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Kurt Stevens

What a joke! Every one of these has been beat to death on cable. I ask myself, why bother???? I struggle to try and find ANYTHING decent to watch.


@Kurt Stevens - You know you can cancel Netflix anytime you want. Why keep it if you can't find ANYTHING. ;) It is not mandatory to have if you don't like it.


People just like to pitch a bitch. He/she are just trolling. They love nf, and it shows bc they took the time to search out this site. Hulu isn't better than nf, and despite Amazon's contract with hbo - which doesn't include programming newer than 3 years old- nf is still the better deal. More updates. Better customer service.


"ICHI THE KILLER" Was Added. People complaining about nothing unique on Netflix or Over played movies are the only ones added, here's your chance. Sadomasochism to the Max....


Every week I see these trolls complaining nothing good is added. Like others have said..if you think that then cancel it. Netflix is 7.99/month for unlimited streaming (I know it's going up). That's so much cheaper than any cable package. We get original shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black and a ton of TV and Movies too. Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, and others can only show what the rights holders (studios) allow them to show. Rather than complaining here why don't you trolls complain to the studios and enjoy what you can watch.


NF is an alternative to cable/sat but it is not a replacement. You won't find new/current tv series on it for months, maybe years, if then.

NF is at the will of the copyright holders. If they don't allow NF to stream it, you won't get it.


For $7.99 a month you bet I'll keep NF. Sure they don't offer current streaming, but for a few bucks a month you're not going to get The Vampire Diaries each week.

I've been working my Roku 3 over pretty good and it's amazing some of the stuff you can do with it with your computer paired up to it. If I've watched 5 hrs of regular cable in two weeks that's doing good.

I called Charter to tell them to drop my cable as I'm not paying $176 a month for something I don't watch. Well, I got transferred to their retention department and low and behold, I was offered a no contract expanded cable with internet at 60 mbps with Epix online, which I push to my Roku for $100 a month.

$100 a month still sucks, but I can live with that to still have the other crap on cable that the rest of the family watches.


Stephen Kings "Maximum Overdrive" was also added. Yes its a chessy film but its still a fun watch after all these years. The Metallica concert film was added too. Pretty sure I found another movie I added to my list. Forget what it was though.

People who complain about Netflix are just the typical internet trolls who bitch about everything they can. Their never happy and live to complain. I bet my left nut half of the ones who come here and complain about Netflix and promote Amazon bitch about Amazon on sites dedicated to it.


Netflix added a *ton* of titles over the last week. (check instantwatcher.com, click New) Looks like around 200, in fact. That's a lot to choose from.

Someone had a question a while ago about what happens to titles that leave streaming, if they later come back. I noticed that several this week appeared again in my queue, titles I'd queued but not watched before they expired. They show up seemingly in the original place they were in your queue, so if you have a big queue, you might not notice. FYI

Nightmare Logic


Nightmare Logic

My only complaint was that I couldn't watch Star Wars on Star Wars day. Oh well.


Ichi the Killer and Ravenous..........Nuff Said Ya Randoms


The goal of the internet troll is to get an emotional response from others on the site. Don't respond to these losers and eventually they will go away.

The fact is they likely "struggle" to find "ANYTHING decent to watch" because they don't know how to navigate NF website or don't have a job AND spend every waking hour in front of the Idiot Box.

I have been critical of NF in the past for the attempt to break-up the service (streaming & Disc) but the didn't do it. Netflix streaming is a steal for 8 clams a month and I'm surprised that more Americans don't use the service.


Not related to this post... but does anyone know when Netflix stopped selling gift subs through their site? I wanted to gift my mom a sub for Mothers Day and can`t find anywhere to buy it on the Netflix site.


I want season 7 of Doctor Who!! Anyone know when??


I watched Odd Thomas and was pleasantly surprised. One of those where if you go in with low expectations you might be surprised. If you're bored and looking for something different, Odd Thomas & John Dies at the End are worth a look. They're both quirky/different scifi/horror movies.


You frustrated people are really masochistic. Why continue with something you don't like, especially when you're paying for it?


Unfortunately, there aren't many quality movies streaming on Netflix. ✌️

The Dude

I'm not sure if we are all in different regions or something but Lost Girl has had 3 seasons on Netflix for like almost a year now. Either way it's a pretty good show if you are into that genre.


For the "no good movies" crowd - go to instantwatcher.com, click 'Rotten Tomatoes Fresh'; 980 movies. That's about as objective a count of "good" movies as you can get. And yes, my queue is full of a bunch of those. If "good" means current or blockbuster, no, there won't be as many of those. And there won't be as many of those on any other streaming service. I'd be curious to see a similar count for Prime and other all-you-can-steam offerings.


Just got a email today

In order to continue adding more movies and TV shows, we are increasing our price from $7.99 to $8.99 for new members. As a thank you for being a member of Netflix already, we guarantee that your plan and price will not change for two years.

You can review your membership details at any time by visiting Your Account. As always, if you have questions, we are happy to answer them. Please call us at any time at 1-888-357-1516.


@Ken.... I just checked my account billing status out of curiosity and I saw this note:

Your price is guaranteed to remain $7.99 through at least 5/9/16 so long as you stay a member on your current plan. Membership fees are billed at the beginning of each period. Sales tax may apply.

I guess I'll see if they stay true to their word. I'm wondering if by that wording, say I changed my plan to add a DVD if it would cause the whole thing to be repriced?


I would say yes NorthernWolf, any change, even adding services will roll you into the new billing structure.


My Netflix is streaming is only 6 bucks a month I had it since it first started when it was streaming and DVD together in one package then when they went separate I canceled my DVD and they only made my streaming 6 bucks and its permanent fir only 6 bucks and 100s of movies and TV shows I'm keeping it its basically free for me ha!


I've figured it out. The people constantly complaining about Netflix don't wear the pants in their households. Their wives or parents or whomever like it and they are stuck with it, and that can probably be said about everything else in their dependent lives. I'll complain about a lot of things I can't change or that have few options, like the condition of the streets in my town or stores not putting their operating hours on signs that can be seen from the street, but I'm definitely not going to drive myself crazy over movies I want to see. That's why I keep a disc plan. What do you do when the movies you want to watch aren't on Netflix streaming? Do you just not watch them and keep waiting wishing contracts to bring you The Legend of Billie Jean or The Lego Movie will get made? If you "deal with it and go without", then why complain about it?


I just wish the nothing to watch crowd would specify WHAT they want to watch. Specifically. More recent movies? More shows? Better international/foreign comment? They're like the old man shaking his fist and telling the neighborhood kids to stay off his lawn... As they walk by on the sidewalk. Used to be a vocal crowd on here wanting more/better captioned catalog. They have pretty much vanished as NF got serious about it after the lawsuit. There are many ways nf can improve their service but you have to say HOW you want them to.


I agree CordCutter! I am watching great series with No commercials. No waiting for next week, all on my own schedule. I have found some great ones. Eureka, Haven (even though I am waiting for season 4) Doctor Who (had to go hulu for season 7). Heroes. Once Upon a Time. Arrow.

I have a MyList Full of Tv Series that I want to see based on my friends! Sons of Anarchy, Dexter, Merlin, Warehouse 13, Copper, Ripper Street, Luther, Lost, Heartland, New Girl, Revolution, Supernatural, Revenge and Parenthood.

I took the advice of others, did research and have used the not interested button and rated shows. DEFINITELY worth the money per month.


That's exactly the mystery I wonder about. For anyone who loves movies, I really can't see how you don't also have at least a one-at-a-time dvd plan with Netflix. (or do Redbox or something else, etc) I can't imagine just NEVER seeing great movies because I missed them in the theater, and then they never show up on streaming. Heck, a fair amount of the movies I want to see never even make it to theaters near me, in my smaller city. A dvd plan is a MUST, still, and that makes complaining about streaming, while valid, a bit futile as far as continually getting riled up about it.

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