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Kyle B

Streaming titles made available on Decembere 1st can be found at instanstwatcher.com.

And an overview of a (partial) selection that will be added for the month can b read here-


CNN also provides a list each month for Netflix and Amazon streaming titles.



The British anthology series "Black Mirror" is now available on Netflix streaming. It even has the second season. It's a great series and I'm looking forward to finally watching the last few episodes.


More gay films and cat Docs


Also out on DVD this week, but not on the releasing page for some reason: Vanishing Waves.


Does anyone know if they removed the "sortable list" feature? I can't seem to find it now in the new interface.


I just took a survey that asked if I would be willing to pay $14.99/mos for HBO GO without a cable subscription. It's probably one of the price points they're considering.

Also, asked if I'd be interested in an internet plus HBO GO package without cable subscription.


The only sortable list that seems to remain is under subtitles and captions. Hopefully they don't remove that too - it's the only way left to find anything decent to watch. Netflix is becoming almost as bad as Amazon at hiding the decent movies and pushing the junk. Netflix used to have a really nice interface that was easy to search for something good to watch - I suppose they fired the guy that developed that. :(

Free Netflix accounts and passwords 2014

Totally agree with juan lets see more big titles and less of this crap stuff!

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