to see something badly but hate that it's not on streaming? Add a disc plan or get it from someplace else. I stopped by the library and picked up three Blu Rays (75 cents for one week) because I wanted to watch something today, didn't feel like adding something to my queue, and took advantage of something else being on the shelf. As for Netflix, I considered cutting back to one-disc-out from two-discs-out but keep two as my own little show that subscribers still like discs. Does it matter to Netflix or does it not? I don't really care; I'm getting to watch what I want to see, and that's what matters.

Peter Davenport

I won't be dealing with a company who works with the government. In 1996, Beverly Hills 90210 was suspected of script tampering. 4 years later the Clinton Administration was busted for writing messages into the show. I spotted it a mile away.

I'm severely disabled williamd58 so this is my life. Anyway, Happy Holidays to you all.


I agree with Galagatron, it's just entertainment. If you really want to voice your opinion subscribe/unsubscribe because at the end of the day that's all these companies care about. Flixter was killed because of mass cancelations.

Peter, if you look at any major company they are going to have deep political ties. Probably to both parties. Comcast/NBC own something ridiculous like nearly 30 channels. One of the voting members of the FTC approved that merger and then turned around resigned and took a high paying lobbyist job with Comcast. It is what it is and sadly it's the state of affairs in America now. Again, dig enough into any entertainment company and you'll find similar things. If you're disabled I'm sure you have enough to worry about. But it's your choice, I just think you're getting worked up over something you have absolutely no control/choice over.




netflix streaming is awesome for $8. if they don't have something i want i download it. some of you just need to get laid!

Peter Davenport

This may be true gentlemen, however I don't see the other CEO's courting the president to do a cameo. The budget for programming is obviously going to original programming. I have voted with $$$ and have cancelled. Jan 1st is the end of NF.


Peter you are an idiot. Stop crying like a b!+(# and grow up little boy. It's a political show why not cameo the president.


@Peter, why not vote with $$$ and cancel for, say, six months? CordCutter is right; all large corporations are heavily involved in politics; the only difference is that the other corporations have CEO's who don't shoot their mouths off like Reed Hastings does. That guy needs a keeper.

You are right about Fandor, however. I like their business model (sharing revenues 50-50 with the film companies rather than paying $millions in advance as Netflix does). I like their new website too. In fact, I subscribed today!


@Peter - you might give Amazon Prime a try. It's $79/ year, which is less than Netflix and I've been very pleased with their selection. Plus, they still have SG-1 and Netflix . . . doesn't. I personally use both, but I ditched cable ages ago. I hope you have a Happy Holidays too!


I think Reed likes Obama and maybe it's vice versa, I don't know. But you could argue no single company benefits more from Net Neutrality than Netflix. Outside of changing the law to allow FB integration it was Netflix's top lobbying goal. O's FCC passed it (nevermind the fact it will likely get overturned in court). So it doesn't surprise me in the least that Reed would want him to cameo in his most critically acclaimed show.

Try not to sweat it Peter. As I said, if you dig deep enough you will find a reason to not want to watch everything. Don't look into Spielberg's or Jeff Katzenberg's political involvement. Don't know who pipes internet to your house but Comcast/ATT are huge donors to Super PACs. It is what it is.

Peter Davenport

Thanks MikeT, even though my cancellation is in effect, I think you're the one with the head screwed on tight. No one here at all seems to grasp that all this original programming is killing the budget for really good motion pictures. Also thequeen614, I've had Amazon Prime for 2 yrs. There is not too many streaming services I don't have. I'm 50 and NF is aiming for a different group.

I used to love them. Then the Starz contract went belly up. KING OF THE HILL disappeared, Viacom shows like SOUTH PARK are gone. THE TWILIGHT ZONE is barely hanging on. If HF put the one feature that I love onto their service, it would be a plus for everyone. $2.99 rentals just like Amazon Prime. I love that I can rent classic disney films and they have one hell of a library. The live action Disney films.

Well I've said enough. Weed Hastings can have his channel. I'm out! ~ signed 'the idiot'


The group of people that post here are probably the nicest and best sort of people who are posting on the net. thank you all.


Lol! My post came in bad timing with Peter D.'s post.


ya'll need to shut the fuck up! who cares what any of you think? this site is for movies fuck political LIVE THE LIFE YOU LOVE AND LOVE THE LIFE YOU LIVE!


Peter Davenport no one cares about Right Wing nut bags like Mitt Romney and Bush no one even cares about Sarah Palin T-baggin sloot no one wants to see them on House of Cards. If I wanted Right Wing garbage I would watch Fox News.


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I love black-cock rubbed all over my face. I don't even bite the pillow when Tyrone pumps my mangina!

Peter Davenport

So we have Democratic viewers who are still wet behind the ears getting bent out of shape. Don't worry, you'll reach your mature years and realize that all parties are the same. Glad I caught it when I was young. Poor bastards. I'm not funding anyone's channel who thinks politics in Wash. D.C. is real. Only real politics is between a husband and wife.

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