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All the Boys Love Mandy Lane


....wasn't Breakfast at Tiffany's already on there? It was. Are they just adding it back then because I never noticed it was gone.


how could you forget:


Night Hawks


Drinking Buddies, which was terribly disappointing!


Breakfast at Tiffany's was there before. I watched it a year ago or so. But I've noticed other films pop back into my queue that I never removed from it, after they also went away and came back.


I'm tired of Netflix releasing movies that nobody has ever even heard about. Release the good stuff on streaming. Nobody wants to wait for a freaking dvd anymore!


Actually, a lot of excellent films are 'movies nobody has ever heard about.'

And waiting for dvds is not a problem for me. I fill the hours between mailings by doing other things. (Working, interacting with family and friends, taking care of any number of things that can't be done in front of a video screen, etc.)


shouldn't this be January 2014?


The Talented Mister Ripley


I didn't realize that Jack Reacher, The Last Stand and Hansel and Gretel were movies 'nobody' has heard about....

Honestly, if you don't enjoy what NF has released in the last month you probably will never enjoy it.

Chris P

Sarah, which movies on the streaming list are the ones nobody's heard about?


Funny comment; apparently "nobody's ever heard of movies" like Raging Bull, West Side Story, Thelma and Louise, Some Like it Hot, Catch-22, Bull Durham or Breakfast at Tiffany's. I guess cinema only began this past couple of years.

Movie Buff

Remember, NF can only stream what the copyright holders ALLOW them to stream. They have NF (and you) by the "short-n-curlies"! NF is free to rent ANY DVD as long as they can get a physical copy of it. That is why I am a happy Disc subscriber and DO NOT do that streaming thang! If I want to stream, I'll get it from my Amazon Prime subscription or some other free service like Crackle, etc.


B - You forgot Big Trouble in Little China which was added not too long ago.


For what its worth, I just noticed the shortened season 2 of The Lying Game has been added.


QaF coming in Feb....


"Nobody wants to wait for a freaking dvd anymore!"
Set it and forget it, as they say. I add a movie to my disc queue, bump it up, and next thing I know it's on the way and in here in two days, that's it. I'll "wait" for a disc if it's something I want to see and isn't viewable any other way or a more convenient way.


And no, digging through the internet to then wait to download torrents of "Myra Breckenridge" for free isn't a more convenient way. Saying something like "movies no one has ever heard of" says a lot about your preferences and why you choose to watch something. Is it out of your own curiosity or just because it is popular or suggested to you?


Bull Durham is NOT on streaming...???

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