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Decent list this week. Airplane 2 is also up on streaming.

Does anyone know when/if Orphan Black and Rectify are joining streaming?


THE BATES MOTEL!! Cool. I'll have to start watching that after I'm done with the Good Wife on HuluPlus.



Just read that Amazon is going to raise their Prime rate by $40, looks like Netflix is getting more attractive by the minute.

It looks like Amazon did not learn anything by the Netflix's fiasco from last year.

Movie Buff

SKY is falling! The actual story is that they are considering raising between $20 & $40. But you do realize it's not just for tv/movies, right? It includes 2-day shipping and always has. In addition it covers kindle books to "borrow", cloud storage and a few other items.

If you are in it strictly for the movies/tv then it may seem higher. If you use Amazon's full services and order regularly, then it won't.

Besides, NF is already playing around with their prices. You'll probably see the $8 plan going up there as well or being limited to 1 single SD stream and maybe even a bandwidth limit or data cap.

Lucky Louie

Amazon could just break out the movie to a standalone streaming plan. That would be cheaper as there is no shipping involved.

Just like netflix has a dvd plan and a streaming plan, Amazon could separate them and let folks decide between one or both.

I think you need to understand business a little better before calling ATTENTION!!!!! to yourself there Matt.


The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
The Usual Suspects



19% of Prime subs don't stream at all. Might have something to do with the terrible interface on most devices and poor streaming quality IMHO. I will say this, Amazon is getting (slowly) better at exclusive content. I'm digging the deal that brought Spring Breakers and The Bling Ring. Hopefully that production company has other decent flicks to deliver.


I am one of those 19% that have prime, but does not use the streaming stream. I have yet to find anything on Amazon streaming that I am interested or that Netflix does not already have.


it's just a merry-go-round of greed. All media greedies will keep raising their prices till nobody can afford anything. you've got to ask yourself "are you a repeat forum whiner or are you a media patriot? you gonna complain again tomorrow or you gonna man up and quit their game?"


@Matt, What happened last year (2013) with "Netflix's fiasco". Please enlighten me.


they tried to raises there prices & lost a lot ppl cause of it


Ive never streamed on amazon & never sampled prime.

I buy things occasionally & live with what sometimes is slow shipping.

After going over a year with no DVDs, I started back when they gave me a freebie for a month and then kept it going.

2 at a time DVDs along with streaming is a good mix and if I run out of stuff on DVDs, I can always cancel for a month or two.

Dont think Im going to go a year without DVDs again.

Glad to get The Good Wife, Homeland,Shameless and another season of Nurse Jackie coming up as well as an occasional movie that I havent seen.

Its worth $11.99 for 2 at a time DVDs. But, going forward, I think every other month is probably the way to go. That is, keep streaming year round and get 2 at a time DVDs every other month.

I think 2 at a time every other month is a better value than 1 at a time every month. And in the month off it allows me to accumulate DVDs to watch when I start it back. Just wish my queue would remain visible & adjustable during the offtime.

I wouldnt be at all surprised if Netflix raises rates again fairly soon. I suspect they will do better testing or get focus groups or something to avoid the backlash they got before.

Cant complain about streaming for $8 a month. At $12, Id probably swap back & forth between streaming & 3 at a time DVDs.


@Needles Kane, so Netflix TRIED (but didn't) to raise prices in 2013 and because they TRIED they lost "a lot of ppl cause of it".

Your comment makes no sense. One strike, try again.


NF has repeatedly said if there are any pricing changes current users will be grandfathered in. My guess though the second you cancel/renew or attempt to change your plan you will be forced into the new pricing structure that is going to eventually come. Keep it or leave it with the grandfathered folks. I would love 3 streams at a time for the extra 2$ but it was unfortunately never offered to me.


If the price of Amazon Prime goes up I just might cancel it. I got into it because of shipping before they included Prime Instant Videos and I've been aggravated with in recent months for various reasons like the "add-on program" and the large number of items not eligible for either Prime's 2-day shipping or Prime altogether. My decision will be based more on shopping convenience, not streaming.


"I've been aggravated with it in recent months..."


Galagatron, twice in the last couple months I've ordered Prime stuff and didn't get it in the 2 day window. One took 4 days the other 6. Not huge, but as I told Amazon if I were expecting these for gifts it would be a big deal. In one case Amazon gave me a credit in the other I basically got a sorry we're getting it to you as fast as possible response. If they raise the price and on top of that can't fulfill demand I'm not going to keep it either.

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