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Steve A

I very much like the new features. If you are going to be sharing movies with friends and family, you might as well see what they are watching.

As for privacy concerns, you can always opt out of this feature. In fact, embarrassing movie choices make for great conversation starters. I love it.


Interesting stuff, i should warn my friend that he has only one item in his queue and to put more stuff.


I still have the old page (despite having the new page about a month early for a very limited time period).

I liked this feature a lot, as I have one friend who never rates any of the movies he watches. Now I can discuss the recent movies with him even if he does not rate them. Or, at least, once I have time to get on Netflix live help since the email tech help just seems to copy and paste replies.


I like it. My friend saw how I had my queue arranged, and she ended up hooking her up the same way. I tend to do tv shows, then movies, more tv shows, then movies. Then she saws titles on my queue she added to hers, and I did the same. I like the feature. I just need her to rate movies. She has not rated anything yet.

"She has not rated anything yet."

Don't they pile up on your home page if you don't rate them?

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