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New Blockbuster shipping center in Pittsburgh as of two weeks ago. Woohoo! Having both Blockbuster and Netflix services with one day service will significantly increase the amount of DVDs I can burn... er, backup, er, I mean time-shift... yeah, that's it.

I never would have believed that NF would setup a center in my area of Florida. That's why I moved to BB because of postal scanning, I could get almost double the discs each week instead of the 3-day wait from Atlanta with NF. Now with an area center, I guess I'll have to give NF credit and move back to them. Even if I get "throttled" it is good news for me in NW Florida. It'll probably take a couple of weeks to get up to speed but that's about when my BB account runs out and my NF account renews. :D


Just thought I'd post a follow-up. I returned my disc yesterday to the Panama City address and NF received it today - overnight! I live in Panama City and mine had been going to Duluth, GA and took 3-4 days to return. I moved to BB because of the delay and just kept the 3-out af NF for anime & oddball stuff. Looks like I finally made it into the "90% get 1-day shipping" bracket! I'll have to give NF credit. I guess I'll be cancelling my BB as well and upping my NF account. BB is good on shipping (with USPS scanning) but they have alot of "waits". Its hard to know whats coming next with them.


I just rejoined Blockbuster, and my discs are now going to Louisville. It doesn't seem as quick at Netflix's Louisville DC, though. With Netflix I usually receive discs in 1 day, but out of my first 4 with Blockbuster, 2 arrived today (2 days) and 2 haven't showed up yet (3+ days).


Looked at your list of Netflix shipping centers from September, and Oklahoma City isn't on it. I think it opened in late February or maybe March. I live north of Tulsa and now get a movie in two days. When we had to use the Coppell, TX center it was four days.

Maybe an updated list of shipping centers is a good idea?


I was quite suprised when a movie showed up a few days early. So with the Panama City branch now open it was overnight delivery for me to here in NW FL as compared with 2 day getting to me and 4 getting back with the Duluth location.

I'm with ya Mike. NF sent one on Monday and it got here on Tuesday. WTF, I thought. I looked and saw the PC, FL return addy. Sent it back and they got it the next day!

Although a few are still coming from Duluth, I'm sure that will change as they get up the inventory. About time we got the same level of service most everyone else has been getting.


This is great news to me, I go to school in Chicago and every time I come home to Pensacola, FL, I am greatly frustrated by the time that it takes to get to the nearest center, but I believe this will greatly improve matters. I look forward to receiving my next set of DVDs with the new Panama City tag!

stephen smith

Can anyone send me the shipping address for the panama city Netflix shipping depot. I'd like to send me disc back there, instead of the MD return mailer that I have. I'm in Tallahassee, FL, and the difference is over a week in shipping.

[email protected]

panama city is box 59220 pc fl 32415

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