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I think this will make a good amount of money especially if you put mostly kids movies and parents will end up renting movies while buying bad food.

Still i'm not going to use it.


I've used the RedBox before in the DC area and was pretty pleased. 99 cents per day is pretty cheap for a movie rental, and its fast and convenient. The only drawback is that they only feature New Releases and there's not much room for indie films at all.

No, they won't carry "Super-Size Me", because it's not in the top-40. Wow! A guy ate McDonalds twice a day for a month, and he gained 20 pounds! What an expose! Who'da thunk it, overconsumption of fatty food is bad for you. McDonalds will be wise not to carry this waste of plastic and space in their machines.

Guy B. Jones

While the basic premise behind "Supersize Me" is simple, the film is well-made and doesn't concentrate solely on McDonald's and the fast-food industry. It analyzes American food consumption in general and the poor nutritional practices that are widespread in society, especially in public school lunchrooms. It also focuses on the power of the lobbying group employed by the big U.S. packaged food manufacturers. Drawing attention to this is a good thing, I think. So, previous poster, your sarcasm is misplaced and only reflects your ignorance.


This will certainly cause Netflix to go downhill. It seems like a terrific deal. Why should one wait for Netflix to take it's sweet time to mail the DVD's when this whole process has been made so painless.

Netflix starts off mailing DVDs within 24 hours of receiving the DVDs. But within a few months, that time (for whatever reason) gets extended. I had a 3 DVD membership. At first I was getting 6 movies per week. After a couple of months, I was lucky if I got 3 movies per week.

In my opinion, Netflix is way too expensive. Don't believe me? Try it out and you will agree!!!!!


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