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Tom Guy

Received an email from Netflix earlier in the week. They are raising their streaming cost by $1.00 for new signees. Existing members who keep and continue their memberships will pay the current rate 'guaranteed' for 2 more years.

Kurt Stevens

In the next two years wonder if Netflix will put any movies on worth watching. I don't watch all these drawn out tv shows, and the movies they have been streaming have been on cable forever, so I may just cancel.


@Kurt: No you won't.


@Kurt, what do you want? TV shows by their nature are "drawn out." Shows that aren't are called Mini-series. Which movies in particular would you like them to add? As far as the movies being on cable forever... I don't have cable. None, zilch, zip. Couple people like me with folks that have severely limited/scaled back cable/sat and I bet NF has millions of subs.

On another note... anybody else have multiple streaming options? I have 1 SD stream at $7.99 a month (makes no sense given other options), 2 HD streams at $7.99 a month and then 4 HD streams at $11.99. I occasionally run into too many streams. 3 would be ideal... can't swallow $4 more a month for 2 streams.


@CC, I have the 2 HD streams for $7.99 I have the account and my sister who lives here too runs the other stream. Her son upstairs jumped on the plan and one night I went to watch NF I got kicked from the system. He got his own access to NF real soon after that.

With NF, it's still a bargain for $8.00 a month. You can dig through their library and find all kinds of goodies. I've noticed on their filter a genre that pops up once in a while labeled TV Soaps. But when you click on it you get an error screen. Not that I want to watch soaps, just kind of curious as to what NF may be up to.


Here you Go......Best Hidden Gems on Netflix



Why does Netflix keep recycling the same movies for streaming over and over again movies that were removed over 2 months ago or less and yes I do see 2 new movies added to streaming but one that premiered on Epix channel so if you have that network than the movie will not be new for some customers. Also I see how they also to try trick people by changing the poster of the movie so if you are a old customer no way that can fool anyone. As for the DVD selection do not get me started I had it for 1 month free sadly almost all movies are only available in DVDs and in full screen few that I rented are bootleg releases region 0 and I ask myself why Netflix?

Netflix streaming is fine even if it is only a $1 raise but still back like 4 years there were over thousand movies and shows streaming for only $8, yes believe it or not for only $8 streaming did have a huge library but since last Netflix lost over 6,000 movies and yes I know they got a deal with Disney and Weinstein but they do not start until next year but until than add something to watch I mean enough with the Documentaries not everyone is interesting in it some people have different taste for other genres.


Recycle... I go back to my HBO/Starz comparison. How many "new" movies do they add. One a week? I haven't had cable in years, but it was a Saturday premiere. So you got 4 or so "new" titles a month. Then "recycled" movies that had been out for awhile made up their VOD offerings. Now they cost $12+ a month depending on who you have for cable and then there is the whole you have to pay to have cable to begin with.

We can go round and round what makes up a "good" movie or a "big name" movie. But if you take into account critical acclaim or budget/cast I would say NF matches or beats the 4 or so titles a month. Don Jon was added a week or two back. In the next week both Machete Kills and Free Birds should hit. These are NF exclusives. If you look at the current Box Office, Brick Mansions will be NF exclusive.

As someone who doesn't have cable NF is invaluable. Its hard to see how people can't see the value when compared to competitors.

Kyle B

@Recycle Netflix...or ''Dean Winchester'' + multiple screennames on Netflix' Facebook page and here,

Every single pay tv service removes movies from the schedules/inventory, and adds them back at a later date. As you've been told countless times before, this is not a nerfarious new practice-HBO, Showtime, Starz and Encore have been doing this for literally decades. No one who subscribes to any of those services has a problem with this.

As for your new bugaboo, the changing of dvd cover thumbnails, guess what? Those come FROM THE STUDIOS, and they go to all services that are licensing those films. It is a marketing gimmick originating at the studios to drum up sales when re-releasing films on disc.

Dude, what else can you possibly make up to continue your inncessant of whining and whailing at Netflix? Go out buy the movies you want to see that aren't offered on this service and be happy.

Gary Woodbine

Every one complaining about new movies not being added fast enough or the movies are old reminds me of my ex-wife. She wanted to watch something 'new' or she wouldn't watch it. I kept telling her that if she hasn't seen it, it's new to her. Even NBC ran a short lived campaign with their re-runs sporting the same thing. There are thousands of movies and TV shows no one has seen yet they won't watch it because they are 10 years old. GASP!

I watch movies from the 1920's up to the recent movies. I do recommend other streaming services but in this "I want it now" generation, 8 or 9 bucks is a bargain for NF or Redbox. You can't drive to the, well I don't want to call them theaters any more since they've went digital and are nothing but big TVs. But anyone can see where I'm coming from and if not it's there loss.


That's what gets me Gary, comparitivly NF IS on par with HBO/starz in regard to adding "new" movies... If not better at a much better price point.

Epix is pointless to me. Given its on prime/NF is the added cost worth 90 days? Then you have folks like me who don't even have cable. If you want to see something truly pathetic compared to NF go to showtimeanytime.com and go to movies then all movies.

It will be interesting to see where NF goes in the future. They have deals like Disney kicking in but also lost a couple distributors. Open road films goes to showtime in 2017. They're responsible for the Grey, killer elite, end of watch amongst others. FilmDistrict was absorbed into Sony which I believe extended their deal with starz. FilmDistrict had the insidious films, Olympus has fallen, drive and some other great titles.


Looks like Free Birds is out there now. One for the kiddies.

Parnelli Jones

How do you guys find out what is coming out weeks in advance? Is there a website or some other form of listing?


instantwatcher.com used to have an "upcoming" section, but I don't think it does anymore. I know that the CNN website had something a little bit ago about May additions.


Eventually, like five years from now, everything will be available for streaming all the time and it will just become a norm. For now, Netflix and Amazon can use the streaming announcements to keep them in movie website headlines and status update buzz. The announcements do tend to get more negative feedback but obviously people are satisfied and continue to be customers. Do they complain to their cable providers as much about movies popping up every few months? I watch "new" movies every week, stuff old and new that I haven't seen.

The Unflushable

Netflix > poop


Star Trek Into Darkness streams on the 17th. Machete Kills on the 22nd.


Cloudy with a Chance if Meatballs 2 is another for the kids that was just added.


I feel like Netflix has been getting a lot more movies that are only a year old now which is great!

Star Trek, Pain and Gain,Don Jon, Insidious 2, GI JOE retaliation, the big wedding, jobs, The Croods, Machete kills, and free birds... the quality is getting better and better. I am definitely not complaining!


Will there be no posting for new releases for May 20?

Mike Hunt

No! The admins are busy sucking on Reed Hastings' cock!

Kurt Stevens

Still no post of releases? Btw, someone asked what movies I would like to see streamed, how about a movie from way back in 2006, gee that's only like 8 years agohttp://dvd.netflix.com/Movie/Perfume-The-Story-of-a-Murderer/70052701?strkid=1162792175_0_0&strackid=131eff8e5aa57162_0_srl&trkid=222336
Instead I get offered crap movies that get a one or two star review, of which there are thousands of on netflix


Much Ado About Nothing.... typical new release monday.


is there a site similar to this for Amazon Prime


Scandal season 3 is out as is mad men season 6 if you didn't know. (streaming)

We need a way to be able to IGNORE the constant complainers.


Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend. Perfect weather here with mid 70's, sunny with 35% humidity. Although fire danger has been issued, all is good after a long cold winter.


Hope Mike is okay. Never seen him miss a weekly update.

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