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Wow. Weak week.


Does anyone know when season 6 Doc Martin and season 7 Burn Notice will be on streaming?


I want king of queens


I want seinfield is that too much yo ask for

Dean Winchester

Why is Netflix raising the price if they are not going to add anything? $8 is becoming expensive and cable is looking better good fucking job Netflix and just all the Netflix employes will come here and tell you to cancel if you do not like. Hey Netflix employees suck my moyjrtfucking dick and do your jobs add movies or fuck off.

Sam Winchester

Settle down Dean. Dad wouldn't like you being such a cheap @ss. It's 8 bucks. What do you expect? Checked cable prices lately?

dad would be so disappointed. So would Jess.


If Netflix carried every single movie that has been released throughout the history of cinema-people would still bitch that Netflix is not streaming films that are currently in production.

Every time I read "Netflix doesn't have anything streaming" I hear it in my head as though a whiny, bratty child is saying it.

If you cannot find something to watch on Netflix for the night you should just stay awake in the dark reflecting on your miserable life.

Everything on Netflix streaming is there because of a contract with the film's distributor. There are dates when a film is dropped, per the contract. How is it that those that say "Netflix doesn't have anything" do not grasp that simple concept?

Dean Winchester

Sammy but I want a Netflix Original Busty Asian Beauties where the fuck is it?


If you're not happy with what NF has released in the last 2 months you will never be happy. Literally been one of the best spans for releases. The Square, Mitt, The Last Stand, Jack Reacher, Lovelace, Hansel and Gretel Witch Hunters, Texas Chainsaw, Man of Thai Chi, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane. I think Upside Down and Only God Forgives hit in that time too. Then they've added a ton of classics like Raging Bull, Spaceballs, Thelma and Louise, etc.

El Don

I just hope one day that get L&O SVU seasons 1-8 back and get the last 12 seasons of the original L&O. I fear Comcast may hold them hostage to push their own VOD service.


El Don, I've been fearing the same since Comcast purchased NBC. I sincerely hope that isn't the case. I think the contract is due to be renewed this year, so fingers crossed we get those seasons and then some.

Dean Winchester

Oh shit Hannibal season 1 on Amazon Prime, NETFLIX failing HARD!


I think it is ok, Mitt is a nice release


Where's Season 7 of Psych??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


The Square, Cutie and The Boxer, The Act of Killing, Dirty Wars, and The Hunt


I've complained 3 times to NF in the last week due to blurry movies on every device we own. Speedtest shows comcast running at 16 ping and 55Mbs every time I check, yet EVERY evening NF looks like h*ll. Every morning NF looks great...until prime time then the quality suffers.


@dave - so it's not just me noticing the drop in pixel quality in the evening?


Do the people wanting to watch these TV show seasons right after they've aired just want to watch them again after having watched them throughout a season? I don't understand why people get upset with Netflix because it doesn't provide what they've already watched at least once or maybe even several times. I have a whole shelf of favorite films and do find it a bonus when one shows up in streaming just to see how the quality looks, but I still own them and don't pine for them while using the time to watch other stuff.


@dean- that's old news. Hannibal was sold to Amazon as an exclusive. Nothing Netflix can do about that.

Zeeshan Gull

I need a software for facebook account hacking. Do you have any product for if?


The Croods is now on streaming.


No Dean, it's not just you. The last couple weeks or so I've noticed an awful reduction in evening-time quality of NF shows, be it on my PC or thru PS3. Each morning playback is awesomely sharp. NF better step up their game or a lot more people are going to be giving them grief like I just did--I've called 3 times recently and have complained at length.


Oops! I'm an idiot. I mean "Mitch".


In the last few weeks, NF streaming quality is getting very poor, especially from 8 pm to about midnight. Either it keeps stopping and starting, or the picture is fuzzy, sometimes both. It's OK during the day. I have FIOS broadband, which works fine for everything else.


"Newbie", NF keeps telling me its not their fault...I'm so pissed at them at the moment. I want 1080p at night like it is in the mornings, which is when we don't watch anything. sigh.


Its just so odd that you guys are experiencing speed/quality issues during peak times immediately following the death of net neutrality. Would've never thought it would happen. I'm going to take a wild guess and bet Comcast and/or At&t are involved.


Just got off the phone with a supervisor at NF. They think we are all idiots. After telling her precisely the problem I've been having with soft pictures every evening for the last couple of weeks she kept carrying on and on about minimum NF requirements and wifi issues, AFTER I had told her I'm hardwired to my PS3's and the speed of my net is 55Mbs with a ping of 16, day and night. aargh!!! I can watch 2k videos on youtube, yet NF images are soft every night lately.


cordcutter, exactly!

Gee Emm

I think that is absolutely what's going on, CordCutter. For the entire week immediately following the decision on Net Nuetrality, not only was the picture quality on NF degraded, but it was hard to keep any type of connection, online and through our BD player. But it wasn't just NF. We couldn't even get any Google sites to load. At all. Google, Google Maps, Gmail, YouTube, etc. - including sites relying on Google APIs - were all unreachable. For an entire week. Other sites were fine. Don't currently use Amazon Prime or Hulu, so can't say whether or not those took a hit as well. But wouldn't be surprised. Certain ISPs have been known to throttle traffic to specific sites.

Unfortunately, being cord cutters doesn't spare us from the unscrupulous whims of other powers that be. . .


Amazon prime looking to raise price 25-50%. Grand.

I have twc now and haven't experienced any throttling yet. My local telco offers fiber now but Ive heard complaints about their service but if twc starts throttling or institutes caps I will have to. I think the worst ive ever been was 650gb during march (the madness).


Why are pretty much all Fx shows on Netflix but Justified.

Dean Winchester

Cable rocks still picture quality never fails shame on Netflix and Amazon Prime has better picture quality. Netflix stop telling customers it is our the bad streaming it is on your end and your fault for the lack of movies.


My Netflix streaming works like gold even at night. I've only had one drop in the last year and that was because I was downloading videos on my pc. I stream through comcast onto a ps3 and live in Boston. No problems whatsoever.


Guys,its not Netflix. Your ISP is throttling Netflix during peak times. This will only get worse for everyone as time goes on. If you don't like it write your congress people and tell them you want the internet to be reclassified as a public utility like the telephone so the FCC can protect you from the corporations who want to rob you. Just don't hold your breath, the cable industry will lobby it to death like john mccain's efforts to outlaw bundling and forcing a la carte.


Downton Abbey season 4 should be listed in the DVD releases.


The Croods is now streaming!

daniel hicks

netflix canada is doing a lot better too we got the rocky movies carrie the warriors fast and the fureious 1 to 5 gi joe the one with the rock tand that was just the first month




the good the bad & the ugly is streaming


fist fill of dollars

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