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I'm looking at the google ad to the right for Blockbuster that says "Now only $9.99, Blockbuster Online. Choose the movies you want to watch".

It's whatever catches the eye I suppose..

Where's the "WE GOT PORN NOW !!" (with appropriate background image) banner?



This is the first offering of a limited subscription in the US. You were right about it eventually occurring.

Do you mean the 4 per month limit? The 2-out plan has always been capped. I don't see why they couldn't make it unlimited for the price close to what they charge.


The 2 out has been capped for a good long time. It just hasn't been advertised so it has only picked up about 5% of the subscriber base.

This might be a focused move against Walmart since that company's most active plan is reported to be their 2-out. While Walmart's 2-out plan is unlimited at a similar price, their service is significantly worse then either BB or NF.

Or it could simply be that they are scanning for a new class of members.

Since the average rental rate for the 3-out is in the neighborhood of 6.6 movies, they may be concerned that an uncapped 2-out plan might cannibalize that higher price point.



I stand corrected. This is making a lot of buzz although - the new account options in particular.


ADULT TITLES. I have been reading the Netflix-related content a la My.Yahoo.com's Homepage "plug-in" and I have to first say, Thanks!
Reading the Posts (and various Replies) regarding Netflix have been helpful in see that I receive the most VALUE for the MONEY I pay Netflix each month; for anyone who cares, I have the All-you-can-Eat plan (8-titles out at a time).

ANYHOW, not to encourage more 'porn' that is already synonymous with the Internet, I did want to inform you of a much lesser know DVD/Mail-rental company called Qwikflix - http://www.qwikfliks.com. In short, I wouldn't rank them above Netflix, or the others (see my own RANKING below). But I would recommend Qwikflix to anyone interested in renting Adult titles. They have a wide selection of titles to choose from, including Vivid and Wicked, to name a few. Finally, they do have your G-NC17 DVDs too, but you'll find the best value with Netflix in my opinion.
Hope this helps!

**My Ranking of DVD Rentals via Mail (Value and Service)**

1) Netflix
2) Blockbuster
3) Yudoo.com
4) Wal-Mart
5) DVDOvernight.com
6) Qwikflix


Is Yudoo even active? I heard about them and read some reviews months ago, but when I went to sign up they weren't accepting new memberships. I emailed them asking if they were going to allow new subscriptions in the future and didn't hear anything from them. I took that as the worst of signs.


"While Walmart's 2-out plan is unlimited at a similar price, their service is significantly worse then either BB or NF."

Actually I found Walmart's service to be equal to or even better than Blockbuster. They only lack the selection.


I tried Walmart 2-out trial a while back. I was able to get 8 dvds. The turnaround time is about 7~10 days. It is worse than BB or NF in my area (Minneapolis, MN), but better value than NF's capped 2-out plan.

Walmart is evil and right-wing, as is Blockbuster. Netflix is the way to go.

Walmart is evil and right-wing, as is Blockbuster. Netflix is the way to go.


Netflix blows. They more than doubled the cost of my plan and everyone elses without asking my permission. How? In December when Blockbuster and Walmart announced their plans, they put the brakes on shipments. Instead of shipping a new movie back the same day they receive it, which was how they were the first year I was with them, now they hold it at least one day and often two days. Formerly, I had a three day turn around. Now it is at least four or more. I get less than half the movies I was getting before on the same plan (5 at a time). Welcome to the theives of our times. Corporate Amerika. You think somehow Walmart is evil and Netflix is not. Get a clue.

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