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Looks like they were prepared:


Good find.

mean creek is available


I did know you can add a movie to the queue before it comes out. It's something you can't do with Blockbuster's DVD-by-mail service.


Yeah, and Netflix uses pre-release demand to assist in determining the # of title for purchase.

Someone forgot to put that in Accenture's requirements doc.


Somebody above said you can't add a movie not out yet to a Blockbuster queue. That's not true, I have a bunch of movies that I've queued that are coming soon. Blockbuster might not have as many pre-release titles to queue, but it's just wrong to say that it can't be done.

Motorcycle Diaries is also available

UHHH What did Metallica: Some Kind Of Monster win?

shall we danceadd to my queue

harry lille

shall we danceadd to my queue

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