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looks like n.b.c. to me


Being Mary Janes is now streaming. Not the entire season just the pilot.


I just quit both my Netflix streaming service as well as my dvd rental. I have been experiencing slow dvd delivery time for over a year now but lately something more sinister is afoot. I have 4 titles in dvd queue that have very long wait or long wait....and 9 total that have unknown delivery date? This is totally unacceptable and I used my wallet to let them know. I think I'll catch up on some of that reading (words in print)that I have been meaning to do.

Chris P

@jarjarfedup: What titles? Really popular new releases? I'm asking because things have been pretty decent for me, all told.


I've moved one step closer to canceling Netflix. At least with Amazon Prime I get free two day shipping on orders.


Bart - Nothing is "free" with Amazon Prime. You pay $79 a year for Prime Video, 2-day shipping, lenders library. And I've never understood what 2-day shipping of Amazon products has in common with streaming movies/tv shows. It's like saying you're going to stop going to the farmer's market because Walmart sells tires.


One will note that Bart has not taken the actual crucial step toward cancelling Netflix, namely cancelling Netflix.


I would never cancel Netflix, even if I had to pay for Amazon Prime. Why? The quality of the streams. Nothing comes close to the quality Netflix delivers on the PS3 and PS4. Amazon can't even compete. The picture is either not sharp or it's never smooth. I have yet to watch a video on Amazon (or Hulu for that matter) and think they're as good as Netflix. I wish the people who come here to complain about what Netflix lacks rather than what they do offer would just cancel and move on with their lives. #FirstWorldProblems


Who wouldn't want more options for streaming on Netflix? I still watch it maybe 15-25 hrs a week. Video quality on Amazon and Hulu as the above poster mentioned is very poor. Netflix's interface for finding things is light years ahead of the other two. I like it and I'm not cancelling


I have Netflix and Prime, and I guess my player is different from the above posters. The picture quality for netflix and amazon are pretty much the same, but netflix's streaming is so choppy. Amazon NEVER stalls or buffers. Netflix does routinely. Its not enough for me to cancel because they both have different shows that I like to watch, but prime is steadily building its database and the streaming is much more stable.


Prime has Orphan Black now...


I have Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu. All three have great quality. In all honesty, Netflix stream quality drops far more often than Amazon or Hulu.


Prime going up roughly 25% in price. Time for the world to end like when DVDs and Streaming were unbundled.


New archer season yay always makes me smile to watch an episode


I'm still on the monthly prime plan...guess I'll be saving a few bucks now....


"How I Live Now" got added to streaming too.

I just wish Amazon would drop that Add-On Program for Prime members. More items are only available through other retailers without being eligible for Prime shipping too.


Real husbands of Hollywood with Kevin hart is streaming now. Pretty darn funny


I started The Starving Games last night and went to finish it today and it's off Netflix...what gives.

Christian Goddard

What happend to the starving game its off netflix now i wanted to finish last night and found out that it was gone please help

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