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It looks to me like they are scraping up the bottom of the barrel on their streaming this time. It would be nice to find some "good" movies for a change.


Wow the instant streaming is so gone hopefully with the new year coming up they will add at least some decent movies. But most of the time I just find myself scrolling through the Menues of netflix trying to find something to watch then end up turning it off because of the horrible selections that's not even worth to watch for 8 bucks a month! Oh we'll I can't cancel it either because this is the only tv I got with no cable.


I notice they recently added The History Of Future Folk to streaming, a title that until now has been available exclusively on Amazon. I hope it's the start of a trend.


Dexter seasons 5-8 coming January 1!!!

Lance L

No mention of the new streaming pricing plans being floated around? 6.99 for one stream at a time with no HD, 9.99 for 3 streams at a time with HD, eliminating the current 7.99 with HD.

Lance L

To clarify, possible elimination of 7.99 in the future.



I can see that price change pissing off a lot of people - but I think 7.99 for streaming was/is such a sweet price it isn't that big of a deal if it goes up a few bucks. I'm one of the aholes who cut cords and use netflix and hulu and other stuff for TV/movies now... i spend less than 20 bucks on the lot, and it will still be under 20 bucks even with the said price change.

I would happily pay netflix 20 bucks a month if it worked all the time, which it doesn't... but again, for the price I'm paying, which I find absurdly cheap, I don't feel like I have much room to complain.

Not to mention that I don't watch stuff in HD anyway so I would be paying less with the above deal. A dollar less... thats like four gumballs or two tacos.


Yo dude its cool if your willing to pay out the ass for Netflix but personally I think its the right price for what it takes offers. It's people like you who are willing to pay more for nothing that make them think it's OK to raise prices because you'll pay it anyway


@Lance L: I didn't see anything in that article or the ones it linked to about eliminating the $7.99 price, just adding high-end & low-end options with $7.99 becoming the mid-point option.

If they make this available to existing customers, I'd downgrade to the $6.99 plan. Most of what I stream isn't available in HD and even for what is available, on my largest screen (24-inch widescreen HD computer monitor) the difference between an HD stream and a good quality SD stream is clearly noticable, but not worth paying extra for. I don't share my account with anyone, so I don't need or want to stream more than 1 thing at a time and my ISPs bandwidth caps & ridiculous overage fees make HD streaming financially undesirable as well.


I dont use HD and I only stream on one at a time. Wonder if they will let me downgrade when the time comes ?

I dont see the proposed plans ticking off anyone too much. If you need 4 at a time, its worth $15 a month to you.


Dexter seasons 5-8 are HERE ! Im on season 2 for my first repeat. (I must have watched the entire Prison Break 4-5 times)

Even repeats these shows are better than a lot of the other garbage they have.


Nowhere in any article does it state NF is looking to eliminate the 7.99 plan. Stop being chicken little.

I was hoping to upgrade to the 9.99 option due to sometimes needing a 3rd stream when both kids are using NF, but these new price points are not offered to me.


All true about no mention of getting rid of the $7.99 plan in place of the experimental plans proposed, but when there's no mention of keeping it either is what would make me gun shy about their intentions.

"Among the plans being tested are a $6.99-a-month plan that allows only one video stream to be watched at once, and a $9.99-a-month plan that allows three streams at one time, whether on a TV, tablet or computer."

I can see this being a boost in profits for them as many households have more than one piece of equipment streaming their content. $2.00 isn't going to break me, but I can see others not putting up with it after what they tried last year.


Why are all the news outlets covering Netflix's recent year-end removal of streaming titles this week like it's some kind of unusual thing or big problem? Dang I'm sick of people who just don't get how all this works or have such a narrow range of tastes that if they don't get the popular stuff, they find it useless and completely hate it. Part of that is Netflix's fault though since it only advertises streaming and only posts about popular titles on its Facebook page.


"It's people like you who are willing to pay more for nothing that make them think it's OK to raise prices because you'll pay it anyway"
The $20 or so I pay for Netflix is what I was paying several years ago for about three- or four-discs-out but there was no streaming then. From all the complaints I see, it looks like a price change would risk a relationship with a lot of customers but they seem to stick with it despite their complaints. I don't have cable nor would I pay $5 a month for it because I prefer commercial-free video-on-demand. I watch a lot of stuff for whatever reason: out of curiosity, just to see someone's work, whatever. While I do have Amazon Prime and like many of its selections that Netflix does not have, Netflix is still the dominant service and has the better interface on my TV. I'm not giving it up.


I've said it numerous times before but if anybody thinks Amazon Prime is a serious threat to Netflix they just need to use the two services for a couple of months. If it weren't coupled with the 2-day shipping and the Lenders Library I wouldn't have Prime and that's coming from a cord cutter. They need to pour money and effort into it to make it a viable competitor. They don't appear to have 1/10th the exclusives NF does, a lot of their titles can be found on Crackle, NF, Hulu, etc. The overwhelming majority of their interfaces are terrible with the lone exception probably being Roku. For whatever reason my Prime via Roku buffers frequently while no other services do. Then to top it off their original programming is horrendous. The production values are lower than something you would see on the CW.

I'm with Gala, it baffles me the complaints about a $8 a month services. Not just the price point, but from what I've stated above... have you tried any other services? NF is the clear cut best. And to those that think otherwise, why troll a NF news site? Just cancel and move on.


BTW, it looks like NF just added All the boys Love Mandy Lane. It's a horror/thriller than has had a tumultuous road. Stars Amber Heard and after making a big splash on the festival circuit was shelved for years. I believe it's NF exclusive via the TWC-radius deal.

Peter Davenport

Nutflix is history. Took care of my New Year's Resolution!! Amazon, Epix and Redbox all have more muscle with the studios. Paramount is a huge contributor as well as Sony. SKYFALL, although it sucks, debuted on EPIX in advance of Nutflix. Warner has their own Archive channel and pulls what classics they want to put on.

The reason I like Prime aside from no adaptive bitrate since I have 90 down and 11 up and the shipping is if they DON'T have a title in Prime they most usually have it available for rent like the video store days. You guys squeeze a penny so hard you could probably hear old Abe screaming down the street!

Weed Wasted has original programming because the studios want to do their own $hare and he has almost no clout. The sucking sound of his lips being pried off the politicians were heard around the world and they gave him a cash bonus for xmas. How lovely.

Goodbye Nutflix, it was fun before ya lost your focus!!

Kyle B

The Epix pay tv channel is owned by Paramount, Lionsgate and MGM. Epix sells a package of movies it controls streaming rights to, to Netflix Instant Amazon Prime, & Redbox Streaming. That package of movies (and other specials) contractually appear on each of those services 90 days after they debut on Epix.


Taking bets on whether we will still see Peter hereā€¦ Anyone? heh.

(I have sealed my answer in this envelope)

Peter Davenport

So in essence you're confirming who the major player is Kyle. You're off by the amount of days. MGM (SONY) sells Bond for a 30 day package and several other movies. EPIX and Redbox have the concerts with Madonna and Pink included with sub. Nutflix will try to survive on Original programming and living in this dumbed down nation of the new good old US of A, it may have a chance. If Nutflix can't get people by bringing back catalogue titles over and over or premiering NEW movies at the same time another service gets them then they're doomed. Warner wasn't even mentioned. hmmm... Well bring on any more employees to do damage control Kyle. I think we've spoke on the phone. You'll deny it. Do us a favor Michelleant. Take your bets to Vegas. This is my last post so I'll just read the grownup things said about me and it will fade away because I won't give you any more fuel for the fire.


Peter, I've enjoyed talking to you in the past but you're coming off as some overly obsessed political nut here. You're all scorned cause reed offered Obama a cameo. (Or maybe you dislike it for another reason besides politics.....?) Then you try to hide it with some BS rant about originals content spending. Nf has exclusive deals with open road, relativity, film district, DreamWorks animation, Disney (including live action),twc-radius and TWC which I would think you would love since they put out so many artsy fartsy films. So just stop dude, keep your word and stop.


Peter you need to get laid man!!!

Netflix Fanboi

I love taking black-cock up my hairy fag-pocket! Tongue-punching a dude's stinky fart-box is my thing. That's how I roll!


I don't mean any ill will, Peter. :) I do agree with CordCutter that you've in the past seemed pretty rational and had interesting things to say. But you're really flying off the handle (with rage, I guess..?) with this last series of posts, and it seems out of character with all the other things you had to say. Maybe you really hate Obama? No problem there; listening to Bush made me cringe. But anyway, good luck and take care.

Kyle B

We-meaning Hackingnetflix posters, have discussed in the past, which pay tv outlet has which studio's movies tied up under exclusive contract, after their initial dvd/blu ray release has ended. Newer films from Paramount, MGM, and Lionsgate are on Epix becaue those 3 on the service. That is why those 3 companies films are shown on the 3 streaming services after Epix' 90 day debut period ends. Their older films-including the Bond movies, also come thru the Epix deal.
I wish I were a Netflix employee. Then I'd be doing the same thing they do...avoiding internet message boards and blog sites. :-)


I wasn't thrilled with NF deciding to get into the original content biz. Like others, I thought it might mean that less $$ would go toward acquiring worthwhile (and I realize that's a subjective term) existing content. But if it has affected that area at all, it isn't terribly noticeable. Titles come and go, as they have since NF first offered instant video. I don't sweat it.

Streaming deals are like any other contract negotiations. Neither side can get everything it wants, but there is always a side with an advantage. In this case, it's the studios. No streaming service will ever be able to offer all content all the time. Not unless all content and all studios get absorbed into one giant corporation. (Heaven forbid . . .) So, some viewers will be happier than others about what is on offer at any given time. I find that NF streaming is great for instant gratification, if I am not too picky. So I subscribe primarily for disc, because I can watch virtually anything I want, if I'm willing to wait a few days.

If NF discontinues discs, I'll unsubscribe. That won't bring about its collapse. But that wouldn't be my intent, anyway. It simply would no longer be worth my money.

I've read some pretty extreme comments on here from people who had ethical and/or political beefs with NF. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and everyone is free to discuss. I've been pretty peeved at NF myself, from time to time. But I don't get why some people get so focused on a single content item, make it so personal. Don't watch it if it makes you that angry. Find something else to watch. You may not like it, but expecting NF to censor based on your own opinions or beliefs is not reasonable. Self-censor if you must. That's what choice is all about.

Really, what it all boils down to is different content appeals to different folks. Right now, despite its shortcomings and sometimes head-scratching decisions, I think Netflix still has the best one-stop catalogue of titles out there. Some people get discs, some don't; some like to round it out with cable or additional streaming services, some use NF exclusively; others don't use it at all.

But there isn't a single 'right' way to receive one's video entertainment fix.


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did netflix removed the link for the upcoming releases?

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