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........Rough week for Netflix Additions


just wondering if anyone else is having problems getting new Blu-ray releases. Have a 3 out at a time plan and just get if lucky 1 movie a week guess I may use Vudu for new releases and keep streaming plan from netflix what a rip off!!



Yep, We have two at a time ... seems that they 'time' it to where our "2 at a time" plan = "2 per week" ... I have been testing it by returning on different days, but they are 'received' at the near same time a few days later. Very shady. Leaning me towards redbox. If they need to charge a little more, so be it, but stop the shady business BS.



I have noticed the same thing recently. "Non-Stop" has been showing "Very Long Wait" since it came out. Usually that's only the case for a week or so.


Huh. That's too bad if Netflix is throttling blu-ray deliveries. I have two at a time and haven't been cycling through very rapidly lately, so all mine have arrived about as quickly as they could. Out with the mail Monday, new disc Wednesday. I'll have to keep track and see if they slow me down when I watch more frequently. Pretty lame if it happens regularly.


Amazon in the UK offers a streaming only plan for 8pounds....not sure y Amazon USA doesn't...but I've been on a $7.99/month plan for a year and a half...basically like paying for streaming & getting free 2 day shipping when I actually buy something. Luv the recent HBO additions to Prime.


I get two-at-a-time (with Blu Ray), usually mail the movie the next morning unless I get it on a Saturday, so I get four a week. I do have "long wait" and "very long wait" on a lot of stuff in my queue so I never know what's coming next. Sometimes I go to my library for new Blu Ray releases or others I suddenly feel like watching. I can get something for a week for 75 cents, and just drop it in a dropbox outside. That's more convenient than using a Redbox.
"Honey, I Shrunk the Kids" is a good Netflix streaming addition. It doesn't look like Disney cares enough to put it on Blu Ray since it never gave it a good DVD.


When I had a 1 out plan 3 or 4 years ago, my mail would come in the A.M. and I would usually take it to the blue box down the street that had a 7 P.M. pickup the same day. Found that with the turn around times I would only get 7 DVDs a month. Decided if I was paying Redbox price, then I would just go to Redbox if there was something I really wanted to see and just use the streaming now. I do miss the variety from Netflix, but I haven't spent $7 in a month on DVDs since I went streaming only.


This is a dismal release week. Nothing worth adding to DVD list, and streaming Karate Kid? Patton??? Haven't these been on TV for uh, the last 20 years???


Nothing worth adding to the DVD list? I spot two Von Triers, a couple of interesting documentaries, and the sequel to The Raid. Plus a potentially decent flick for the older set in Le Week-End. What would you consider worth adding, Sparks? And what's wrong with streaming older movies, exactly? I'd rather show Karate Kid (or Gandhi, or Honey I Shrunk the Kids) to my kids on Netflix than pick through commercials on an edited-for-TV showing. But maybe that's just me.


I consistently get 48 hour turnaround on disks, both blu-ray and dvd. I also noticed that 1) there are suddenly a lot more 'very long waits' than there used to be, and 2) most of the 'very long waits' are really not very long at all. I put 30 of the new 'very longs' at the top of my queue about six weeks ago, and already I've watched about 15 of them. Most of my 'very long waits' have shipped immediately, as soon as their turn comes up in the queue, while at least two are stubbornly sticking to the top of the queue. (Some ship from other parts of the country, which is great because then I get a bonus disk.)

So, in balance, nothing has changed for me except for the confusing change in labels.


just got off the phone with Netflix and the guy told me that the very long wait for me at least is because that the movies that I want are in high demand but i say BS who wants to see Bad words or stage fright and i even tried putting in my Queue La Weekend and some other crappy movies seems to me Netflix is forcing people to knock down there Disc Rentals or get rid of some members for disc!!! don't know about the people on here but friends of mine have had the same problem!


Bad Words and Stage Fright are new releases this week. Of course they have high demand -- their release date is _today_. Maybe consider waiting a few days before bitching?


hmmmmmm maybe your a bitch!! can you read? not just new releases!


I have the 3 out plan, I sent them back on Saturday and always received the new releases at the top of my queue the follwing Tuesday for more than a year.
Now i can't get a new release if my life depended on it.
They randomly pull from my queue.
I read they catagorize and penalize frequent renters.


Homefront & out of the furnace available on streaming now.


Jim, you've been complaining specifically about new releases since your first post this week. Your examples are all new releases. If it's not just new releases, provide examples. All my VLWs are new; everything else comes fairly promptly, with occasional Short Waits for obscure stuff. And I get my top new releases each week as long as I time everything right. Maybe you've got a bad distribution center near you, or maybe you don't know how to work the system properly. But you certainly know how to complain.


I don't do a whole lot of disc rental, when I do it's never Blu Ray so I can't say I've had a bad experience. Are there any alternatives out there anymore for disc? Outside of Redbox I mean. I did Blockbuster years ago and it was okay but I know they're out of business now. I read an article that Gamefly was going to do movies soon, like 50-100 total titles and keep it rolling with recent films. Don't know if that ever got off the ground though. I know the catalog isn't as extensive as NF, but don't forget your local library.


Boy Hmmmmmm shut up people are getting ripped off by this company and its time to move on!! Boy what a bitch! Do you even know what complaining means I was asking a question moron!


HMMMMMMMM just because your a homer that has a love affair with netflix people like myself are having issues and will talk about them this site is not all positive stuff sorry for hurting your feelings!

Martin Swartz

How's this routine working for you? Netflixs line up sucks and you pimply basement dwellers complain all week till the next line up comes on. It's like Groundhogs Day on Steroids.


with a name like Swartz it got be jew i mean true complaining and talking about things is not the same in my book you people got this love affair that needs to stop. its just talk and if you don't like it don't read it!!


"it got be jew"

... annnnnnnnd that's all we really need to hear from Young Master Jimmy. Plonk!


I'm jim wahhhhhhhhh


I love me some netflix I sit around the tv all day and dream of being productive but can't seem to break free I guess i am in love


and i haven't seem my slong in years boy i guess god has a plan for me! but what is it?


boy that is all i needed to see seem its seen your slong. feel sorry for you but back to talking netflix and enough of this moron.


has anybody been able to rent Non-Stop or Lone Survivor. these movies have been on a very long wait for over a month did anyone get these?


hey jim leave my lover alone he does have a slong its small but it does the trick!


I have been waiting to get the DVDs for Hollow Crown for almost a year and they just started coming. Worth waiting for though! The better movies are never on streaming so I have to have both kinds of accounts one for when I'm really bored and one for when I want something good and reasonably new.

I lke Netflix though I really hate the new logo. And why change the layout of the web pages - if not broken don't fiddle with them. I mostly miss the ability to sort- the new sorts don't pull up all the films available so unless you have a specific film by name you usually can't find much even when more is really available. :(

But as clunky as the new interface iscompared to the old ones it is light years better than Amazon who tries to push HD (I have a data cap from my ISP) and Amazon lists every season as though it is a new show, etc. The HD version is often on Prime but the SD version is not - bummer - it just makes finding something to watch almost impossible. I typically return quickly to Netflix and Hulu.

Longmire is my current favorite show - oh there are never enough episodes of this one! Robert Taylor is to die for - literally. LOL. Where has he been hiding from the video moguls all his life? Anyway, glad he was finally "discovered".

So, Netflix, don't keep changing what was optimal. New brooms don't always sweep clean - sometimes they just break a good product.


'In Their Sleep' is a pretty disturbing french horror movie. Not nearly as bad as its rating on IMDb.

My Review:



I was able to get Non-Stop & Lone Survivor shortly after their release date. I think it depends on your location. I used to live in a much bigger city and new DVDs took forever to become available.


I have both Non-Stop and Lone Survivor at home and I'm going to wait another month to return them. Just to bug Jim.


Gary your not bugging me seen them smuck!


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just to get in my last shot so other people don't make the same mistake i did! I Came on this site to see if anybody was having problems with getting new blu-rays then i got some smuck name HMMMMMMMM saying i am complaining and then some jew named Swartz budding in with some bull. what a joke. that's it for me.


Mental illness is a terrible thing.


another pile of netsucks releases


Im willing to be a moderator here.

Just to get rid off all the haters.

Its just not possible to have an open unmoderated place when there are so many mentally ill people with nothing better to do.

I get it, really I do. Netflix sucks.

So cancel & go away & leave the rest of us alone.


Watched Jodorowsky's Dune last night. Highly recommended as a cinematic what-if (although I feel like his version would have been an incomprehensible mess). Love to see someone make an animated version of his script someday, like Jodorowsky suggests -- particularly if they can secure the likenesses of the actors who'd been cast, and maybe get the surviving members of Floyd to do the score.

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