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Good to see you back! I thought maybe you were gone forever. Glad that's not the case. Thanks for the site. :)


Amazon Prime just inked a deal with HBO for their content! GAME CHANGER



Amazon.com Inc. AMZN -0.40% on Wednesday said that it has signed a licensing deal with Time Warner Inc.'s TWX +2.10% HBO to make Prime Instant Video the exclusive online-only subscription home for select HBO shows from "The Sopranos" to "Six Feet Under." The first wave of content will arrive on Prime Instant Video May 21. The companies didn't disclose terms of the multi-year agreement.


Take that, Netflix. Beginning on May 21 the multi-year agreement will enable Amazon Prime subscribers to stream series including The Sopranos, Six Feet Under, The Wire, and later — about three years after episodes initially air — Girls, The Newsroom and Veep. In addition, by year end Amazon will offer HBO GO on its new Fire TV platform. (It’s already available to HBO subscribers on other devices including Google’s Chromecast.) The shows will still be available on HBO’s platforms, but the companies say that this is the first time the premium pay TV channel’s shows have been licensed to an online-only streaming service. “As owners of our original programming, we have always sought to capitalize on that investment,” HBO EVP of Business and Legal Affairs Glenn Whitehead says.


Classy MovieBoffo


The Content for HBO on Amazon Prime is All old. Nothing Newer than THREE Years will be on there. Only "old" seasons of True Blood or Boardwalk Empire. Episodes that Aired within 3 Years on HBO will not be on Amazon-HBO! Not that big of a deal actually. Not worth Subscribing to Amazon Prime just for that.

"Breathless" Korean movie Added to Netflix As Well!

ardith j reed

Thank you so much for coming back. I panicked and called Netflix to find out what happened. They didn't even know about 'Hacking Netflix' Or the customer service person was just saying that. Who knows, anyway, thank goodness you are back


It is a good deal seeing as nobody has the content now and shows like the wire & sopranos are so highly thought of. The 3-year window is a drag though. Netflix would likely love the archive content but the new content on 3-year window isn't that attractive.

I'm less intrigued by the affects on Prime/NF and more on the mere fact that HBO is licensing out content. This only hurts the HBOGO brand, is this a precursor to HBOGO being offered straight up without a cable sub? Get people hooked on shows in advance, then BOOM charge 20$ a month for direct access to HBOGO so people can get them live/next day.


Netflix raises their price and removes movies?TV Shows rather adding more Amazon Prime raises price and adds more even made a deal with HBO, what a EPIK fail is Netflix becoming at this rate Netflix will fade out like Blockbuster.

Dean's neighbor (Dean should just cancel his Netflix subscription already)

I would pay $8 a month FOR LIFE to see Dean Winchester kicked in the face and/or crotch once a day.


Oh...Deamn_Winchester. Not sure which is worse...your constant complaining about a service that you're not forced to subscribe to, or your horrible writing in general. This last comment gave me a headache just trying to figure out what you're saying.


I think ole Dean might be another poster who swore off NF (and this site). Just a hunch.


I too am glad the site was resurrected. Everyone posts some interesting tidbits and updates. I did get my Roku 3 and have been messing with it for about a week now. Finding all kinds of stuff to watch on there.

Plus, we just lost all of our discounts on cable and internet and it went up to $165 a month and we decided today that was enough of that. So I'm going to call and drop the cable portion and just go with NF and Roku. The one thing I'll miss is my NASCAR.

(sniffle, sniffle)


Got my fire tv from amazon it is the best streaming device out there! Yea it needs work and it will get more apps but it is so fast and the picture is really good I know this is a Netflix site but this device is the bomb and yes it does stream Netflix!


Look at all the Netflix fanboys getting mad especially CorCutter using multiple names to talk shit a typical troll, tell me CordCutter how is that Government cheese working for you?


Apparently Peter, I mean dean is upset now.


How dare you criticize Netflix. The faggoty ass fanboys are having a conniption. Don't you know what this site is all about? They only have one sponsor, and guess who that is?


I don't know, I'm guessing you're a sponsor since you're here despite not being a fan of Netflix. I'm trying to figure out the logic of these people. The site was down, yet they were probably refreshing and refreshing the page just so they could post on this small Netflix-related website about how much they don't like it and the people using Netflix. You probably also do the same thing on Netflix's Facebook page. That's a lot of time and energy; makes me wonder what important things in life they avoid like getting up to go to work or bathing.
If you can't find anything worth watching, and think you need recommendations and announcements to find content to watch, then your tastes aren't worth anything. Maybe this form of entertainment isn't your thing and you should try something else like color-by-numbers or ant farms because you'll never be satisfied with a movie rental service. Maybe your angst is simply due to being stuck living with a parent or a dominating spouse who won't cancel Netflix, won't share it with you and let you add stuff to the My List, or won't upgrade it to include an all-encompassing disc plan to keep you happy. Maybe if you do some chores around the house, you can achieve those favors.


Y'all need to learn not to feed the trolls. All they want is your attention. Ignore them and they'll go away.

To whomever runs this site, you are very much appreciated. This site is fucking awesome, and I too panicked when you were down.

Also, Wrong Cops, White Reindeer (I think that's new), and Here Comes the Devil were added this week.

You Prius is Gay

You guys will be in Hog Heaven if only Netflix carried gay porn!


Oh Prius, we all know you're projecting. However, if it's what you're into, NF has a whole genre called "Gay & Lesbian". I'm sure if you look, you'll find something that will float your boat.


jv46 - glad you like your Amazon Fire TV. And the deal with HBO is pretty nice; I'd surely watch The Sopranos that way (I'm the only person who's never seen The Sopranos, just because I've never been much into tv. But I've give them a go if I could stream instead of disc.)

Do you have any experience with the Apple TV? I've used one and I liked it a lot for what it does. I wonder if Amazon has improved on that.


Michaelant I have had many streaming devices the fire Tv is just starting out but its so fast with a very good picture I think before all said and done this will be the one that everybody that streams will want.

Troll Doll

I saw 'Netflix carried Gay Porn' and that was it for me. Don't tease me like that!!! If netflix started showing real adult movies (with age verification) I'd be happier than a hermit creaming over permanent free shipping announced on amazon. Ohhmeeegawwwddd!!!

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