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Big Pete

Time to say goodbye forever to this site Thanks for your past service in helping us sort out what is new on Netflix.


I with the before commenter, I still am trying to find somewhere to get the new streating movies. Thanks for the before


People have said it on here a million times. Go to instantwatcher.com for what's new with streaming. ( instantwatcher.com/titles/new )


Riddle me this. I thought that NF and Redbox got movies on the same schedule, but I note that more and more movies are delayed on NF but are now available on Redbox. Example: Malificent.
What gives?


chris, nf agreed to a delay probably a couple of years ago.

I think it might be a month.


There isn't a schedule for both Netflix and Redbox, but rather the agreement with the studios by each one of those.

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