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There's also a new Netflix original series on instant streaming. Its a 4 episode series called "SouthCliffe" from the U.K. I believe. It says its season one so if it turns out well I'm sure it will get another season. I was going to watch it last night but I had to finish Hemlock Grove first.

Side note this is the first time I came here and didn't see the same clowns complaining about what is being offered. Of course its only because nobody else has posted yet.


I agree with you n8frog78. I mean if you can't find anything at all to watch on Netflix you probably need to go outside. There is always something for me to watch but I can't sit in front of the TV all day. I'm still working on Luther, Orange is the New Black Season 2, Attack on Titan and haven't even tried Hemlock Grove and that is just to name a few.


Netflix said they basically guarantee 'Arrested Development' will be back for season 5. Thank God. Even though Season 4 was by FAR the weakest of the 4, I'd still take another season.....just as long as they put the characters together more often than Season 4.

you're next

'You're Next' was added to streaming, its a pretty exciting horror movie! My Review:



More gay films and cat docs


Are you making a request?


@ds, must be since it's the same post each week.


Cats don't have enough documentaries. Dogs have plenty.


I do believe Juan is a closet homo.

Che Gonzalez

Netflix needs Documentaries on Twerkin, what a shame that there is none which I find it very racist and further proof that Netflix does not care about their customers.

Christian Charlebois

We're building a repository of all available movies, series and documentaries available in french on Netflix. If you're interested and want to help us. Follow-us on http://www.nteflixfr.com ou on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/netflixfranco

Thank you!

Bob Doubleyou

"Low Winter Sun" is an Excellent series.(not certain if I saw it on Amazon, or if it's a Netflix "New",but formerly available offerring) "Amen", which was only recently released on Amazon, is a good film, and "Capital" which is another recent Amazon release, is a highly enjoyable film.

While I have been greatly disappointed by the quality of the recent offerings by Netflix, which I believe is more the result of greed by the studios and distributors than of Netflix, the above three offerings alone should more than justify this month's subscription fee to Netflix.

Hopefully this is a sign of better things to come from Netflix, and a return to that time, not so long ago, where I could always find st least a few excellent offerings every month that made my monthly subscription fee seem so relatively inexpensive.



Anyone else not seeing this week's (8/19) new releases on Netflix's site?


he must be on vacation sure do miss the blockbuster movies from last year. netflix needs to get more mainstream movies.


Is anyone else getting extra discs? I've been getting them for the last week or so. The "Wondering why you have an extra disc?" explanation doesn't really explain anything, not that I'm complaining. A couple of weeks ago I did take longer than usual (which is sending them off the day after getting them) to watch and mail a few movies.


The new releases for this week have now been updated on Netflix's site.


I receive 'bonus' discs occasionally. It usually happens after they have sent me a disc from a distant warehouse and anticipate missing their 48-hour turnaround deadline, which appears to what happened in your case.


I have occasionally gotten an extra disc, I've just always thought it was really cool!


Netflix has actually gotten a CBS show --- Criminal Minds. I wish they would add more CBS stuff especially NCIS and older shows. Too much foreign and docs for my taste.

When are they going to add Star Wars?


Matt - Good question. The older stuff is currently open to them although I am sure there are pre-stipulated release dates. The new Disney stuff starts Jan. 1st. I think the Lucasfilm deal closed after the NF/Disney one.


They need to have a new superhero movie from the last two years.


How come the listings as Netflix "Popular" are typically rated three stars or less by viewers? That doesn't sound popular to me. They need a new algorithm.

The better movies are on the DVDs only so if you just have streaming you never see them on the lists - this seems foolish since seeing them available on DVD might entice people to add the DVD service. ???

Better Queue at http://abetterqueue.com/ is helpful at finding if there is anything good to watch at Netflix. There are a lot of movies and TV shows available but most are not worth watching. If you like British TV there is acorn.tv which has a free trial month... a few gems are there but not a large selection yet.


"Happy Valley". It's entertainment value alone will justify this month's subscription fee.


Hey, guess what? The 'See all activity' button beside My List on the PC is working again! Two years ago Netflix started restricting to only the last 100 titles, but now it shows everything again, clear back to 2007 in my case.

It might be deliberate or it might be an accident. I wasn't taking any chances -- I converted it into a PDF document right away. It's very handy to have when you can't remember a title or an actor in something you would like to watch again.

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