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The following movies are linked incorrectly:
• Morgan Murphy: Irish Goodbye
• Inside Chipotle

Just FYI.

Fredrik Hed

Hey, are these releases US only or do they apply world wide (Sweden)?



They got a few FX shows. I wish they would add the Shield to the list.


the shield is on crackle and hulu plus


The Act of Killing is streaming!


Inside Pixar is not up for streaming


When is the last season of psych coming? The new season already started.


@Fredrik: Netflix just offers what the distributors make available for a particular country. No two are alike, so this list only applies to the US.


"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" and "Veronica Mars" are on Amazon Prime.


I'm still waiting for the walking dead season 4 !!

Chris P

Birth of the Living Dead is also on DVD this week, supposedly. And The Square and Stolen Seas are streaming. That means four of the five best documentary nominees are streaming (and 20 Feet just came out on disc).


Great the AIDS movie is back...Thanks for not renewing good content again Netflix :( Time to head to Amazon after I finish Chuck


Why am I paying for these stupid movies? Nothing good lastweek or today, anyone agree?


Sarah Season 4 of the Walking Dead isn't even finished airing on tv yet. It won't hit Netflix until around October.

I constantly have close to a hundred dvds on my query list and over 200 titles on my instant steaming list (tv series and movies). Anyone who says Netflix isn't worth the money because they have nothing to watch is crazy. If you really can't find something to watch on streaming maybe you should give up or try expanding your tastes. Granted I watch very little live tv so there's a ton of series I enjoy but even if I didn't count the series I have a ton of movies to watch.

Schmye Bubbula

"You never can find what you *want* on Netflix streaming, but there's always something *good* on Netflix streaming."

Movie Buff

Streaming sux! NF can only give what copyright holders allow!! HOWEVER, they can rent all the DVDs they want. I'm a happy disc sub, have watched (and copied) all Shield discs and get whatever I want.

Streaming is NOT so great. Period!!

Andrej Dietz

I know the streaming for Canada has improved leaps and bounds from last year. They got Die Hard 5 and Gi Joe Retaliation. I'm sure these titles will show up on the American Version just like Jack Reacher and Hansel & Gretel. Good god they got rid of Bollywood films.


You people are amazing. 8 bucks a month and you find a way to complain every week! Keep it coming


Homeland is on Netflix streaming (sweden). use hola unblocker to get it. Note: some have reported adware/malware with hola, but i haven't experienced it.


I read every where that Netflix was to release "Mitt" on the 24th of January. That's today, where is it?


Mitt is there you may have to search for it.


are there first class and second class members depending of your country?
I have no access to the new releases.

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