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Nothing for Christmas? And no, not some drippy cartoon for kids. Come on...something for Christmas without Santa or reindeer with red noses or merchandising. ???? Please?

Damien S

Hmm, Interesting list of films. Guardians of the galaxy is one to watch I guess. I suppose Dead snow is kinda "christmasy" if you just watch snow ;). It's a shame with netflix sometimes you get some awesome shows that pop up and others are just pathetic.

Lets hope some of these films last a bit longer. Thanks for the share


Once again, this list isn't complete -- not that it's this site's fault. It seems like Netflix isn't listing everything on its new releases page any more; they didn't include The Hunted, Nuclear Nation, and The Battery, which are all in my queue. Anyone know of a site like instantwatcher, but for DVD releases, that gives a fuller list than Netflix appears willing to provide?


More gay films and cat Docs.


Guardians of the Galaxy was the best blockbuster of the year!


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