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Jeremy Sheehan

What happened to the listing of streaming releases for the week?

Darold Booton

Does anyone know how to address Netflix directly, so people can complain that that they have shut down their public API making it impossible for iPhone and Android apps users to access and manage their DVD accounts with their phones? see


I realize that Netflix has its own app, but it is seriously impaired by not allowing clients to access anything but instant viewing.

Darold Booton

I did a little searching on the Netflix website (up until now I have rarely needed to go there because of my phone app) and discovered the answer to my question:

If you are interested in having this advantage back (ability to manage your dvd/instant accounts by phone app) call


get a representative and tell them to bring the public API back. The rep I talked to was very nice and she recorded my feedback. Perhaps if lots of their customers complain, they will relent.

Christopher Tran

Why did they stop listing new streaming releases?


100 Winchester Circle, Los Gatos, CA 95032


@Darold - I use a web browser on my iPad to access the regular Netflix website, same as on a computer, with access to my DVD queue etc. (It also gives me a list view of my streaming queue, which I like much better than the pictures-only display in the app.)


A few Streaming Netflix Titles! Enjoy.....



Can anyone recomend a site that lists streaming releases? This site used to be my "go to," but no more.


I use instantwatcher.com for streaming titles.


@Darold - If you go to dvd.netflix.com on your phone, it's made for mobile, and you can look at your queue and do two simple things with the queue (delete one title at a time; or move a title to the top of the queue).

But I agree, it's a very poor substitute for the couple competent apps I had been using, that now just stopped working. I wish they hadn't shut down the API. I wonder how many resources it took to keep it active..?


When they tell you that "they've recorded your feedback" It means she flat out lied to you. If you heard typing and she actually typed in something about you wanting a feature, do you know who gets to see it? Possibly the next rep who "records your input" when you call next.

I worked for Netflix in Hillsboro Oregon and they always told us to tell customers that we're taking their feedback but the people responsible for these things do not get to see them. All they do is manage the numbers and see who cancels due to the fact that they have removed a part of their service.

They test this out with different skins. Almost everyone has a slightly different Netflix experience because they are in a different skin. Each skin gives a different look, a different functionality, and even different features / or lack their of features then other people. If they see that more than the norm of people have canceled from a certain skin they then make the decision to use / not use the different functionality.


Where is streaming things on this sight


Thanks for that comment, Sean! Interesting stuff.

I really wish they had just a comment box, not something where you'd expect a reply, just a way to record your vote for something. I called in once with a technical question, but also had a request to add a title on blu-ray, and you certainly feel a little silly making a request like that to someone on the phone; there are millions of customers, after all, and I pretty much expected things to be as you describe, Sean. But a comment box could theoretically just be analyzed, to assess trends. But of course my call was why they added Alien on blu-ray, so you can thank me for that.


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jason pollitt

I recently signed up for Netflix and I'm trying to figure out why I'm not being able to watch the new releases it says it has...... could someone give me a way to find out why I'm not being able to find the new releases on my Netflix account


Who wants to help track down Juan ? Have cash and would risk jail just to get a few punches in.


jason Pollitt

The new releases may be on DVD only which is a separate charge. You should be able to add them for the extra charge.

Or be a tightwad like me and figure they will all stream eventually and it will be new to me then.

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