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Dean Winchester

So they just re-add the same movies removed two months ago, good job Netflix keep wasting customers money on nothing.


House is new, that will give me something to watch.

They took away my old standby 24 but I have never watched House so that should give me plenty to watch going forward.

Plus, a lot of the new releases will eventually make their way to streaming.

Cant complain for $8 a month.

My concern is all the complainers will end up pushing them to give us more content but then charge us 3 times as much. And that's exactly what I don't want to happen.

Amazon costs more & gives less and Hulu plus still has commercials.

So I like Netflix keeping their price point low. Even if it means losing 24 after all these years.

My plan is to add DVDs for a month every 2-3 months to catch up on some things I don't want to wait on for streaming.


24 is on Amazon Prime now.


Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but if you can't find anything to watch on Netflix then you probably need to give your TV a break. I subscribe to Netflix and have Amazon Prime, first for shipping purposes, but now makes use of it for TV shows more then movies. I'm pleased with Netflix and hope it does remain at $7.99.

Dean NotWinchester

Dean Winchester,
Get a life. You post the same worthless crap here every week. We get it, you think Netflix sucks. Move on.


Wow, Hulu Plus has commercials? Dang. I suppose everyone in the universe realized that already, but I mostly watch movies instead of TV, so I never knew this about Hulu. Imagine if Netflix added commercials to their TV shows? It'd be terrible! The few TV shows I have watched on Netflix were a pleasure to view. Half-hour sitcoms go by in a flash, and hour-long (42 min) dramas don't have their mood destroyed by ads for Children's Mucinex®. I can't imagine paying for Hulu Plus. I *can* imagine using Hulu for free to keep current with shows, but watching all of a show from the start, with frickin' _commercials_ … ugh. Netflix streaming or discs, please. (Amazon doesn't run commercials, do they??)


I've never seen commercials on Amazon Prime. Honestly, I'm not a huge amazon Prime fan. I got it for the free shipping and began poking around to see what movies they had to offer.

Honestly most of them I'd have to pay extra for and many are streaming on netflix.

Weird. That said, I've only had prime for a couple days and use it so far to watch Downton Abbey.


12 Years a Slave is now available to watch...Very good/touching film

Dean Winchester

Chris 12 Years a Slave not available for streaming.


I'm perplexed that RMJ believes Amazon's 6.58 a month is more than Netflix's 8.

Also amused by Netflix commercials boasting their library that is EXACTLY THE SAME AS AMAZON PRIME VIDEO.


Oops forgot it went up to 99, meaning it's a scant 3$. Still no big deal to make like it costs much more...


Not everything on NF is to my taste, but I still find plenty to keep me entertained. If I watched two films or episodes daily for an entire year, I'd still not be able to view every title in my combined queues.

As far as renewed titles go, streaming contracts are finite and therefore have to be renegotiated as each deal nears its expiration. No surprise that some films and shows briefly disappear from the NF library before showing up again. If the goal was to completely change out the entire library every so often, with no repeats, many people would never get to see what they want to see, and new subscribers would miss out on thousands of titles. And we'd ALL quickly run out of decent choices.

Those who ONLY want domestic mainstream current/new releases ought to stick with RedBox.


If nf is a bad deal then HBO is purecrap. When I had it years ago they debuted 1 new movie a week, Saturday nights. So you got 4 new releases a month. In the last 2 weeks alone nf has added 20 feet from stardom, jobs, rapture-palooza and the last days on mars. The original shows is becoming more narrow with hoc and orange is the new black. Now factor in HBO standalone is almost double nf and then the whole fact you HAVE TO have cable\sat... Its not even close. Outside of being some reed hastings stalker I don't know what more people could want.


I can usually find something to watch on NF to keep my queue loaded up. It's not perfect, but if it was, we'd be paying a whole lot more than $7.99 a month for it. If NF decided to bump my membership cost the $2.00 they were talking about I'd still end up staying with it as it's still a bargain for the volume they offer.


"keep wasting customers money on nothing."
Isn't that what all this really is, nothing?

Dean Winchester

CordCutter I can only assume you do not get the Epix Network if you did you would notice those are nothing new added on Netflix.


DreamWorks Animation, Open Road Films, FilmDistrict, Relativity, TWC-Radius & TWC Documentaries/International Films are exclusives to NF. Very soon Disney and the full TWC lineup will be exclusives. If you can't navigate NF to find their exclusive titles that's on you.


Insidious Chapter 2 came out today.

Mariann Kaminski

Please readd The Lost And Found Family


G.I. Joe: Retaliation is available now as well. Missed that on the list.


Thanks Greg.....Other than stumbling across the new adds on NF, you'd think they could come up with some way to alert their members when movies are added to the lineup. Maybe an email that goes out every couple days listing only the actual new additions to NF, not repeating what's been on there for two months already.

Troll Doll

If you don't like it, cut it off and leave the rest of us alone. I like what I get for $8 bucks. One trip to the movie theater here is over $10 so yeah. I have 500 things in my queue and I'm constantly finding stuff when I scavenge through the search on the website. There is no way you can find nothing unless all you do is watch netflix 24/7. In which I think you would have bigger problems than not finding anything new to watch. No, I don't work for netflix just sick of all the complaining. That's all anyone does anymore. You are free to your opinion and we are free to still enjoy netflix even if you don't.


I never demonstrated that I was complaining. I'm just stating a fact.


500 Things on your queue? Talk about a waste haha.

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