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All the rednecks in 'Merica will have a good ole time blasting those "drones" out of the sky. LOL.


You guys know this is a joke, right?


A joke ? ya think ?


A joke? I don't think so...I saw wunna dem dar crittersa out back bove da swamp-Blasted dat sum-bitch twice wit my double barrel damn thing flew down towards the outhouse and down da shitter hole, damn near killed momma on the next seat.

we civilized folk ya know, we got us a 2 seater.


Kreeb - I believe your keyboard may be missing a chromosome


Drones cannot be used for commercial purposes, only military and law enforcement applications.

Just another hoax.

Walt D in LV

Joke or not, this would be a fantastically awesome idea!
Next day service is great, but instantly? It would be a dream! Of course, cost comes into it. But, for say $5 ? I would pay for it.
Oh, and before anyone says, "There's already streaming", we're talking delivering Blu-ray's. While SOME of the streaming titles are pretty good VIDEO quality, I haven't found one that is in the same sentence as Blu-ray audio, and most don't come anywhere NEAR Blu-ray video quality. This is not just native to Netflix, but Amazon, iTunes, and Playstation Store as well. Some of it is very good, but pales when compared to Blu-ray.


I think it's a joke that was internal and managed to make it to the public (probably an April Fool's joke that was discovered early). I used to work for Netflix - the guy in the video *is* a Netflix employee, and has been there for many years. I think they probably did it as a response to Amazon's drone service.


How is there even a QUESTION that this is a joke!??? You literalnet nerds need to get outside more. With lines like "we have literally spent DAYS working out MOST of the bugs..." it's obviously just poking fun at the Amazon piece on 60 Minutes. Hell, it shows the drone chasing someone down and exploding in a fiery crash! Do you think a company would legitimately use this as genuine promotion!?

This post alone has shown me a new low of human intelligence. The fact that anybody could seriously believe, for even a second, that this was not a joke is astounding.


GEC, Facebook and reality TV have ruined everyone's brains.


Great video.



That you think people are taking this post seriously is an indication of YOUR low intelligence.


The Qwickster SNL parody was better. But its disappeared from the interwebs.


Honestly, I would pay or this. Say they did a $50 a month bundle. You get same day delivery o DVDs AND you get the streaming. Heck yeah. The technology would make it worth it to me for sure.


Loved it! Very funny!

Has anyone seen the Amazon Drones? That is a huge disaster waiting to happen. Just imagine the potential damage to persons and property, and clever thieves will find ways to re-route deliveries. And Amazon, already with a dubious track record of unreasonable expectations/demands/abuse of employees and contract workers, will find new ways to give them the shaft. No one needs their amazon purchases delivered in an instant. Bad, bad idea.

Roy Rapoport

It is, of course, a joke. But definitely sourced at Netflix -- Hank Breeggemann, the guy in the video, is the GM of the DVD division now.


I guess "never underestimate the bandwidth of a fleet of drones carrying BluRay discs" is the replacement for "never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of tapes hurtling down the highway."


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