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Good work detectives, but someone should have clicked on "Terms of Use".

Seems to me like the key devices to make Netflix compatible will be the new Xbox and Playstation considering they will both be internet-enabled and reach more households then TiVo.

For that matter, what might distinguish VOD from DVDs could be the potential to deliver HDTV quality video, though I don't know if the software/hardware generally available (WM 10), can do that. I know this couldn't be streamed real-time, but might still beat the mail and would provide a desirable product for many.


"though I don't know if the software/hardware generally available (WM 10), can do that"

WM10 can do better than HD qaulity actually. If you have a system than can handle it and a worthy display, check out:


And the DVD-ROMs especially.


Thanks. I tried Batman returns at 1080i. My CPU\GFX card couldn't render the full framerate.

I'm intrigued also in the niche mentioned in the recent Businessweek article for a 'pay-for-view' service that delivers movies simultaneous with theatre releases for 30$. This is clearly for the people that take pride in having tremendous home systems and don't mind throwing a movie night on occasion (a much better proposition then the real theatre for many especially if you get 4 or more ppl together).



Nice find! Thanks.


Netflix is hiring:
Director, Product Management
The Role:

The Electronic Delivery Service (EDS) will augment Netflix's current DVD delivery model with high quality movies delivered to consumers' home TVs through the Internet, on a subscription basis.

Reporting to the Chief Product Officer, the EDS Product Management Director will manage the development and shipment of the first generation EDS product, and will set the strategy and direction for future electronic products and services. The scope of responsibilities is broad and involves coordination of internal design and development teams, outside vendors, manufacturers, and partners all with an eye towards building a simple focused product to deliver an exceptional consumer experience.


The successful candidate will possess 10+ years of product management experience, with a minimum of 5 of those years focused on consumer products. He/She will have a strong background in managing external partners and vendors, and have a demonstrated history of crafting, and executing against, competitive strategies. Given EDS objectives, of particular interest is significant experience building consumer media systems integrating software and hardware elements to make a seamless consumer experience. Other relevant background experience would include the design and manufacture of PCs or computers, other appliances with disc-drives, and/or other consumer audio or video equipment.

Professional discipline in the following areas will be key to success in this role: understanding the importance of design, robust engineering, customer service; a high level of organization; excellent communication skills with internal and external staff as well as with vendors.


The "set up your TiVo online" page is very similar - you give it a nickname and enter the S/N just like that.


Congratulations Mike/HN on the reference in Red Herring.


Along with BusinessWeek and the PR mag, you are building quite a pedigree from the "traditional" media.


Too funny. Was this an accident, or an intentional blunder to generate buzz? Very interesting development, though.

Can I apply for the Product Manager position through HackingNetflix? ;)

- MikeB


Praise jeebus!


(yes i'm a dork)


Hey Mike,

You got a plug on /.




Great bit. It made Good Morning Silicon Valley, congrats!



A. Dixon

This is cool news. I just hope I can use my existing Tivo Series 2 player when this officially gets released.

Jonathan Dean

I have confirmed with my sources inside NetFlix that they are indeed working on a new device that will allow you to download and watch movies from home. It will be a box that attaches to your TV and works in a similar way to a TiVO. Details on how the service will work are still not for sure but right now it is planned to be subscription-based rather than Pay-Per-View. We can only hope they have figured out a way to keep people from copying the movies from their box to DVDs and such.

This thread was mentioned on 'attack of the show'on G4


i think the key part of the job description is the term "high quality." what this suggests is a tartget of an service to download WMV-HD flles for playing on computers.

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Betsy Markum

I can't believe it, my co-worker just bought a car for $56420. Isn't that crazy!

Robert Martin

Some scoop! It only took 3 years for the Netflix Player to actually appear!


Hmm...looks like netflix has got some work to do!

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