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I highly recommend Odd Thomas to anyone who read the book. It is a bit weird, but it was an enjoyable watch.


Why is Netflix punishing us? (streaming only members) these ridiculous releases are getting worst, really, that joke is old Netflix come on....


I've said this before...

Netflix is at the mercy of the copyright holders! They can only stream what they SAY they can and WHEN they say they can. This is the big downside of streaming. If copyright holders only release crud for streaming, then crud is what NF can provide.

It is why I am a DVD rental only sub. I can get anything that is on DVD and NF has. NF is free to buy whatever DVDs they can and then rent them.

Streaming is still in it's infancy! Until the MPAA & Hollywood "get a clue", the streaming customer is at their mercy.


Grrrrrr: try http://www.instantwatcher.com - there has been plenty of streaming content released that doesn't show up here, this is only a small sampling of the past week.

Whatever Guy

Amazon Prime gets HBO and Netflix gets what? Price raised and new about paying off Verizon for better connection really now? Netflix no one wants to pay extra for other customers ISP issues either they should just cancel service with their ISP or deal with like most of us do instead Netflix should worry adding more movies or TV Shows to streaming or else this is the end for them. Also the DVD selections suck I have one month free almost all movies come only in DVD when Blu-Ray is also available and a lot movies you can only save them because they are not available for DVD or Blu-Ray. The DVD issue reminds of what happened with Blockbuster before they went out of business.

Sorry but this are bad signs for Netflix all they got going is Original Series and even that is costing a lot of money for them. Amazon Prime has a lot of exclusives like HBO, FX, TNT, SyFy and CBS they also got a lot of Original Series not only that but for few of CBS series they get it few days after the episode is premiered for a series and this is all for Prime members.

If Netflix was smart they would bring the old deal back where you get DVD and Streaming together they would gain most of their customers back and cover most of the streaming problem plus it would help whatever money or licensing issues they have. I just can not understand why Netflix is not worried about it at all.

Gary Woodbine

For those who like mostly movies only, give Redbox streaming a try. I thought they would be a joke when they first started but they have some of the most current movies and the subscription carries films from 1914 to the very recent. About 3,800 movies in their streaming catalog. You also get 4 free DVD credits with your $7.99 plan. With my Roku, I can even reserve a disc and pick a location to get it from. Just throwing that out there for those looking for another streaming option.

Kyle B

''Whatever Guy'' aka Dean Winchester & several other screennames at Netflix's Facebook page. Wow...whatever you think about him, he sure is dedicated, isn't he?


Kyle B let me guess you are Sam Wincherster who the hell is the troll Dean Winchester?


Hey "Whatever Guy" Amazon is increasing its price too. The HBO deal is for their older series. It does not and will not include True Detective and GOT. I have HBO Go so no need for prime. Unless you're a 60 yr old woman who care that they have exclusive rights to CBS? Seriously when and what was the last good series CBS had? The fx thing you claim is buckshot because Netflix carries a lot of their original programming. Don't believe me? Sons of Anarchy c Nip/Tuck, The Riches, and Rescue Me are all fx shows carried by Netflix. I might even be missing some. Damages that's it. So yeah prime has exclusive to Justified and The Americans but that's it from fx. The syfy and tnt crap I don't know about because its not anything id ever watch.

If Netflix is so horrible why do you even bother coming to a third party site dedicated just to Netflix? Might want to find some new hobbies.

marc schenker

The new releases continue getting worse and worse as Netflix puts more and more resources behind original programming that has been strictly hit or miss. I'm getting sick of digging through the instants for a movie past 2 stars. I know a lot of people who feel that way.

marc schenker

Why hasn't Netflix ever had an email facility that would gauge customer comments? I know, because Reed and the team aren't particularly interested. One thing I'd like to tell them is that the only reason people keep joining is because cable television is at the point where people are cutting the cord, not to save money, but because...THERE'S NOTHING ON TELEVISION.

marc schenker

Okay, if someone could answer the question: why is it that when I click "not interested" the movie doesn't disappear? For instance, I'd really like the entire horror movie genre to disappear. Forever. Into a black hole.

marc schenker

What is the purpose of "validating" my comment with a series of numbers? Are we being protected by east european spies? Aliens dying to make their own comments? Amazon espionage agents?



What are the new rates and when are they coming for streaming customers?


Metallica Through the Never was added over the past few days.

@Bob...streaming rates will be $9.99 for new customers starting late June or early July. Current customers stay the same for now.


marc schenker - I wish there was an email address for comments, too. Calling in just to get a comment to them feels pretty silly. I wonder if that's why they do it..

[I called to tell them they're missing 1/3 of Woody Allen's admittedly many films. Sure seems like two years ago when I had the thought of watching them chronologically from the beginning, that they had nearly all of them on disc. There've been other examples for me as well where it seems like their non-new releases on disc are starting to wither.]

King dedede

WOOHOO! Season 7 of Psych is up


Adventures in Babysitting & Diana(2013) are on streaming.


@michaelant -- I agree. I think what happens is that Netflix guesses how many copies of a title they will need when they place an order. When the quantity dips low enough, due to theft or Post Office mishandling, they move the titles to the Saved queue. The few instances I know of where a title was reordered coincide with the release of a new version by companies llke Criterion.

What really upsets me this morning is that some of the vanished Woody Allen movies I have not seen yet!


@MikeT - I'm a big Allen fan, and I've seen almost all his movies (including the meh middle period ones) but it'd been quite a while since I saw his early, funny films. A couple years ago I got the first two on disc from Netflix, 'What's Up, Tiger Lily' and 'Take the Money and Run'. Then forgot about it, checked back recently, now Money is gone, along with TWELVE others. Pretty disappointing. And it's not just the ones nobody liked. No discernible pattern, as they're missing several universally well received films plus a couple where actors won Oscars, in addition to others less well liked.

I used to view Netflix as a pretty indispensable resource that had nearly everything that'd been released on disc, but it sure seems like they're letting their back catalogue die from attrition. If it goes into Saved, it's not coming back, unless there's a new version like you mention. I don't own a film collection; I'm not going to buy these, no point as I usually prefer something new to me. But now I've got to hassle each film individually to see IF and where it can be streamed, or go to the library, or etc, etc. Whereas before Netflix was my sole, complete and extremely convenient solution. It's a shame!


Your first post reminded me that I had enjoyed both Take the Money and Run and What's Up Tiger Lily? very much and that it was time for me to see them again. Netflix has the second one but not the first, and my local library has the first but not the second, which works for me.

On the other hand, I have not seen either The Curse of the Jade Scorpion or Everyone Says I Love You; and neither NF, Prime, nor the library has either title, so I will have to buy both if I decide I want to see them.

Even worse, an increasing number of dvd's are no longer available from the manufacturers, which can cause the price to skyrocket when supplies run low. Both of the above dvd's can still be had for $15 - $20, but the longer I wait, the higher the price will go. I have seen some discontinued Criterion blu-rays going for $100 each, and I am afraid that is the future for a lot of the more popular dvd's and blu-rays as NF's inventory continues to shrink and manufacturers continue to trim titles from their lists.

We are still in a Golden Age when almost everything is available on 24 hours notice, but it won't last many more years. We should enjoy it while we can.


You know, I'd be ok if our current Golden Age gave way to a new Platinum Age where everything is available immediately (in original aspect ratio, naturally) (and subtitled when appropriate and not dubbed!) via streaming. Even if everything were available via streaming from different providers! But I've heard predictions that's at least five years out, probably more like ten, if ever.

You may not have to buy your Allen movies if you're ok with a digital rental. iTunes has Jade Scorpion (one I saw in a theater and was particularly ambivalent about) for a $4 HD rental, which is not bad. Everyone Says I Love You (which I enjoyed very well, if I recall) isn't available to stream anywhere, however, that I can see. iTunes also has Bananas, Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex, and Love and Death, so I'll probably use them to fill in the gaps in my chronological rewatching.

FYI, I use a site called canistreamit.com to do the searching for me, across various services. It works well, although right now it's giving me flaky results, apparently, (first time I've noticed this) so I just also found gowatchit.com that does the same thing and seems to work faster. Both allow you to add alerts for when a title becomes available to stream, wherever that may be.

I'll just add that Netflix is currently streaming Woody Allen: A Documentary, which reminded me to rekindle my Allen quest and is a very enjoyable account of his history, most of the early parts of which I didn't really know. (doesn't linger long on contentious personal life, though) If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it. It's in two parts both movie-length, however, so I'd say best enjoyed on separate evenings.


I click "not interested" very rarely, but I don't want selections to just disappear from my view. Eventually I might watch something for whatever reason. I rarely browse through the catalog anyway. When I go to the Netflix site, I go there to search for something in particular. Apparently a lot of people don't do that and just wait for something to be recommended and advertised in their faces.


Got it! Thanks very much! I had heard about iTunes, of course, but never realized it was a viable source for movies that I couldn't find anywhere else. I will gladly pay $4 to watch a Woody Allen movie that I would otherwise pay $30 to purchase.

I wasn't familiar with either gowatchit or canistreamit either. Both services should be more and more useful as the number of streaming sites increases over time.

As for the documentary, I had noticed it before but skipped over it. Now I am set to watch both it and Jade Scorpion this (rainy) weekend. Thanks again!

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