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Also Wrinkles among the new releases. Dunno why it didn't show up on their Releasing This Week page, but it's on its way right now.


Mighty Ducks & D2


The Killing was such an awesome show. Thank you Netflix for bringing us one last season!


here is a list for the month:


Hide and Seek

'Hide and Seek' was another top notch Korean movie that was added last week.


Corae Bailey

Tuner & Hootch
The Birdcage
Sabrina (both movies)
Cable Guy
Spice World
Freaky Friday
All the Mad Max movies


Finally Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow. I've been waiting 10 years to see it, now I finally can!


I thought it was funny to get an e-mail letting me know "Turner and Hootch" was added to streaming.
I'm also interested in seeing "Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow" in HD streaming quality. In the theater and on DVD the movie looked a little too dark.


More gay films and cat doc's.

The Whiz

I'm a little bummed at Netflix these days. I'm still very happy with the service overall (as a customer with both a Blu-ray-by-mail AND streaming plan). But my by-mail service has been downgraded.

About 4-6 weeks ago I noticed that my disks came in mailing envelopes with a new address. They'd always (the past 10 years) gone to a distribution center in Cedar Rapids, IA. Now they're going to one in Milan, IL. I live in small town in Eastern Iowa. While Cedar Rapids is farther than Milan (in miles), it was faster with the mail times. When mailing to/from Cedar Rapids, it was always 1 day there/1 day back. Netflix would mail a movie on Monday, I'd get it Tuesday. I'd mail it back Thursday, they'd get it Friday. I think it's still only taking 1 day to get mailed back to them when I mail it. But it's often taking 2 days to get to me. Netflix no longer writes "For Tuesday" when they mail one out on Monday. It now reads, "For Wednesday." This should have nothing to do with them dropping Saturday deliveries/mailings. It just seems like a random downgrade in my service based on where I live. It's not the end of the world, since I generally only rent 1 disk per week. Still a bummer to have a downgrade in service though.

Sorry for the rant. I'm not sure where else I can post Netflix-related comments.


Trying to think as a corporate type looking at bottom lines above all else, I could see NF brass saying, "Well, we dropped Saturday distribution, thus eliminating 16% of service, we should follow that with shuttering 16% of distribution centers and staff, if the work isn't there they don't need to be either."


@The Whiz,
I too have had a recent change in distribution centers affect me. Used to have about a 3/4 day turn around (I'd put it in the mail on Monday, and get a new one on Wed/Thur), but now it's at least a couple days longer (Fri/Sat). I used to have a distribution center in the city I live in (Sioux Falls, SD). Now my movies go to Minneapolis, MN. It appears that Netflix is really trying to drive people away from DVDs, and I think it's going to work for me. I'll keep the streaming, but I think I'm going to drop my 3 at a time DVD down to 1, or remove it completely.


The Whiz - coincidentally, I have the same distribution center as you. I'm in Iowa City, and I assumed my discs were all still going to Cedar Rapids. Now that I look, however, it's Milan, IL, like yourself.

I haven't noticed any change in shipping times, however, though I haven't been renting many discs recently. I did happen to put one in the mail Monday morning, and it's supposed to be here Wednesday, so I'm still getting my three day turnaround. Maybe Iowa City is big enough that the mail gets here the same speed regardless of which of these two centers they're using. I hope so! I like having a three day turnaround. We'll see if that holds.


Anyone had films disappear from streaming recently with only a one-day warning?

Usually Netflix will give you at least a week's notice before something is leaving streaming. This is nice for me, as I use my queues to keep track of well-reviewed films, so I don't have to remember or make a list. But if you only get one day before it's gone, that's not enough time! (if it leaves streaming, I either add it to the dvd queue or keep track of it elsewhere)

If I remember correctly, maybe a week ago two films expired with just one day's notice: 2 Days in Paris, and 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days. I assume the similar names of the titles is a coincidence.

I hope they don't stop giving adequate warning before titles expire. It used to be two weeks, now it's down to one. Next it's down to … none?


Mine have been going the other way -- On the most recent deletions from my queue (A Touch of Frost, Inspector Lewis, about 5 other British shows), I was given a month's notice on both my PC and my Panasonic Viera 'smart' TV. When Wire in the Blood was removed, on the other hand, the queue on my Panasonic warned me a month ahead, but I don't think I got any warning at all on my PC queue.

So, I don't think your experience signifies a new trend; it just means someone at NF is under-performing.


Your post really scares me. I still have my local Distribution Center (Salem, Oregon, 50 miles from my home in Portland), and I still get my DVD's in 48 hours, but in the past two years I experienced DC shutdowns in two other DVD rental services (Blockbuster and GreenCine), and I can tell you from experience that the more time and distance your BluRay traverses to get to your house, the greater the odds that the Post Office will break it.

What's worse is that NF won't replace the broken BluRay. Over time, this will mean fewer titles available to rent and more customers quitting in frustration as well as more dvd's and BluRay's arriving broken.

Possibly NF, with its bigger corporate clout, will do something about the breakage issue, e.g. make the Post Office accept liability for breakage. I sure hope so. I still have 150 titles in my queue that aren't available for streaming, and the list is growing!


I just looked at the distribution center address for mine because of this discussion but haven't paid attention to it in years. It use to come from my town or the one on the envelope I have now, which is about a three hour drive away, but I still get discs in the same amount of time, which is the day after the e-mails about receiving the previous one and sending out the next one. I guess one good thing about the crappy city where I live, is that I get good Netflix service.

Joe Jones

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Half the DVD's in my rental queue are now Very Long Wait. This started about 2 months ago. Before that the discs were short or no wait.
And I have not been churning or watching a lot of DVD's either-- this is a reduction in inventory pure and simple.
I could not get Disc one of Borgen, Season One- it kept appearing as Very Long Wait. After waiting for two months I finally gave up and bought the Borgen Season 1 dvd set from Amazon, figuring I could rent Seasons 2 and 3 on NF.

Well. Seasons 2 and 3 are Not Available for rental on NF even though you can buy them on Amazon.com. I was astonished to see this. My speculation is that they are trying to haggle a streaming deal with the Borgen distributor so won't buy the DVD's.

As a long tine customer, since 2002, I am very disappointed in the quality of service and selection of DVD's compared to a year or two ago-- they have really downgraded the dvd business. Shame on them for driving their competition out of business then shoving a take it or leave it model at their loyal customers.


I noticed a huge increase in 'very long wait' discs about 2 months ago also, but I don't think it signifies an inventory reduction.

I put 35 of the 'very long's that I most wanted at the top of my queue and now I'm down to 9 (17 total 'very long waits' out of 160 total discs in my rental queue).

Is it possible that the wait status is based on the inventory in the local Distribution Center and not on the national inventory? Shouldn't work that way, because I still get titles from other DC's that are out of stock in my local DC.


Good to hear. Regarding your ample steaming delete warnings.


I believe the very long waits are part of the reason they wanted to spin off the DVDs because they knew they were going to invest less in it going forward and it will eventually die off except maybe for the most profitable customers.

The lack of Saturday shipping is enough for me to not occasionally renew.


Cosmos S1 is out.


glad i stopped paying for home delivery over a yr ago. instawatch crap they put out now is barely worth it... so glad i hated on watching hulu my plus for yrs so now I have it to make up for netgarbage's worthlessness..

Can barely hold my excitement for this weeks "new releases" on instantwatch


Southcliffe season one is now available. Its a Netflix original program so it might be really good. Its only 4 episodes so it'll be a quick watch.


There are so many "very long wait" discs in my disc queue I don't really pay attention to the order. Usually when I get movies that were classified as very long or long waits, it's without that status changing.

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