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new seasons of psych????? anyone?????


Easy Rider, Taxi Driver

Christopher Bangs

Young justice and green lantern are streaming!!!


Mad Men season 6 is streaming


Louis C.K. and Jim Norton's aren't "new". Just back on.


I heard rumors of House MD all seasons appearing tomorrow.


Adventure time Season 2 and Scooby-Doo season 2 are out


I don't think House M.D. is coming anytime soon to streaming. :(
I totally wish it were.

Dean Winchester

I heard Netflix is broke like Blockbuster.


I heard Dean Winchester is nominated for Troll of the Year under the category Outstanding Netflix Whiner.


House MD starts streaming April 1st according to WebProNews.

Dean's Mom

Regular Show Season 2 is up there now as well


Does anyone know what happens when a movie that is in "My List" only is no longer streaming? Do they add the movie to my DVD queue? Does it sit saved somewhere in case it comes back to streaming again and then is re-added?


House will be up tomorrow check @netflixus on twitter

Dean Winchester

Mega Shark vs. Mecha Shark had no idea this movie is worth $8 I usually find it in a 99 cent bin at Walmart, Netflix is broke.


3rd season of Bob's Burgers is up for streaming


24 is gone...but on Amazon Prime now.


Lisa - I've had several movies that expired from streaming show back up in My List later, like 10 months later. If I remember correctly, they show up at the bottom of the list. Though, I just scanned it right now and I don't see any that did that for a while, so ymmv.

I sure wish, though, that Netflix would add those expiring titles to your dvd queue for you. That would be nice, instead of having to always check for expiring and do it yourself. Quite a while ago, for example, I'm pretty sure that when you added a title to your DVD queue, Netflix would automatically add it to your Instant queue, if it was available. No idea why they don't still do that. Seems like it'd help the customer and them.


Sizzling bacon, get it while it's hot! Expires tomorrow.


Thanks, Michael. I know they *used* to have a "Saved" section of the Instant Queue, so when titles stopped streaming, they would be moved there... I could then choose to add it to my DVD Queue... but that's obviously changed. Good to hear you've seen titles re-appear, for what it's worth!


The fisher king

Dean's Mom

Batman The Brave and The Bold season 3 just went up as well. Little Dean should be so happy and maybe come out of his blanket fort now. He's been crying over Jumanji for the last three days.

Gary Woodbine

Tuesday night, our Sony Bravia Blu-ray player at the cinema kept displaying "Sorry, that title isn't available for streaming right now". The after ours employees watch BREAKING BAD but Sony and Netflix didn't shake hands somewhere. So they settled for THE BRASS TEAPOT (Movie). I think Netflix should solely invest in TV Shows and Original Programming since this board and everyone and their brother are suddenly in heat for them over movies.


I can usually find something on NF to watch each night. I have 99 titles in my queue and every couple days browse through the different genre and come across something new. Lately they haven't been adding some recent top of the line movies, but I'm sure a few will be released to help some of the members here have a head rush. For $8.00 a month I definitely won't get worked up about it.


Crouching tiger hidden dragon, dogtown & zboys, coneheads, ali, silence of the lambs


for a few dollar more - the whole trilogy is up but this one is new


The Thomas Crown Affair

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