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geez, no comments. guess everybody is happy for once


I have just come across your site - very nice. Question, though. You say the *full* list of new DVDs, but only *interesting* streaming releases. Is the streaming list, just ones you consider interesting, or is that a complete list of what is newly available?

Thanks for the work!


@Sid, there are usually too many new streaming releases to list them all here. I check daily for new releases at: http://instantwatcher.com/titles/new

Some days there are no new additions... other days there are pages full.

Dean Winchester

Beverly and when there is new stuff it is mostly Documentaries, religious and Gay/Lesbian movies or TV Shows does Netflix really think customers want that? If people wanted crap like that they would just have cable heck they added bunch of reality shows like Breaking Amish do we really need reality shows on Netflix? Most people are sick of that crap on cable.

Corae Bailey

So Turbo is in Spanish and not English?


@Dean, you're _from_ a TV show.


I want gay films. Pit Stop was just added.

I also noticed "We Are What We Are" was added. That might be up your alley Dean...

Dean Winchester

C thanks yep I wanted to see the remake We Are What We Are seen the Spanish one it was okay the Spanish one, supposedly meant to have dark humor I wonder how the remake is and I already see bunch of bad reviews on Netflix from people who have no clue about the movie.

I wish one of this days Netflix will stream better Anime like Vampire Hunter D (1985) and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust also Kite the uncensored version not the crappy censored version they are streaming.


Sid - I second instantwatcher.com. Just click on New and there is everything listed, by date.

This site, Hacking Netflix, used to be where the owner would post Netflix news and links pretty regularly, but now he just keeps it alive with the new releases each week, pretty much as a place for long time visitors to chat, I imagine. And I appreciate that. Thanks! (real life stuff got in the way of spending too much time on this site, if I recall correctly)


@C....I too would like to see more romance and comedy gay films added on a regular basis. I can't believe the studios would be holding that genre hostage for big bucks like the main line movies are.

Gary Woodbine

Fandor has gay movies as well as mainstream. Check them out. Only unbiased streaming service where you can see "Birth of a Nation" and showcases gay material also. Talk about going from one side of the spectrum to the other.


For all of those that are frustrated with NF and their desire to turn a cold shoulder to the DVD side of operations... did you see Gamefly is getting into the DVD biz? Very limited, few dozen new releases and right now not much else is known but I found it interesting. If NF ever decides to shutter the DVD biz (or again spin it off and sell out), at least there are people out there that might be interested in carrying on that business model.


seems like hacking Netflix is turning gay I am out! So sick.


@nv: You're out? Congratulations! That takes courage, because of all the homophobes on the net. Sorry you're not feeling well, though.


@NV, it seems you're the one with the problem. No great loss with your departure. Other than the occasional troll posting obscene rants on here, most members are cordial to each other. The "gay" posts were not crossing the line, just informative posts between fellow members. Good luck with whatever board you choose to move on to.


I not feeling good because of all these sick fags not normal!


I should not use that word fags sorry but my feelings about this I will not share here!


Does anyone have any comments on Roku? I've been reading what I can about it and reviews, but I'm seeing people that don't like it and some that swear by it. Roku promotes that you can access 1000's of channels with it and I know some are pay channel and some free.

I like the old horror movies and the sci-fi movies from the 50's and 60's which are really scarce on NF. I love the idea about having a headset plug in on the remote for when watching TV late at night.

If anyone has any cons about getting the Roku3 I'd love to heard about them.


@NorthernWolf I have a Roku 3 and LOVE IT!!! Get one immediately. The best features are the Radio Wave Remote which means you can point it anywhere and it works! It is really useful not having to sit up out of bed or adjust blankets. The SPEED Alone is seriously insane. Netflix loads in under 6 seconds. Super responsive! I used to use an Xbox 360 for my Netflix and Amazon, but unplugged it for the Roku which is way faster. Plus you can search "all channels" such as Netflix, Amazon, Vudu, etc for any specific movie you want. and itll list the prices! Super convenient. And obviously there's a Roku app for your phone. As for "Cons" the LED Light on the device is semi bright. but you just put a piece of tape of turn the device and its fine. The remote quality it very nice. A minor complaint is that when I watch Netflix and fall asleep you have to hit the "home" button on the remote inorder for the roku to go into sleep mode aka off (the light turns off too). I wish I could put a sleep timer on the device like I do my TV at night so I can just fall asleep to a TV episode of Netflix and not have to touch a remote as I fall asleep. Just a minor complaint. Doesnt hurt the Roku 3 though. Seriously, its totally worth buying. Being able to search for movies over all the APPS is very nice and seeing the differing price options! Hope this Helps. Had a Roku 3 since January. I dont know anyone that doesn't like it, or can find a "serious" flaw.


I sure wish someone from Netflix would visit this site so they could see this comment:

quality has been on a slippery slope downward for long enough. Expect one less customer.

Gary Woodbine

Everyone I've known who has had problems with Netflix is that they all own the crappy $49 routers. Wired, they work great but wireless they can be a nightmare. Purchase a more expensive router. You get what you pay for, believe me. I bought a dual band 2.4/5G Netgear and it's never missed a beat. The only thing I detest about NF is the adaptive bitrate which can take up to a minute to go into HD mode.

As far as Roku is concerned, I own the models HD, XD, Roku2 XS and Roku 3. I personally like 2 because the new 3 streams Netflix like it does on your browser. It shrinks the credits and asks if you want to go on to the next TV show or if you're watching a movie then the credits are shrunken and 'Recommendations' pop up. BTW if you still use older TV sets then Roku 3 is not the box for you sibce the HDMI out is the only output whereas all other models have both. So there ya have it.

CREEPSTER is the channel I recommend for the person who likes the old horror and sci-fi movies from the 50's - 70's.
Hundreds of great oldies and a mere $4.99 a month


My streaming quality greatly improved when I got Uverse.
As for people complaining about documentaries or reality shows from cable or whatever, what does it matter to you if Netflix gets content you don't like? It's not like there is a trade-off and that takes up space that would be used for something else.


Looks like NF added Paranoia & 20 Feet From Stardom. Guess we can add these to the B-Movies crap NF has been adding recently.


Um American hustle isn't added why don't you tell me when insdious 2 will be on k Ty


Mud was added too. Great movie


Lauren, American Hustle was released on DVD as the blogger posted, the streaming list is below DVD releases.


Does anyone know when new seasons of psych will be added?

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