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New seasons of Parenthood, Once Upon a Time, & Revenge are all out.

Mike M

I just got a notification that Californication is now streaming.


What happened to streaming releases?


Why are you not listing the new streaming movies now?



I think the guy who keeps this website going mostly does it because some people like to come here and talk about Netflix stuff. He's said before that it was too much work, so I'd cut him some slack and try out


for new streaming titles when you don't see them here.

Dan Phillips

Michael, thanks - but I don't get that site. Is there a way to tell which are Netflix, which Amazon, etc?

Jeremy Kaplan

The Walking Dead (season 4) is coming to Netflix Instant on September 28th....


More gay films and cat docs.


Any word on when Arrow Season 2 will be available via streaming?


LOL....Juan you are seriously failing at trying to be a troll on here. I actually feel sorry for you.

Bugs money

Balls deep in carrot juice.


Season 5 of The League started today.


@muld0023...Arrow Season 2 starts September 14th.


"Good Morning Vietnam" started streaming.


Huffington Post has an update each month highlighting the top streaming shows and movies that are set to premiere. Here is their list for September.

TV Shows:
“Californication,” Seasons 1-7, Sept. 1
“Chasing UFOs,” Season 1, Sept. 1
“Doomsday Preppers,” Seasons 1-3, Sept. 1
“Hinterland,” Season 1, Sept. 1
“Unsealed: Alien Files,” Season 1, Sept. 1
“Zero Hour,” Seasons 1-3, Sept. 1
“The League,” Season 5, Sept. 2
“Trailer Park Boys,” Season 8, Sept. 5
“The Blacklist,” Season 1, Sept. 7
“Crash & Bernstein,” Season 2, Sept. 10
“About a Boy,” Season 1, Sept. 14
“Arrow,” Season 2, Sept. 14
“Bones,” Season 9, Sept. 16
“New Girl,” Season 3, Sept. 16
“The Fosters,” Season 2, Sept. 17
“Revolution,” Season 2, Sept. Sept. 22
“How I Met Your Mother,” Season 9, Sept. 26
“Parks and Recreation,” Season 6, Sept. 26
“Comic Book Men,” Season 3, Sept. 28
“The Walking Dead,” Season 4, Sept. 28

“A Simple Plan,” Sept. 1
“Cool Runnings,” Sept. 1
“Crocodile Dundee,” Sept. 1
“Detention,” Sept. 1
“Flubber,” Sept. 1
“Girl Rising,” Sept. 1
“Girlfight,” Sept. 1
“Good Morning, Vietnam,” Sept. 1
“Guess Who,” Sept. 1
“Hoodwinked,” Sept. 1
“Jay and Silent Bob's Super Groovy Cartoon Movie,” Sept. 1
“Lords of Dogtown,” Sept. 1
“Mirage Men,” Sept. 1
“School of Rock,” Sept. 1
“Small Apartments,” Sept. 1
“Swiss Family Robinson,” Sept. 1
“The Believers,” Sept. 1
“The Blue Lagoon,” Sept. 1
“The Unbelievers,” Sept. 1
“All is Lost,” Sept. 5
“Kid Cannabis,” Sept. 6
“Le Week-End,” Sept. 6
“Refuge,” Sept. 6
“Your Sister’s Sister,” Sept. 6
“Who Is Dayani Cristal?,” Sept. 9
“Deadly Code,” Sept. 10
“A Single Man,” Sept. 11
“Dennis Miller: America 180,” Sept. 11
“Filth,” Sept. 11
“The Moment,” Sept. 11
“Grace Unplugged,” Sept. 12
“Justin and the Knights of Valor,” Sept. 13
“Beginners,” Sept. 16
“One Day,” Sept. 16
“Silver Linings Playbook,” Sept. 16
“3 Days to Kill,” Sept. 17
“The Double,” Sept. 25
“Bad Grandpa,” Sept. 27
“Lullaby,” Sept. 29
“Killing Them Softly,” Sept. 30


Dan Phillips - I think everything on instantwatcher.com is just Netflix by default.

Looks like you have to click specifically on Amazon links to get those; upper right on the page are a couple. Could be better organized regarding that split, but I think the Amazon info is a recent addition.

Also, once you click over to Amazon stuff the banner changes to green instead of Netflix red, and he puts an Amazon logo top right. I actually have used the site for a long time and didn't even notice the Amazon links. Amazon is kind of in its own little corner currently. Media sites do post upcoming Netflix streaming stuff, but I prefer instantwatcher - less ads, faster, comprehensive and easier/able to search.


Thank you to Lakesnow and Pat for the info!


Use vulture

I Saw The Devil

'I Saw The Devil' -- Probably the best serial killer movie on Netflix! Review:



Bill and Ted were added today. The excellent one not the bogus one.

Dan Phillips

Thanks, Michelant.


a bunch of shows ending within a few weeks.

Larry Lunts

This is the last time I will be visiting this site, unless Streaming Titles are restored.
Goodbye, HackingNetflix.

Not bloody likely

The sudden absence of streaming titles means a lot of people are drifting away... including me.... Its been good. C ya!

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