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So I guess this is the new format? No longer listing the titles of what's new to streaming? Oh well I guess we will have to rely on each other's comments.


Agreed. Need streaming releases. Don't need updates on stone tablets or pony express releases.


Seriously where is the streaming?????


Where is the streaming lists ????


You guys sure are critical of a service you are not paying for(i.e. this site). I understand it is the reason you come here(it is also the reason I come here) but if s/he is not providing the service your looking for anymore(which they obviously are not) then you should move on, not complain about it constantly. It has been several weeks, you should be getting the picture by now.......


Still no new streaming titles?


So there won't be streaming titles anymore. :(


Has anyone else noticed a change in the predicted star ratings recently? All of a sudden a large number of titles in my streaming queue are predicting ratings in the 4.5-5 star range. 5 star ratings are very unusual for me (and never used to be predicted) so something seems to have changed.

us is going down the chute on rollerskates

Here's a thought, how about Netflix stop making it lime finding a needle in a haystack and have some REAL customer service. (That's a bad word in this country anymore)


Did the site owner say he was not going to do streaming anymore? I like this site better than instantwatcher, but if it won't show streaming titles, it's worthless to me now.


if netflix did a better job at informing us on what the new releases are, i wouldn't have to come here. i hope they get the get the streaming releases up back soon. get your sh*# together netflix...


More gay films and cat docs


I wish streaming would be displayed rather than new release movies. I think the majority of people don't rent on NetFlix anyways.


@Paul.. Yes! I've noticed there are a lot of 4 and 5 stars all of a sudden. Very strange. I'd like to know what changed.


This site is not what it used to be. :( Time to remove it from my bookmarks and move on I suppose...


I don't stream, I rent BR discs so this is fine.


I guess since no one has taken the liberty to post the new releases, I thought I would to stop the bitching. New Netflix Streaming releases for this week are 'All is Lost, Barbershop 2, The Blacklist, Superheros of Stoke, A River Runs Through It, Tracing Skylines, Where the Trail Ends, Flubber, The Bridgecage. Californication, Once Upon a Time.'



Who still watches movies or TV Shows on Blu Rays or DVDs? Time to move on people DVD or Blu Rays are like VHS extinct and do not give me that crap about Comcast or Verizon because if you are unhappy with them you can always cancel their service.

Also this is a clear sign Netflix is broke because of all their spending on crappy Documentaries, not sure anymore why Netflix will be raising their prices anymore.


There has been a dramatic increase in the predicted ratings by Netflix for me as well. I have rated 7457 movies and the algorithm has been an extremely reliable indicator of my preferences but now it is just useless information.


I come to this site as it had been reliable for updates on streaming movies. Every week I would visit to see what's new. I am disappointed and realize streaming updates are not coming back. Thank you for your service in the past but now is the time for me to find service elsewhere.

Gary Woodbine

Once the Facebook babies took priority, the writing was on the wall as to where NF was headed. Streaming doesn't offer extras, multiple sub options or audio commentary. Trailers also, but even the NF site took that away many moons ago. Most importantly, I've had "Loading, Please Wait" many times while streaming a movie with friends over.

It was just reported that NF's traffic took up 34% of the evening internet traffic here in the states so if we are to become full time streamers then it's time to ramp up our frail infrastructure.


I haven't had trouble with streaming but I will always consider it as a supplement to the disc service and not the primary part of Netflix. Perhaps this is the webmaster's way of bringing back that focus. Anyway, this isn't the only source for streaming or disc updates. If they aren't posted here, can't you just check other sites or browse Netflix? Some online magazines routinely post what comes to streaming.


If the site manager isn't going to list the streams anymore, which obviously is totally their option, sure would be nice if they just let us know. is it really that hard to add "no more streaming lists?"


New seasons available for streaming today:

Arrow, Beauty and the Beast and Hart of Dixie


Beverly no they are not available and I rather get Supernatural and SOA new seasons but I guess Netflix rather spend on Documentaries. Hey NETFLIX how about some MOVIES!?


@ FACTS & TRUTH Oops! I goofed. Netflix dvd queue keeps changing. First, they show that titles are available on streaming, then they stop. Then they added them back and I assumed they were new seasons.

However, Arrow season 2 should be available tomorrow.


Beverly that is great I like the show sadly I saw second season already on CW I just wish other shows like Supernatural or SOA season 6 would be on streaming already before new season starts. How about Netflix add some more movies so we can have something to watch until than all I ever see is the same recycled old crap I am not sure what raising the price by next year going to benefit and no I do not care about Comcast or Verizon customers since that is not ISP. For those who are with Comcast or Verizon just cancel your service with them I mean WTF do you want others to do about it.


Who still watches shows on Blu-Ray? People who enjoy superior picture and audio quality.... Low bit rate video and crappy audio. Yuck.


"Who still watches movies or TV Shows on Blu Rays or DVDs? Time to move on people DVD or Blu Rays are like VHS extinct and do not give me that crap about Comcast or Verizon because if you are unhappy with them you can always cancel their service."
That takes the award for the pseudo-advanced, overtrendy commenter of the thread. While I very, very rarely buy discs anymore, I will not ditch renting them. If a movie or TV show is available on Blu Ray or DVD, I'm going to still watch it on Blu Ray and DVD. I have over 80 movies in my disc queue that aren't available on streaming. I get excellent streaming quality too (I don't have Comcast or Verizon, so I'm not going to give you "that crap" to which you are referring), but if something isn't available on streaming, I'll get the disc. I might not even get the Blu Ray through Netflix and pick it up from my local library, which gets new releases. The new Captain America was on the shelf the other day. I'm not going to whine like half of the Netflix subscribers supposedly so eager to watch a particular show or movie but won't shell out the $10-a-month to add disc plans, as they shell out $10 for a Starbucks or Subway meal without a second thought.


jay and silent bobs super groovy cartoon movie


Monday Sept. 15th. Just noticed the long awaited season 8 of Psych is up for streaming.


Season 8 of Psych is not up.


I have noticed they seem to have "adjusted" their rating system. Stuff that was an expected 4 stars is now an expected 5 stars.

It wasn't broke, why did they fix it ?

The Dave

Anyone know when Arrow Season 2 will be up?


Season 2 of Arrow got pushed to October 8th. Was supposed to come out on the 14th.


I have Comcast and my streaming is NEVER interrupted. I've had this apartment for just over 3 years now and only once did I have to wait while it loaded. People who bitch about it need to upgrade their service. Their probably on the welfare plan and its not meant for streaming media.


I'd like to elaborate on my earlier post. I've got Psych season 8 in my DVD queue. Monday I noticed that Netflix put up a play button like they do to indicate content is available for streaming. When I actually sat down to stream season 8 I discovered it is not available for streaming. Sorry for any disappointment I caused by my hasty post. How I Met Your Mother (Season 9) is another title listed like this.

Mr. Bill (8-o

Hate to be blasphemous but I use Redbox for hard disks. When I was using Netflix (1-disk unlimited) I was able to get two movies a week maximum, not taking holidays into account (e.g., Disk arrives and watched Monday. In the mail back to NF Tuesday. Arrives NF Wednesday and new disk mails Wednesday. Arrives and watch Thursday and on its way back to NF Friday. NF turnaround Saturday. Arrives Monday.) At an average of four weeks a month that's 8 DVDs a month. I don't worry about the difference in quality for Blue-ray, except for BIG movies where it makes a difference like Avatar, then I rent a Blue-ray disk. I don't recall that being an option with NF. Anyway, at $1.20 a disk from Redbox, if I watch eight movies a month the cost is $9.60 -- 60¢ a month more than the NF's 1-disk Unlimited plan. But I don't necessarily watch eight movies on a rigid schedule every month. I watch some TV, go to see some films in the theater, especially where they are really better on the big screen (most recently, Guardians of the Universe) or I just can't wait for DVD release. I also have a limited social life outside movie watching and most often my movie watching tends to center around weekends. The bottom line is I can almost always find the movie I want at a nearby box and reserve it online and I never have a long queue with the titles I want marked "Long Wait." In addition, by signing up I frequently get 2-For-One offers, occasionally a free disk Promo Code and this weekend I got a, "Rent one disk this weekend and get a Promo Code for $1.00 off your next disk rental in the following week," which I used, making the next disk 20¢. To each his own but I changed to using Redbox about a year ago and have never looked back. Just thought I'd mention it for anyone who's interested.

BTW - I have no affiliation with Redbox. Just trying to be helpful


Anybody hear when Carrie Diaries season 2 is coming out?


@Mr. Bill You're likely paying more than .60 cents per month. You're paying more with time going to the Redbox. Do you drive? if you do, even if it's on the way to someplace else, it cost more with wear and tear on your vehicle.

I'll stick with NF. Comes to the front door. I leave it in the mailbox and the postal carrier takes it with him. Time is money.

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