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I thought NF and Redbox were on the same delayed timetables with respect to new releases. But at Redbox this weekend I noticed a number of titles that aren't released through NF yet, like "Rush." Anyone else noticing this lag?


Nothing interesting again!! :( Very disappointed.


Nobody's Fool is a great movie. Paul Newman, Philip Seymour Hoffman (small role)... best actors of their generation.


Netflix has gone way downhill in the quality dept. Almost every movie they have on instant streaming can be found on any other streaming service (many on Hulu for free).


You are incorrect Tom. Trust me, I have sampled every form of streaming.


I've done far more than 'sample' every form of streaming. I have continued to subscribe to them all since each of them began.

Amazon has slowly but surely been outpacing Netflix when it comes to QUALITY movies.

Both Hulu and Amazon have roughly the same quality of third-party TV shows. The biggest exception on Netflix is Breaking Bad.

Amazon has great exclusives too though like all of the Stargate Series - and newer CBS exclusives. (New deal was just made this week)

Some popular shows like Lost, Star Trek, South Park, Law & Order, Family Guy, Community, are completely free on Hulu and many of those aren't even on Netflix at all. Of the ones that Netflix do have - they promote them as huge part of their content.

Some of the 'best' movies released this month were also released on Amazon. -and some of the best movies of all time "Citizen Kane" "Casablanca" aren't even on Netflix - but no problem finding them on Amazon.

I'm not saying Netflix is worse than Amazon, Hulu, Redbox, Epix, etc - i'm saying Netflix used to be far and above way better than them - and as of late - the quality of their service has been on a continual decline.

Aside from the VERY few new releases they get that Amazon doesn't, they have pretty much been recycling the same 300-400 mainstream movies over and over for two-and-a-half to three years now.


you can watch all of South Park @ www.southparkstudios.com for free uncensored watching them anywhere else is a waste of time


Haunter is actually available for instant streaming FYI.


On another note why is "Recently Added" gone from my list of categories now?? I don't understand why it has to be so freaking difficult to find out what has been added. If it wasn't for sites like this I would probably drop the service.


Tom, maybe you should check out Globes nominees/winners House of Cards or Arrested Development. Or Academy Award Nominee the Square. If the mainstream isn't your cup of tea maybe indie/film festival hits like All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Man of Thai Chi or Lovelace is more your thing. If you got kids and are into the animated stuff maybe Escape from Planet Earth or The Croods.

This is off the top of my head. I'm sure I can get it much more extensive with google and 20 minutes. Amazon isn't outpacing NF. They're not even on the same track and field with their crappy UI and lack of hardware penetration.

El Don

With the new WWE Netowkr set to launch at the end of the Month, I wonder if NF will continue to get any of their content? I assume they already had a deal in place, but I wonder how long it goes. Can/Will WWE pull all of its own content from Netflix, when its own competing service launches?

Dean Winchester

My biggest issue with Netflix is they still use Microsoft Silverlight for streaming plugin and yes I know I can check mark instead Microsoft Silverlight I can stream in HTML5 but I am still streaming HD issues. The same problem still exists for Apple TV where at nights it buffers for few seconds and starts streaming in SD, I talked to my ISP they tell me it is Netflix and than I talk to Netflix they tell me it is my ISP can any of the moron techs figure out who is fucking up?

More shocking I find is they are planning 4K streaming, how? If they can not stream simple Super HD how are they going to stream in 4K?

Other problems are lack of movies I do appreciate that we get IFC movies at the same time they are released on DVD/Blu-Ray unlike other movies studios and TV Networks blocking Netflix from streaming as soon as possible. Few years back Netflix was awesome more than just Original Series but now it is just bunch a $1 bin movies or Documentaries. Now they are considering to raise the price and I ask myself why? They are not adding anything new or improving streaming.

As El Don is questioning about WWE starting their own streaming many of us are wondering are they going to pull WWE from Netflix streaming? Soon Netflix streaming will have nothing, would it be not smart for Netflix to bring back the old deal DVD+Streaming for $9.99 or DVD/Blu Ray+Streaming for $11.99 so whatever can not be streamed we can it least get it in some other ways.

I wonder if Netflix is planning to make Original Movies to cover lack of movies who friggin knows.


Dean, I don't have any issues streaming NF via the Apple TV. It will occasionally buffer, but if I had to put a guess on it I would say it is once every 3-4 hours of programming. This is the same on my Rokus. I don't use my HTPC to stream NF. On Amazon prime the rate of buffering is much worse. Hulu+ rarely buffers but I often get "we're experiencing issues with this title please try again later" errors. Both the Prime and + issues are across different pieces of hardware.

I think NF will be fine Dean. NF has exclusive pay-tv deals with Disney, DreamWorks Animation, Relativity, Open Road and Film District. Compare NF deals with those of other premium outlets and they are on par or better. The one outlet that I'm not sure will survive is Showtime. They virtually don't have any exclusive deals. They are living off original shows and sports.


"free" on Hulu is worthless, or even paid with Hulu Plus, SINCE THEY STILL HAVE COMMERCIALS.


Not only that, but a video on Hulu can't be resumed later from a stopping point.

Ah, I picked up the Blu-Ray of "All is Lost" from my library and came home to find that it is being shipped from Netflix. I'll mail it as soon as I get home.
Apparently from comments I've read I have a really exceptional library system in my town. It has long been PACKED with DVDs at most branches and now Blu Rays with multiple copies for many movies. There's even a separate "childrens" section of discs. Lots of foreign and TV as well. 75-cents for a week. That includes trilogy sets like Star Wars or the Mad Max Trilogy; all three discs in one case for a total of 75 cents. In summary, it's good to stop in for new releases I don't want to wait to see or feel like adding to my queue, or discs with extras I'm interesting in seeing since they aren't "rental only" types.


Once again, the criticism that Netflix's content is lacking in quality is subjective. I also have Amazon Prime, but I don't feel a need to watch a lot of my favorite movies or especially movies on a top 100 of AFI's list or something over and over again. For example, I haven't seen "Casablanca" and "Citizen Kane" in many years and my impulse will be to add them to my Watchlist when I see them, but then I still might not feel like watching them. I'll counter your "Citizen Kane" and "Casablanca" mentions with the recent additions to Netflix of "Sunset Boulevard" and "The Apartment", and "Raging Bull" and "The Usual Suspects". Maybe I would feel more passionately aggravated about streaming content if I didn't also receive discs.


I don't get "buffering" at all. I hit play and it plays immediately. I stream on a ps3 to a panasonic flat screen with comcast as my net provider. No issues at all and the picture is always crisp. In my bedroom we stream through a Nintendo Wii and it usually takes 30 seconds for the video to start and the picture isn't as clear. I actually think it comes in standard on that one but its probably something to do with the lack of hdmi outlets.

My list on Netflix has over 200 movies and television shows in it. I'm not sure how people can't find anything to watch. I stress that most of the titles will be taken down before I ever get to watch them.

I love my Netflix and think its by far the best streaming service out there.

Schmye Bubbula

"You can never find what you want on Netflix, but there's always something good on Netflix."


@Galagatron: Be sure to include tax subsidies, if any, in the cost of your local library. I was quite impressed with the 'free' service offered by my public library as well until I discovered that I was paying $210 per year in property taxes to support it.


More and More stories popping up of Verizon and Comcast throttling NF. Saw another one on HuffingtonPost today. Sure glad these mega corporations who get tax break after tax break along with 10s of Billions in Govt. subsidies to roll out broadband can screw over consumers like this. America is just grand.

Gee Emm

I have two libraries within 6 miles of my home, and another two just a few miles further. Not only do they have great catalogs, but because they also have contracts with a whole network of other area library systems, even if my local branches don't have what I want, they can still find it for me elsewhere. I can queue up online, then wait for a notification to pick up. And, like books and a/v materials, discs are free to borrow.

In addition to physical materials, many libraries also offer courses, host clubs and community events, provide weekly storytimes and movie nights, AND subscribe to dozens of online services and databases that patrons can access at home as well as on library computers. History, research, foreign language learning, homework assistance, science project databases, encyclopedias and other reference materials, etc. All at no cost to individual patrons.

Keeping libraries well-stocked and technologically up to date is absolutely a worthwhile expenditure of my tax dollars.

Oh, and I am pretty happy with my NF subscription. There are times when the streaming selection disappoints, but there is always a disc at home or en route that I know I'll enjoy.

@CordCutter, the ISPs are loving the current state of things and will find any/every way to control and manipulate access at even greater profits. It's obscene. The FCC needs to get it in gear already.


All the Mystery Files from Smithsonian Channel were added recently...Personally I love shows like this and can't find as good of quality on amazon or hulu.Amazon interface on the Playstion is hard to navigate and hulu is well just hulu.

J. Moore


Today (Feb 23, 2014) I discovered that SEVERAL categories are gone from Netflix: Recently Added, New Releases, Anime and many more. Does anyone know what happened and who I can contact about it???

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