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Rob Emmerich

Yeah Mike, but now your being written about in the "real" media: http://www.newsday.com/business/ny-bzcov4262231may16,0,368973.story
which you somehow managed to ignore yesterday {maybe b/c they managed to leave out the blog address and talk about you more as a consumer?} ;-)
Maybe Netflix will work with you now that this site has turned into NFsuxbutBBsuxworse.com. (that's a JOKE people)


I think it's admirable you've taken the high road, and ironic that Netflix doesn't count you as "real" because you're online and niche-y -- just like Netflix used to be. Patience, I'm sure, will bring some more respect.

Account Deleted

I am facing the same problem thay are rejecting me also . Any particular email address that i can write on to get accepted ?
my application is http://apps.facebook.com/netflixwall/


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