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Dean Winchester

BLAH! Late post of what movies are streaming and yep nothing not even one Anime added and already saw Contracted and We Are What We Are. Oh well back to Amazon Prime to watch Anime Angel Beats it least they got more stuff now sadly, Netflix will also loose 24 soon so I don't get why Netflix is $8 when it should be less.


Watched Paranoia.... Terrible!! Plot was alll over the place with no real explanations or anything, just jumped around..


jesus the post hasn't even been up for 12 hours and "dean winchester" is already complaining. find a different site nerd




Need a tissue Dean? Seriously Amazon can't put together a seamless search function, it's availability is close to 10 times worse then Netflix. I suspect on an Amazon blog you'll post the same thing. $8 is amazingly cheap for what you get. Simpleton.

Dean Winchester

George tissue & vaseline.


In a couple months prime will cost more than NF. Prime will never be close to NF because amazon doesn't want it to be. Prime streaming is there to push people towards amazon's more lucrative VOD movie rentals/purchases. Just like the lender library is there to drive more book purchases by only giving you one a month. The 2 day shipping is attractive to folks who purchase a lot as opposed to casual shoppers, amazon can swallow the shipping because they know you will be back (and often). Everything about prime is to drive purchases. I'm a prime member. After seeing the price increase I looked into how much I use it and whether or not it was worth keeping. I was surprised to see I dropped 1600 last year on prime on about 15 purchases. So the 2 day is nice for me. I also stream what exclusives they do have (spring breakers, bling ring), so its worth it for me. But it is a completely different biz model from NF and will never be a replacement. On a side note, amazon streams 720p. If I'm actually renting a flick I get it from vudu for this reason. Why pay amazon for 720p when for the same price you can get 1080p from vudu? NF is heavily 1080p for newer stuff also.

Jimbo J

Big Sur is NOT available for streaming.

Jimbo J

P.S. I've been watching way more streaming on Amazon Prime lately (DOCTOR WHO!) and will likely drop Netflix by the Summer if they don't start adding real movies and/or TV shows.


What constitutes a real movie or TV show? NF just added the academy award winner for best documentary. I spent more at chipotle the other day for lunch than NF costs me for a month.

Jimbo J

What constitutes it? Something I want to pay anything for. The amount is irrelevant if nothing is happening besides getting your pocket picked every month. For the record, I don't waste my money at Chipotle either.


I bet crackle is overpriced to you jimmy.

Dean Winchester

CordCutter Who the fuck cares about Documentary people want Movies and TV Shows not reality shows from TLC and you think Netflix is not going to raise their price by summer? You must be living in a cave because Netflix price is going up soon and going to be in tiers like cable where you can watch on limited devices.

I rather pay more to Amazon and get more.


*raises hand*
I care about documentaries. I also watch a lot of foreign films and serials, thrillers (not horror), music-themed/concert, and even some anime, with an occasional new release thrown in. Not generally fond of comedy, romance, 'reality' series or domestic TV. But I don't expect everyone (or anyone) to share my particular viewing tastes. Different strokes, ya know. Variety, and quantity, is what makes NF so successful.

Not always overjoyed by the weekly additions (and expirations), but my queues are, nevertheless, always maxed out. There is always something for me to watch. DVDs conveniently fill in those wide gaps left by streaming shortfalls. And while I don't subscribe to Prime, Hulu, or Vudu, etc., I do have a yearly DVD+streaming membership to Film Movement.

Point is, there are enough choices out there (fee-based and free) for any of us to satisfactorily tailor and/or round out our personal video entertainment.

Jimbo J

I can still afford my douche detector, cunter.


Another vote for documentaries here. It's worth noting that Netflix has ALL FIVE of the oscar nominated documentary films currently streaming, including the winner -- pretty incredible! Netflix is also famously data driven. They know their audience, and it apparently contains a significant number of people who care about critically well-received films, in non-fiction as well as fiction genres.

I do like old scifi films also as well as old, old tv shows, and Netflix is very lacking in their streaming selections there. I could get those on disc, but for that type of thing it's usually a spur of the moment desire to watch something cheesy or comically outdated. I'm not going to wait for it in the mail.

But generally, you have to know Netflix studies their viewing stats with great scrutiny. If they aren't carrying many anime titles, for example, it's because they don't have the viewers for it.


That's obviously why all the exercise videos were removed from streaming about a year ago or so. Yes, I'm all for a variety of genres with Netflix that includes documentary movies or even TLC and Discovery Channel productions. If I feel like seeing Antarctica or something about dogs, then I can get that fix. Not everyone only wants the new movies and the new and popular TV shows and I wish its Facebook page would stop feeding that crowd with simply posts about popular streaming additions. I've realized that if I get tired of the streaming selection available, I'm just tired of watching stuff at that time in general. I'm not going to complain that "24" will expire from Netflix in April because I kept it in my queue for many months before I finally started watching it and just didn't really care about it. I watch movies like "Paranoia" just to see what the specific actors are up to--Harrison Ford, Amber Heard--not because I look for a life-changing experience.


I think it's obvious guys, NF is garbage and over priced because it's not streaming Guardians of the Galaxy.


Netflix won't be able to please everybody which is pretty evident. I've never had a complaint with their streaming as I find many things that I have watched and enjoyed which others may not. I've been able to watch lots of full tv series which I never got a chance to beforehand such as Breaking Bad, Rescue Me, Eureka, Nip/Tuck, Fringe...and catch up on some good old ones like Cheers, Malcolm, and Arrested development with the new season. Some very good series that are exclusive like House of Cards and Orange and enjoyable to me as well. I've also watched many of the documentaries. The Epix deal is nice too as World War Z will be arriving soon as is Star Trek into Darkness (if it hasn't already, I haven't noticed yet), Catching Fire and Iron Man 3 most likely sometime later this year, as well as this years Marvel movies next year.
Netflix is not aiming for the single person, they are a family goaled business hence the amount of content and deals aimed for kids. The Disney deal will be successful once it fully starts, although my kids were already able to enjoy The Fox and the Hound. Recently, we watched Turbo and The Croods. Had we gone to a movie theater (with popcorn and candy) that adds up to over $50 for each. The Clone Wars is also a nice add. In the end, its whatever floats your boat. For me, $8 is not too much to ask, for what I want to watch.

Christopher Bangs

I love netflix and just pleased films of all sorts can viewed in this fashion. Remember 14.4 this fucking rules


It is EIGHT freaking dollars a month. Try paying for cable TV with no movie channels and you'll still be paying $60,$70,$80 a month. Bitching about it does nothing. Don't like the selection? UNSUBSCRIBE!!! One thing is blatantly obvious though...some of you must need leave the house and only watch TV.


I have had 0 movies in my streaming queue for 3 months now because nothing they have added interests me. In fact I don't think I have even logged in to Netflix streaming in well over a month. I still subscribe to Netflix because honestly I'm too lazy to cancel and it's only $8 a month, which is as much as I usually spend on a crappy lunch on a random Tuesday. It's cheap as hell.

A Facebook User

The Comcast-Apple streaming deal could kill Netflix if it succeeds. Watch out Amazon, Google Play, Hulu, Youtube, and Vudu!!!


The Comcast-Apple deal is not going to affect NF at all. From what I read it will just be a Comcast App (similar to Time Warner on Roku) and the app's traffic will get preferential treatment on Comcast's network. You will still have to be a Comcast sub for cable and internet. You just won't have to have their box.

Dean Winchester

Comcast-Apple streaming deal will not kill Netflix because you will have to have Comcast cable where the hell are all this idiots coming from? Fuck Comcast either way no benefit when it is on Apple TV because I do not get Comcast in my area.


I just watched Big Sur last night on streaming. So, it's streaming for me.


This website seems to be an "edited" version of this site....

and sometimes they miss a major addition - like
"20 Feet From Stardom"


@GRH, thanks for the first link you posted. I didn't know about that one and I like having the cover pictures available and the narrative listed to be able to just scroll and read. I agree, not all new additions are listed on instantwatcher. I still jump on NF site and do a quick glance to see if any have been missed.

I started NF streaming in 2010 and have never really been disappointed with what they have to offer. Sometimes new pickings are slim, but I have 89 movies in the queue so I'm not waiting for selections to be released that I want.


GRH, this site use to have more information about Netflix, and most of us still just come here out of habit.


NF added more B-Movie crap, Jobs is out there now.


At least they didn't put up anymore anime.


Odd, looks like they had it up and pulled it. I've seen more and more folks complaining about this with different titles but this is the first time I've ever experienced it.

Dean Winchester

CordCutter there are 3 movies they did this they just put it on streaming and a week later gone not sure what is happening not like this movies were Hollywood basically bunch of B movies or low budget but yeah Netflix has been doing this lately with no explanation. There are some that also says DVD/Blu-Ray and available for streaming but not streaming at all.

Not Sure if Netflix is noticing this issues and others like Subtitles for foreign movies missing or lagging, Dolby Surround not working on some movies and TV Shows for apple TV are few of the problems especially streaming in Super HD is becoming another issue.

Netflix is creating cluster fuck for themselves not sure why.


This site is nothing more than a musky graveyard where a small group of people who are never satisfied just grumble and bitch and complain about everything. All these comments seem to be is arguments.

It's called HackingNetflix. Where are the hacks?

Like use the Hola.org web browser addon to watch Netflix in other countries and get even more content! Check out what Canada and the UK have!

Add a Chromecast and use tab casting for watching in other rooms if you cannot hook your PC up to a TV.

Where is the Netflix News stories?

How about some editorials?

This is usually just a small list of New Releases that just fuel people to troll on here. A News Story once every X amount of Months.

I wish this site would be a News and Hack/Tweak site for Netflix with editorial and opinion pieces.

Come back to life HackingNetflix!


Jobs is back again today, for those who were interested. Mr. Nobody is up too. Dunno if that qualifies as a B-movie, but it ain't anime.


Mad Men Season 6 is up.


I'm noticing Instant Watcher isn't always grabbing the new releases on NF for a few days. I'd really like to see NF add a separate link once you log in with all new movies being listed each day they are posted. No need to have separate genre`, just list all new stuff daily so we don't have to go dig for them. Their link for new listings still has stuff in there months and months old.


I'm gonna watch Trailer Park Boys for the 4th time. Hey please add something worth watching. Your killing me here!

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