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'13 Sins' is so bad. Go to redbox and rent 'Cheap Thrills' instead, its FAR superior! My Review:



Solid week, with three of the best movies of the year so far right at the top of the DVD list (although Under the Skin is definitely love-it-or-hate-it). Also, The Master and (somehow, considering it was _just_ in theaters) The Immigrant are available on streaming today.

In Detents

Been 3 weeks since my last DVD/Blu-Ray. I returned Last Survivor June 24th!!! I have the 'We will send your next available DVD as soon as possible.' at the top of my queue. I've rearranged my queue and put older movies to the top; now everything is a short, long or very long wait. Netflix not only throttled my back, they put me in the locks and shut off the fuel.


You know, you might want to consider calling Netflix customer support. I'm not sure that they read the comment in this blog.


another pile of shitflix releases for intsa tv shows.


"Alone with her" was added to streaming.


Picky comment: it's "Divine" not "Devine" -- an excellent movie, by the way!

Blow it Amber

Simply shut the [email protected]#k up Amber if you don't like the releases cancel your account and go with another provider. Oh that's right Netflix is still the best...Blow it Amber

Blow it Blow it Amber

Simply shut the [email protected]#k up Blow it Amber if you think Netflix is the best you should know on streaming they're simply not. Or did you miss how their commercials promote movies on Amazon Prime? They can't even air HBO or BBC series you can't watch elsewhere unlike Amazon. Blow it Blow it Amber

 wang chung

Amber say what you want don't let these punks tell you otherwise they sit behind there computer and talk big! Whatever is on your mind about Netflix let it out! Hey here is an idea what don't you call this site lovers on netflix only dicks allowed!


If you don't like NF content, do something about it. This isn't an official Netflix site. Call them. Cancel. People come here to get tips/tricks with Netflix, not to listen to children complain.

Here's a tip, if you think NF's streaming catalog isn't up to par. Get a VPN, park yourself in another country and using a Streaming only plan (cannot use a hybrid plan) get that country's catalog. I know Canada doesn't have forced subtitles. Not sure about their other countries. I subscribe to a VPN with over 20 countries, cost me $58 for a 2 year sub. Well worth the money given the expanded catalog I now have. I also have a HTPC outputted VIA HDMI to my living room TV FYI. That's an example of why people come here. Not to see homophobe keyboard cowboys spewing idiocy. Now check with your mom to see if you can use her CC and stop complaining that NF doesn't have anything.

 wang chung

This site is for smucks like yourself cord not Tips/tricks its a big old fashion plug party and your one of the leaders! It used to be good had friends come on and i have been on and off for a little while but if you don't want people that complain then state in the sites name and ban people so all of you can have the love you need!



I've been following hackingnetflix.com for quite some time, but now it's just a bunch of whining douche bags bickering with each other in the comment section.

It's kinda entertaining, and kinda sad.

Ah well...

I gotta say, Amazon Prime has been adding an assload of old horror movies which I find cool.

Netflix still has the better catalog overall.

Fuck Nuts

This a fanboi site. A place where fellow fart-box tongue-punchers can rave about their gay love affair with Netflix. No criticism of Netflix is allowed. Now back to our regularly scheduled Netflix conrholing!


thank god for hulu.... nevr thought i'd say that


Ahh so you work for hulu, huh amber?

This is a site to find out new releases for netflix, not to promote your company, not a platform to criticize netflix. Buzz off fly.


Hulu sucks donkey dick, this is fact. While I will admit most times Netflix "new releases are awful, they still have the best overall selection. On top of that its under ten bucks a month.

To the ass-hat who thinks Netflix cant stream BBC shows, look again. Plus they may not have HBO shows but Amazon only has the old crap. Big win Amazon.


NF just confirmed a bit of news that would goes a long way in explaining why DVD turnaround for some is slow. I'm not going to help the cry babies out by saying what the news is, dig around on the internet and find it yourself.

doesn't like teases

Come on CordCutter. Fill us in or include a link.


This site has gone to hell unfortunately. Its a Shame

Blow it Amber

Wait you can't view BBC shows such as Ripper Street,Sherlock,Doctor Who,Copper,Top Gear...If you are referring to shows like Orphan Black then yeah Amazon wins there because just like with SYFY's Defiance they paid out the ass to get it exclusive.

As for HBO if you enjoy watching old content then you win again over at Amazon but if you are smart like most people you get a HBO Go account either with your cable package or by trading a Netflix login with a friend and boom you are current on HBO.

So yeah in closing you've proven you don't know anything about Netflix or Amazon or the ability to even come up with a good name to talk shit with. So just like your mom around the time rent is due shut up and let the 7 dollar charge happen.


@Cordcutter: good catch!

But I subscribe to Netflix dvd's because no other service offers me so much choice (80% of the titles in my queue are not available for streaming), so for me, and I suspect for most others, it's not a big deal!


@Doesn't like teases: Cordcutter is referring to the fact that Netflix has gone back to only operating the DVD shipping centers Monday-Friday.

In 2009, with no annoucements or publicity, they started running the shipping centers on Saturdays.
Last month, with no announcements or publicity, they stopped running the shipping centers on Saturdays.

I saw a user comment on another site that they were told by a Netflix CSR that the choice was to either drop Saturday shipping or raise prices for the DVD customers, and the company chose to drop Saturday.

 wang chung

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doesn't like teases

Thanks for the info. I did see that, but wasn't sure this was the same as what CordCutter was talking about.

I am a Netflix fan, and won't be cancelling anytime soon, but I too have noticed a slow-down in turn-around, not related to the Saturday shipping.

Background...I have a netflix distribution center in my city, so the mail should get there the next day.

Up until about a month ago, if I put a DVD in the mail on Monday morning, netflix would mark it as returned by Tuesday, usually in the morning (sometimes even later on Monday). They then would ship me a new dvd on Tuesday, which I would receive on Wednesday. This had happened about 95% of the time for the last couple of years.

Then, about a month ago, this stopped happening. Anything I mail on Monday, they don't mark as returned until Wednesday (or even Thursday). Then I receive it the next day. So my Monday to Wednesday turn-around has turned into a Monday to Thursday/Friday turn-around.

I suppose it could be the mail has slowed down, but I doubt it, since it still only takes one day to get to me. It seems as though Netflix is holding the returns for an extra day or so, before scanning them in and marking them as returned.

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I'm waiting for Mike to come along and turn off the comments section. When posts begin threatening others and posting addresses, he's pretty much obligated to intervene. Sad too, since there is some useful info posted on here. Oh well, guess we'll see.

 wang chung

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With no Saturday shipping, I probably wont be going back to DVDs ever. Its just not as good a value.

But, I will NOT be on here crying about it week after week.

I reiterate that I am willing to be a moderator here for free. Just to help keep the trash out.

 wang chung

You is the person threatening my son? Its one thing to call people names but it crosses the line when you say I am going to put you in the ground! Now this has to stop the name calling and the threats my son is banned and I plan on trying to get the website closed down this is inexcusable behavior.


"No criticism of Netflix is allowed."
Obviously it is. Aw, looks like someone not in control of his own household is stuck with Netflix because the more sensible people paying the bills continue to keep it. I'm trying to imagine how pathetic someone must be to go sniffing around for websites based on services he doesn't like, and then posting accordingly. You trolls have no influence on customers or Netflix activities whatsoever while we continue gladly paying for it and I get my two-out-a-time twice a week.


As for what real people are actually talking about... I still get discs on Saturdays. It's been a long time since I've paid attention to the distribution center mailing the discs (I usually immediately tear off the envelope cover and put it in the shredder) but I get discs within two days probably because I have a mostly established routine of sending them off the day after I receive them.



Most people will still get Saturday shipments. Its MONDAYS that you wont get them because they aren't shipping on Saturdays.

Its very much like a price increase because you wont be able to rent as many as you used to.


My wife and I have talked about dropping discs. It's not practical for everyone out there, but with us and the VPN/HTPC we really don't run out stuff to watch. The U.S. library coupled with Canada's gives us plenty of options. We're not into older "classics" as some are on here.


i have never laughed so much,thank you hackingnetflix.com


I actually don't like getting discs on Saturday and Friday. I often don't have to leave the house Saturday for any other reason than to mail them. So if I manage to get them shipped on Fridays to receive them on Mondays and watch, then mail on Tuesdays, and...it'll still work out. It's kind of like not watching as much streaming one month and watching more streaming the next, and on that, I'm sure I'm slacking off right now.


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