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Gary Lockley

"First Night"? Are you serious? I realizes this is high learning at a 3rd grade level, but it's "Knight" with a "K". Ever heard of the KNIGHTS of the round table? Did you even read the actual title?


So glad you're back!


Huge fan of yours and followed you for years. Never mind the buttheads, I'm glad all is well.


"Realizes"? Are you serious Gary? I REALIZE that it must be fulfilling to criticize people on an internet message board, but it's "realize" without the "s". Ever heard of not being a jerk?


So glad you are ack. Was getting worried. Any chance you can do entires for the last few weeks ? Would help me find the good stuff that I probably missed.


Very glad you are back, but maybe we should get you a backup or two, to lighten the load. Drudgery is no fun, but a shared load is lighter.


Glad to see you back Mike. I bet that even the trolls missed you! :)


just like Lone Survivor Non Stop is not out yet its Universal Studios. not sure why Netflix has these movies Dvd Queue ready to ship its another 28 days that sucks!


Glad to see you back at the helm, Mike!


What a relief your are back! I was scouring the Obit pages. Now it's the trolls turn for a vacation.


Glad your back. Was thinking the site just die

Crystal Aldrich

We missed you, give us a heads up next time LOL.


Glad you're back man! I realizes Gary Lockley is a tool.


Glad you're back! Always appreciate the site. :)


Missed your site for few weeks there! Welcome back :D


welcome back i wasnt sure if "bitchingaboutnetflix" was gone or not haha


Great to have you back. I am glad you are not dead.


Thank you for tour effort. Makes a genuine difference.

Jeffrey Lebowski

So happy you are back, I have been lost for weeks without this site.


So glad you're back...


I still pay $7.99/month for Amazon prime & am glad they just added all the old HBO shows like Six Feet Under, Sopranos, & quite a few others....

Chester Copperpot

I guess people don't have anything better to do than complain about someone making a typo while they are on a really useful site that someone is taking time out of their daily lives to update for the world. I always wondered how people like that react when something really bad happens in their lives. I am sure glad the site is back up. It sure makes me that much more appreciative of it. Don't know what you've got till its gone!


So glad you are back. Thank you for all the work you put into this site! You were missed!


Hey Gary, ever heard of the movie First Night!? Also titled 1st Night. Starring Richard E Grat and Sarah Brightman. Released in 2010. Maybe you should give up on the trolling efforts, obviously you're a moron.

Mike, nice to have you back!!!


The Vengeance Trilogy is Back! 'Sympathy For Mr Vengeance' 'Oldboy' 'Sympathy for Lady Vengeance'! All Fantastic Movies!

My review of Lady Vengeance ....


Dennis Harty

What movies came out between your posrings? May 13- June 10.


Great site. Thanks


Yay! Welcome back.


thank gosh for instantwatcher this site along with netflix sucks assholes now.


Didn't send you an email but I tweeted at you. Missed your yeoman's work.


@Amber, if this site sucks so badly now, why did you bother to even post?

Gary Woodbine

If any of you are old enough to appreciate the movie Spielberg made called "1941" with John Belushi, then I suggest you watch this streaming version on Netflix because it is THE original Theatrical Version.

Why is this important? Because it was a failure at the box office and when it came to DVD, Spielberg added 15 or 30 minutes to it and screwed up the pacing and the comedy was not flowing the way you remembered at the theater or even the premium stations when it premiered.

Thank You to the moderator for the heads up because I've been wanting to see this like it was meant to be seen again after 30 plus years!

BTW, Netflix may have raised their prices by a dollar but if you are a legacy member then the price change doesn't affect you for another two years.

Amazon Prime WAS a fun place to watch many old shows but since they got the contract to show HBO's shows, (which I detest) they have taken many old shows and removed them from Prime and cheat you by giving you the first season and then make you pay for the following seasons. I will not be renewing with them. I'll rent sometimes but that's it.

Thanks again! and can't everyone just be civil and not hide behind your keyboards trying to be a 13 year old ghost bad ass troll?


Just a word on Amazon & HBO. This is because HBO only allowed the older shows to be available. Amazon has no choice when it comes to this. The same holds true for Netflix as well. Both can only stream what the copyright holder will allow.

The Amazon/HBO deal was for the older shows & early episodes only.

It is this reason I don't have a streaming account with NF. I prefer the discs so I can see what I want.

Sadly though, NF has dropped off adding disc to their inventory. If it's not a hit or popular, they don't seem to add like they used to.


Anyone else notice the red is gone from Netflix's mylist page. I show white.

Lynn Grimes

I have Netflix streaming and I do not have the latest releases when I tried for Tim's Vermeer and the Devils Knot they are not on my Netflix?


lynn, those are DVD new releases, not streaming.

You didn't know they still have DVDs ?


In case any of you have younger kids, the smurfs 2 is now streaming. :)


I just assumed the webmaster decided to dump this site since it's nothing but people complaining about what's on or not on Netflix and with only new addition news.


Wow Gary, I just looked and saw that Dennis the Menace is gone from Amazon Prime.
Regarding RJM's comment to Lynn, sadly a lot of Netflix's users of the past few years aren't aware the service has discs. Netflix would rather have complainers whining about what's not available for streaming than try to lure them to also get disc plans to get just about everything they would want. If a disc gets shipped today, I get it the next day. Instant streaming has conditioned people to think that is too slow. It doesn't even mention discs when it makes streaming announcements on its Facebook page.



NF, if you see value in these sort of sites how about fix your service? I still don't understand why NF will tweet that movies like The Smurfs 2 is just added but not keep a real time "Just Added" page on their website.

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