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John Kennedy

When Jews Were Funny? Shit, I didn't know we ever stopped.

Nancy H

Season 1 of Borgen is also out on DVD. Surprised no one has mentioned this.


Season 2 of the venture bros


Borgen is one of my favorite foreign series! Netflix also has the first 4 seasons of Spiral (Engrenages), which is very good, too. Hope NF will add more, like Bron/Broen and Forbrydelsen. There are US versions of both on NF: The Bridge (DVD) and The Killing (streaming). Good remakes, but the originals are fantastic.


Also on streaming is The Returned (Les Revenants), a great little open-ended atmospheric serial from France. A chilling, slow-burn fantasy/thriller with an awesome musical score - fittingly surreal and haunting.

Nancy H

I too am patiently awaiting for Bron/Broen and Forbrydelson. Otherwise, I'm pretty up to date on foreign dramas. Les Revenants is phenom!


The Family just got added to instant.


Aqua Teen Hungar Force Season 2
Boondox season 2
The Eagle


@GeeEmm and @Nancy H --

Have you tried this website before? It's the streaming site for MHz Networks. A lot of good European series pass through this url, including (currently) new Swedish Wallender episodes, Spiral, and a Danish series that co-stars Mads Mikkelson.


Kind of like PBS, they offer free streaming but hope you will give a donation if you like what you see.


When were the Jews funny....yeah, deliberately crashing the Global Economy in 2007 - really hysterical. And how about those two slap stick charlatans, Bernie Madoff and Steven Cohen…rollicking! And how about the mired of Wall Street Banks receiving 85 Billion in QE money every month, from a Jewish federal reserve, to manipulate the market with? All while the retail investor loses every dime investing in Great American companies like Netflick and Apple – absolutely hilarious!

Mike Smith

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Megatron was Jewish.


Short Term 12. Excellent film. One of the best from last year. Criminally ignored by the Academy.


"Breathless" Another Korean Film. Korean Movies are the 1 Thing Netflix Does Right! Love IT

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