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Yikes, rough week...


I really wanted to like From Dusk Till Dawn the series but I don't know if I can do it. It's a vampire show, I get it, you have to suspend belief a little. But they're eating burgers on a park bench in the middle of town? I thought they were wanted fugitives? The ranger goes towards the liquor store instead of seeking shelter behind his car, where the radio is by the way... ? I just don't know if I can do it.


wheres the streaming releases for aug 26 ?

Dan Phillips

What Jon said.


Re-Animator is 80's comedy-horror Gold. But requires a pretty open mind




@CordCutter Give it a chance. From the sound of it you've only watched the first episode or 2. If you can suspend your belief it gets better and pretty muchstays in tune with the movie. It just has a lot more detail and story thanthe movie did. Its far from perfect but its a great series to watch when there's nothing else to late at night. I for one can't wait for the second season because it has to be an upgrade from the second movie.


To find new titles on Netflix streaming go to: http://instantwatcher.com/titles/new


What about season 4 of the walking dead


Season 4 of the walking dead will be on dvd on 8/26... not sure when it'll be on streaming.


No new streaming this week ?


Young & Beautiful and Motel Life arrived on streaming today. They're the only good ones.


@MikeT from a couple days ago, different thread, comments closed on that one

Hey, nice find! I also noticed Netflix started limiting the instant activity shown a while ago to not very much. Before they did that, sometimes I'd search in there really quick to find info about something I'd watched.

Now the list is back to nearly complete. But not completely complete, because mine only goes back to 09, and I know I watched some streaming stuff before then. Could be still a limit, though a high number of titles, just not enough to cover *all* the stuff I've watched.


More gay films and cat docs.


Sorry Juan, they took away 4 films in that genre` and didn't add any, so with all your trolling ways, you still lose. HA.


For new Movies available in Instant:::



Parenthood, newest season is out.


Netflix just landed a deal for The Blacklist. 2 mil per ep.


Just an FYI.



What's coming up in Sept.



anyone else have trouble streaming dusk to dawn episodes 1 and 8 on a sony player ? the show loads plays for about 8 minutes then the audio continues and video does not. I called they said to authorize the player then re authorize it,unplug sony let it stay unplugged for a minute or so.It didn`t work and i can not understand why its just that show and those episode? i can watch all the other shows and movies on net flix,hulu,amazon.


horrible again as usual for tv only... about time to cancel after 8 yrs and just bite the satellite bullet again


Netflix should really change there name to Recycle Flix because that is pretty much what they are doing whatever they removed last month they are just adding back this month like Braveheart how many times did that disappear and come back to Netflix.

Now they spend $2 million on Blacklist per episode that is great if that was the only thing available but there are so much more soon will be losing over 500 movies but only replace it with 100 of them and pretty much like I said Recycled movies from last month.

I understand it is only $8 or $9 a month but when you add up all the customers it makes you wonder where is Netflix wasting there money on and they really should not wast on Comcast or Verizon that is a customer issue and customers should deal with their ISPs.

Sorry for the complains but I have been with Netflix since the time Streaming & DVD through mail was together even after they separated there was still a lot on streaming, but as the years went by streaming has become less and less.


Revenge season 3 on streaming now.


Once Upon a Time s3 streaming.

Quit crying you tittybabies, you don't have to watch commercials like with hulu plus. Netflix rocks.


I was thinking Juan,come out of the closet, embrace your gayness.

We can all tell you want to.

Stop fighting your true nature.


@CordCutter Yeah, the show is pretty dumb. I'm pretty sure the vampires could not shape shift or go out in daylight in the movie. There's some good elements to the show, but the movie is so much better.


any word on the league?


Is there another site besides this that posts Netflix new releases?


All the "law & order" shows are schedulued to expire on 10/31.

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