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I removed my bookmark and now you are back.


Bobbi Kiser

Thank you for bringing the streaming releases back!


Hey, I know you do this as an individual and not a corporation and I appreciate it so much. Forget the haters. Best of luck in your life!

Justin Lewis

I second what John said. Thanks for all your hard work!

Never complains about hacking Netflix

Thanks a million!!!!!


about time! have been wondering what happened to this site lately


Great to see you're back!

v lee

Thank you!!!

Vickie T.

Thank you for bringing the streaming updates back.


Cabin Fever: Patient Zero is also streaming


I thought Fort Bliss was coming to theaters. I only found out about it a few weeks ago.

Joe Friday

We're glad you're back!


Nice! Thanks for posting again. :)

I'll take this opportunity to ask a question then - has anyone noticed Netflix giving longer advance warning of TV shows expiring from streaming?

Couple days ago I noticed Netflix gave me something like a four weeks heads up that 'Stephen Fry in America' would be expiring. But they only give one week notice for expiring movies. Just wondering if it's a fluke, or if they're really giving longer notice for expiring TV shows. Hope so. Four weeks is much nicer for trying to get through episodes.



I noticed that too. And its something I called & asked for months ago.

So its nice they listened.

Kyle B

@ michaelant

Recently expired (*as of Oct 5) Discovery Channel owned shows, were given 4 week advance expire notices in my queue. That was the standard for years before they, confusingly, stopped and went with 1 week warnings over a year ago. A few movies also had longer than 1 week warnings since late summer.

So it would seem, they are giving better notice of upcoming removals than they have been. Hope it sticks.


Recommendation for this week's streaming: In a World. It was fun in a low-key indie way.


Thanks for keeping this work going, it's much appreciated.

Bob Emmerich

Just read HBO will start doing "something" next year sans cable subscription. They were very obtuse on the details. I'm guessing it happens sometime in June after we all cancel our subscriptions after GoT airs.



Don't be such a stranger, Hacking Netflix. We missed you!


When is Netflix going to add Horror movies during October? Oh great, they are recycling Braveheart again, why doesn't Netflix change their name to Recycle Flix.


NFLX is getting KILLED after hours.


I wonder how much HBO alone will cost and could they compete with NFLX ?

I cant see paying over $10 for it unless they were to fight NFLX for content.


More gay films and cat docs.


YES!!! I missed you Juan!


I still want to kill Juan


netflix is getting 'friends' on Jan 1.....but I never really liked that show....

Bob Emmerich

RE: rjm

I think they'll charge $14.99 per month. Which seems really expensive, but it's still cheaper than $14.95 on my cable bill plus another $4.95 for HBO On Demand. (Cablevision) Also, they don't want to undercut the cable companies and piss them off. And they are just doing it to shut up all the people who complain about not being able to get HBO go without a cable subscription. Now Time Warner can tell them, you want it, here it is, pay up. Their stock holders also want this as well.

Plus, better to start high and see who bites then lower it later than start low and raise it, that never works well for Netflix.

I'll pay the $14.95 if the quality is there - HDX like Vuduu has - and Game of Thrones is on time.


HBO has always thought high of itself. That coupled with the fact that HBOgo standalone can't be cheaper than the cost to add it onto your cable sub means it will be expensive. I'm guessing 20$ a month, 25$ wouldn't surprise me. Its not TV, its HBO. That egotism all but guarantees this will have sticker shock when finally announced.


Bob & cordcutter.

I agree that the price point will probably be in the $14.99-24.99 range.

Which might be more than Im willing to pay. But who knows, maybe after a free 1 month trial I will change my mind ? Its been 10 years since I had HBO although Im sure I did rent DVDs of The Wire and other shows.

I will probably look to share an account with someone illegally or something. Or go without.

But, Im a bigger tightwad than most.

Its about time for me to crank up DVDs for a few months to catch up on what I missed over the last year.


Thanks for the streaming list. Don't worry about HBO - they don't have all that much. But I might be interested in CBC if I could get the live features and news. I live up in the mountains so we don't have any local stations and we can't seem to get authorized on our retransmitted channels from PHX. :(

Ah well Manhattan has been renewed for Hulu and Longmire hasn't been renewed but rumour has it that Netflix may pick up season 4 as one of their originals. That would be splendid. Manhattan turned into a surprisingly good show this year.I will so miss Dr. Winter.


Sorry. Meant to say CBS not CBC (though I would be interested in Canadian or Australian TV if I could get them)

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