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"All Cheerleaders Die" was a surprisingly fun movie to watch.


Why doesn't Netflix just change there name for streaming Recycle Flix or Average Flix, I mean come on now this is all they are going to add? Netflix 4 years ago use to add so much more to streaming even average movies but now all I see is 1 star movies.

n8frog78 sadly that is like the only good movie and the Korean movie Hide and Seek is another good one, but now I am wondering is there anything else I have not seen on Netflix? I just can not understand what Netflix is doing with the 50 million customers money do they even bother with getting license for more movies or TV Shows old and new or are they just going to continue to expire a movie or a TV show and just re-add back next.

Sorry, I know I am paying only $8 a month but I was paying the same 4 years where there was a lot more streaming.


Need_more, try this link


That's all the movies on Netflix streaming that are "fresh" according to Rotten Tomatoes. It's a lot. It should default to ordering by release year. Or if you want to be even more exclusive, try


which are all the New York Times Critics' Picks.

$8 a month doesn't buy very much in the way of expensive movies, that is to say, movies for which Netflix has to pay more for the rights, but there's still so much good stuff, even if it's not as well known as the top box office movies. Take a chance and try some 90% and higher films.

Netflix could do a better job of presenting their catalog themselves in the transparent way that Instantwatcher does, but of course obfuscating their lack of box office hits is in their interest, marketing-wise.


Wow. I wish I only cared about watching movies that are highly praised by regular members and critics alike, comparable to fresh produce, or trendy instead of stuff just out of my own curiosity. I could go to one-disc out or streaming-only and have more time to troll sites for other things I don't like.


I wish people would say what they want. It would give us something fresh to talk about on here. Like, man I really wish Netflix got the rights to A24 Films instead of Amazon I like their rough-indy type feel of films.

That's something. But, we get nothing. Just I want more stuff to watch.

Rod Victorio

This is a great selection of movies for this month. I look forward to watch Christmas with the Kranks . For those who live outside USA like me, you can use UnoTelly or other similar tools to access Netflix overseas.


So I have no right to have my own opinion about Netflix Galagtron because of that I am a troll? Typical Netflix fanboy comment, how much is Netflix paying to be a dick on third party sites?


Quit complaining about 8 bucks a month you poor people. Jeezus. Of you don't like the movies then buy the blu ray. Or the DVD in that matter. Since you nag about 8 bucks


'Clue' one of my favorite comedies on Netflix!

My Review:


'The Conspiracy' on Netflix, found footage.....decent at best. But short and sweet.



Came across this. May have been posted here already, but just in case.



More gay films and cat Doc's!


I'd like to see more fx shows like the Americans.


No one is complaining about 8 bucks a month !!

But if you believe that there has not been a severe decline in the quality and quantity of new offerings by Netflix then you are only kidding yourself.

I can recall many times kicking my self for paying to rent a movie on Amazon, only soon to see it available on Netflix. That rarely happens now.

Netflix is being hampered by the friggin greedy Studios and distributors. That's why the quality has declined and many flix formally offered on Netflix are being re-listed as new.

Many times over the past two months I have considered dropping Netflix. But how can I? It's nearly free :-)


In 2012, Netflix,Inc and Reed Hastings financial worth had a brush with near death.

Having gone through that experience I find it hard to believe that Reed Hastings will allow that to happen again.

Netflix online streaming will improve, it has to.


Switcheroo fading west is also on streaming this new week

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