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Another in a long string of tough weeks for us instawatchers only. good thing its summer where we watch a lot less netfails and then maybe by around fall something will be out that I've been waiting for for eternity it seems.


What would you like to see Amber? What isn't NF adding that you would like? Do you prefer big name recent Hollywood flicks like Homefront or Out of the Furnace? Or maybe you prefer critically acclaimed stuff like The Master, The Immigrant or The Act of Killing.


I'm not sure Amber ever actually reads anything here (including, possibly the actual posts to the site), unlike that other psycho who keeps changing his name. She just seems to squat, squeeze out her weekly comment, and shamble on.


I was excited to see Manhunter added to streaming. Love this movie so much. Pre Silence of the Lambs greatness! Also heard good things about The Immigrant. There's plenty to watch on Netflix especially if you put the effort into looking around. I've seen such great movies on Netflix that I had never even remotely heard of.


Amber i am so sorry! I can't control myself I just love Netflix so much!


YEAH! More pointless Documentaries that no one is paying for seriously, if I wanted PBS documentaries I would just go OTA and get them for free instead of paying $8 a month.

Customers want movies and TV Show not genres like Documentary, Reality Shows, Religion or 1,000 Gay/Lesbian movies.


Kim Manhunter has been Netflix for quite some time now they just removed it last month and just added back like always, Netflix just recycles movies expect it again by end of this month a lot will expire and they will recycle it by next month. Netflix has no new movies simple as that they can have million customers and that really means shit.


Then don't click on the genre for Documentaries, Reality TV, Religion or Gay/Lesbian and you'll be just fine. But I guess that won't stop anyone from coming back time and time again and whining about something then would it.


Something tells me that if NF added every movie and show as soon as it was released either on TV or in theaters that there would be crying about how NF is adding content too fast and no one can watch it all. It's the ol cake and eating analogy.


NorthernWolf are you retarded? If you can not read what I said well let me break it down for you: WHAT THEY ADD.

But you are too retarded to realize that because you thought I was clicking on those genres when I do not care about them and I know Obama Care does not cover special needs people like you.


I love it when I'm right.


There is only a need to read HN about once a month due to the slow release of anything worth watching on NF and the horribly bad suggestions and ways they show you new stuff. NF is now relegated to mainly my kids watching cartoons. If price increased much at all I'd just drop it and go solely to redbox.

It's been months since I've added anything to my list of "maybe someday I'll get bored and watch that" type movies that are most of my list.


I should clarify that I'm only talking about streaming options. Redbox is much cheaper for us to pick up a movie or two to watch.


More gay films please,also more docs about cats would be awesome!


To the troll that repeatedly goes the gay insult route, I hate to break it to you, but you scream closeted gay. Its cool, its 2014, its a good time to come out. You don't have to fight it.

I got a 5$ value combo meal the other day, it had a unsatisfactory number of fries. I now troll burger king's facebook because I sadly have nothing better to do with my life.

Welp addressor

Welp.. 5% of the population and about 50% of this board are high in the narcissism, sociopath spectrum. Awesome.

John Madden


G Hiatt

Does this website "curate" the final list?
Because they always miss several movies.
For example...

Particle Fever
The Last Days
Jack Kerouac: King of the Beats
Weekend of a Champion
Cat Run



Particle Fever was quite good, for the record.


AW Come-om:

Netflix online is nearly free.

I agree that over the past few months good offerings have been few and far between, but enough to justify it's cost/month.

The basic problem is that there have been so few good releases ny the studio.

I go through Amazon's Prime and Amazon regular streaming servicve daily. I do not hesitate to buy a new release if it is something I want to see, but find fewer and fewer of them,

The basic problem lies with he studios and distributors, not with Netflix


Friday Box Office: #1 ‘Lucy’ Wkd $45.1M, #2 ‘Hercules’ $30.2M As Summer 2014 Slump Continues


THey don'tknow how to make good flix anymore


4 ending soon (three on 8/1)

30 for 30: Guru of Go

30 for 30: The Dotted Line

The Marinovich Project

Skin 8/2

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