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The offerings the last few months have been very disappointing. Were it not for a few wildly popular tv shows, I don't see how Netflix could stay in business.


Bart that's what i said i was looking netflix is having popular stuff then i was like watch they are popular stuff now they going to put stupid stuff on there they do it ever time something good something crappy


Breaking Bad season 5 pt2 is streaming now.

Chris P

Exactly how many rounds of Google Translate did you put your post through before submitting it, Stephen?

Noticed that "The Returned" is now streaming as of today. Looking forward to checking it out.

Dean Winchester

There is never a middle for Netflix yes I like TV Shows but I also like movies but lately all I see is some new TV Shows or mostly Documentaries, I go to Hulu Plus I see the Puppet Master Series added and Basket Case 2 which use to be streaming on Netflix. Netflix Anime section is really bad I mean the Anime genre is a total joke there is barely any Anime and I am into adult Anime sadly Netflix has Kite but it is the edited version. Also Horror, Foreign and Sci-Fi sections desperately need help.

Sorry enough with the excuse it is the STUDIOS it is clear it is Netflix now and spending customer money on Licensing.

Also Netflix streaming sucks now 0 HD streaming on a Mac or Apple TV snaps back constantly to SD and yes I complained to Netflix they blame my ISP, I call my ISP they blame Netflix and we go in circles at who is the blame. Sorry but I am sick of it yeah yeah $8 what more do I want? I want the service I am paying either add back DVD with streaming so this will stop happening or get better servers.

lane splenda

Update family guy and futurama episodes there hasn't beem an update for that for a while the ones on their now are getting old!

Andrew B.

Interesting comments. I noticed recently that my queue is getting smaller and smaller, and maybe this is the reason.

What I want to know is the secret finding out from Netflix what is new every week. Their recent releases feature is not very helpful.


all of fururama is on netflix


AGH,,, More crapper crap... Dear Netflix, YOU SUCK!!!


Bad Milo isn't crap. It's just about a monster made of crap that came out of a guys butt.

Daniel Bliss

As both a DVD and Instant Watch subscriber, I really hate it when Netflix mails me a newly released DVD that also is available on Instant Watch. Why not automatically move those over to my "My List" streaming queue?


Blue is the Warmest Color released today on DVD AND it's on instant so stop your bitching about there never being nothing. This site just gives you a basic idea and is never complete of whats new...

Dean Winchester

Chris please stfu idjit Blue is the Warmest Color but that is a IFC movie IFC movies work differently and they do not mind since they are indie. Chris instead of a being a Dick think what people are complaining about when it comes to lack of movies a B or a Z movie is not really a movie if you think Asylum movies are worth wasting money on than you are the biggest idjit who enjoy shit movies like Sharknado.


"I really hate it when Netflix mails me a newly released DVD that also is available on Instant Watch. Why not automatically move those over to my "My List" streaming queue?"
I don't want Netflix mixing around in my queue using software to try to assume that I would prefer to stream something. Not everyone has excellent streaming quality and some people would like to watch extra features on discs if they are available. Maybe someone would prefer to get a disc to watch while away from home and doesn't have a device capable of streaming. Before I upgraded to U-Verse and had lower streaming quality, I avoided streaming some titles because I wanted to see them with the better clarity that discs offered.


If you don't like what IW has debuted in the last 2-3 months just give up and cancel. The last 60-90 days have been fantastic. If you honestly don't like the releases, fine, I don't understand what else you want but fine. If you can't find them/are unaware of them that's on you.


galag, I agree but it is something nf should look into as a preference setting for us and then leave it up to us to mess with the setting or not.


I always wonder just why people scoff at so-called "B-movies" they haven't even seen or know nothing about. Do they watch movies because of pure interest, or is that interest based simply on a movie's popularity? I remember twenty years ago finding out about "little" movies and writing them down, then scouring the video stores or libraries all over town for them. I didn't care if they were big studio blockbusters or straight-to-video; I just wanted to see them for whatever reasons. I'm still curious about movies in that way and Netflix and Amazon Prime let me explore conveniently.


I could see Asylum movies being considered "B" movies. I wonder if posters here are also labeling movies they simply are unaware of as "B" movies. The biggest trove of recent additions being from Radius-TWC. Although not theatrical hits (or even in theaters at all in some cases), by cast/budget standards Man of Thai Chi, All the Boys Love Mandy Lane, Only God Forgives & Solomon Kane ARE NOT "B" movies. You still might not like them, but by every standard that has ever applied to "B" movies they do no belong in that category.

Kyle B

@Daniel Bliss
If you check your dvd queue, then any titles there that are also streamed, appear with a ''Play'' blue icon next to it.


Okay, seriously, someone just called Blue is the Warmest Color a "B" or "Z" film and then compared it to Sharknado? It only won at Cannes and got a Criterion release. So yes, it must be a B movie...

Dean Winchester

Chris please learn to read because I never compared Blue is the Warmest Color with Sharknado all I was saying is the types of movies Netflix streams I have no problem with IFC and Sundance movies but I sure do not give a fuck about Asylum movies.

If you think Asylum movies cover the Horror and Sci-Fi section than this proves what type idjit customers Netflix has.


To amend my comment about stifling curiosity, I should point out I've lately been going to YouTube to watch trailers or clips of some movies with which I have a slight interest like "Inspector Mom" or "The Babymakers" to stifle that curiosity and then eliminate from my queue.

Chris P

The internet in a nutshell: infinite people who can't write coherently snarling at people that they need to learn to read.


Ghostbusters II is back on streaming now (just reappeared in my queue).


could of sworn this was bitchaboutnetflix.com


Spiderman (2002) was added today.

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