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I'll be rather unhappy if BB gets into serious problems, although, I am a NF fan. I am thankful to BB for keeping NF from falling down to abysmal quality level. BB has fought well unlike Walmart, despite being a late entrant in this particular market.

"Here you go, Carl. Fix this! *clunk*"

I agree, competition is good for all. It was BB entering the market that dropped NF price from its $21 high.


bb is junk just like it's rating. Karma is bittersweet especially if you have been screwed by bbi through the 90's like I have.

I better sign-up for a month-trial, and get another month when I try to cancel, before they go out of business.


Serves them right.

Yeah, I guess you people want to go with Netflix that throttles everyone! "Shipping Tomorrow" every time you turn around! Delays of 2-3 days before they go out! 6 days to get a return! Put 2 discs in the same envelope and yet they receive them 2 days apart?! Can't you see they are stooping to all kinds of tricks to keep afloat. Website enhancements are just garbage that doesn't cost squat! Thay already have the peeps on the payroll. They can't compete with BB and they know it.


Never had a problem with Netflix and my average turnaround is 3 days, usually faster.

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