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New Releases for May 1st, 2007.

Dreamgirls Twenty-five years after its Broadway debut, the definitive girl-group musical, earning the most Oscar nods in 2007, finally makes its way to the screen with Bill Condon at the helm and a dream cast that includes Jamie Foxx and Beyoncé Knowles. A trio of women have high hopes for fame but end up paying a high price for it. Eddie Murphy plays James Early (in an Oscar-nominated role), and Jennifer Hudson took home the golden statuette for playing strong but slighted Effie.

Little Children In director Todd Field's titillating tale, the lives of several adult suburbanites, who have yet to surpass adolescence, intersect on the streets of their small town in unexpected ways. While on-the-go wife and mother Kathy (Jennifer Connelly) is preoccupied with her career, Sarah (Kate Winslet, in an Oscar-nominated role), a mother who does not know how to mother, is busy having an affair with stay-at-home dad Brad (Patrick Wilson) -- Kathy's husband.

Alpha Dog Nick Cassavetes helmed this gritty, character-driven drama based on the true story of Jesse James Hollywood -- one of the youngest men ever to appear on the FBI's Most Wanted list. Planning to follow in his criminal father's footsteps, drug-peddling Johnny Truelove (Emile Hirsch) finds himself in dutch with the feds and facing a lifetime behind bars. The high-powered cast includes Justin Timberlake, Sharon Stone and Bruce Willis.

Happily N'Ever After What happens when fairy tale characters get a dose of real-life angst? That's the premise behind this animated feature that finds Cinderella's stepmother, Frieda (Sigourney Weaver), leading a team of villains in a bid for total control. Without Prince Charming to protect her, Cinderella, aka Ella (Sarah Michele Gellar), finds herself fighting on the front and falling for, of all people, a busboy (Freddie Prinze Jr.) in the palace's kitchen.

Iraq in Fragments Honored with an Oscar nod and prizes for editing and cinematography at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, director James Longley's striking portrait of a nation divided presents a collage of images and commentary from ordinary Iraqi citizens coping with the effects of war, political unrest, religious feuds and an uncertain future. Moving beyond the abstract, the film powerfully captures the indelible humanity of those living in a country defined by conflict.

The Sandlot: Heading Home When egotistical pro baseball superstar Tommy Santorelli (Luke Perry) is knocked unconscious by a pitch, he awakes as a 12-year-old playing ball on his neighborhood sandlot. In danger of losing the playing field, Tommy must lead his ragtag team to victory over the developer's ace ball club to save the sandlot. But can Tommy be the selfless friend and team player it will take to win? Keanu Pires, Danny Nucci and Sarah Deakins also star.

The Hitcher Hoping to fight boredom during a cross-country drive, two college students pick up a mysterious hitchhiker (Sean Bean), but are soon fighting for their lives when their passenger turns out to be a vicious serial killer in this remake of the classic creep-fest. Jim and Grace (Zachary Knighton and Sophia Bush) end up on the run from both the hitcher, who has vowed to kill them, and the police, who think Jim is the murderer.

Old Joy When old friends Mark and Kurt embark on a weekend camping trip in the Oregon Cascades, they soon find themselves exploring much more than nature in this meditation on friendship, memory and generational malaise. As the men journey deeper into the wilderness -- losing and then finding their way -- they struggle to find common ground in the divergent paths they've chosen for their lives. Daniel London and Will Oldham star.

Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock? When brash trailer park resident Teri Horton bought a secondhand painting for five bucks, little did she know it could be a genuine Jackson Pollock worth millions. This film documents Horton's volatile 15-year journey into the heart of the art world's elitist establishment to have the painting authenticated. The clash between stuffy art dealers and the cussin', beer-drinkin' Horton is funny, eye-opening and utterly unforgettable.

Mahogany Directed by Berry Gordy Jr. and featuring the Oscar-nominated song "Do You Know Where You're Going To," this rags-to-riches story follows up-and-coming fashion model Tracy (Diana Ross), who's discovered by a photographer and thrust into a glamorous new world. But sudden fame clouds the ingenue's head, and soon after dumping her boyfriend (Billy Dee Williams), Tracy's fairy-tale life begins to crumble. Anthony Perkins co-stars.

Shirley Valentine Pauline Collins reprises a role she originated onstage in this Academy Award-nominated drama about Shirley Valentine, a housewife who decides in her middle age that there's more to life than stifling domesticity. An unplanned trip to Greece with a friend expands her horizons in ways she could never have predicted, allowing her to fall in love again beyond the bounds of marriage, find herself and grab the reins of her future.

Motives 2: Retribution While Emery Simms rots in prison for a crime he didn't commit, his ex-wife (Vivica A. Fox) builds a new life married to his ex-best friend, Brandon (Sean Blakemore). But when Emery gets killed, new evidence suggests Brandon may have framed his friend. Enter Emery's estranged brother Donovan (Brian J. White), eager to find the truth behind his sibling's death. As Donovan digs deeper, he doesn't realize he may be digging his own grave.

Beverly Hills, 90210: Season 2 School gets a lot more complicated for the students of West Beverly High in the second season of this influential teen drama series that managed to glamorize an entire ZIP code. Unsure if she's pregnant with Dylan's (Luke Perry) baby, Brenda (Shannen Doherty) turns to Kelly (Jennie Garth) for help. Meanwhile, Brandon (Jason Priestley) scores a summer job as a cabana boy at the posh Beverly Hills Beach Club.

Illegal Aliens Anna Nicole Smith stars in this campy sci-fi satire about three morphed aliens on a mission to save Earth from intergalactic forces of evil. Led by Syntax, their holographic mentor, the extraterrestrial bombshell beauties -- Lucy (Smith), Cameron (Lenise Sorén) and Drew (Gladys Jimenez) -- will face any challenge to save planet Earth. Joanie Lauer (aka WWF's "Chyna") also stars. This is Smith's final film.

Dinosaurs: The Complete Third and Fourth Seasons The prehistoric Sinclair family continues dealing with the everyday issues facing dinosaurs, including Fran's frustration with Earl's inability to change a diaper, Robbie's discovery of teenage impulses and Charlene's humiliation when her classmates laugh at her Earth-is-round theory. Created by Jim Henson Productions, the Emmy Award-winning comedy series features state-of-the-art puppetry and audio animatronics.

Delivery Montgomery Goth (Matt Nelson), a lonely, unassuming pizza delivery guy, has a secret he wants to keep buried in his horrible past. His sad existence improves after meeting the charming Bibi (Tara Cardinal), but when tragedy strikes, Monty's long-submerged murderous impulses surface, and carnage is the No. 1 item on the delivery menu. This independent film won Best Florida Horror Film honors at the 2006 Screamfest.

Melrose Place: Season 2 The poolside catfights are fiercer than ever in the second season of this "Beverly Hills, 90210" spinoff that follows the lives of a group of sexy 20-somethings living in a Los Angeles apartment complex. Amanda (Heather Locklear) continues her quest to steal Billy (Andrew Shue) away from Alison (Courtney Thorne-Smith) by keeping her late at work. Meanwhile, Jane (Josie Bissett) calls it quits with Michael (Thomas Calabro) and files for divorce.

Lassie: A Mother's Love Celebrate motherhood with one of television's most enduring series. In "The Runt," Lassie protects the last of her litter. Timmy (Jon Provost) spends a memorable Mother's Day in "The Wrong Gift." An abandoned cougar cub becomes "Lassie's Wild Baby," and in "The Well," the Millers defend their property from a greedy businessman. June Lockhart, George Cleveland and Tommy Rettig star.

Gangs of the Dead Two rival gangs get more than they bargained for when they arrive at an abandoned warehouse in Los Angeles. Instead of the weapons dealer they expected to meet, they're greeted by … zombies! Now, the gangs must put aside their differences and work together if they hope to escape the bloodlust of the evil undead. This gory fright fest with an urban twist stars Enrique Almeida, Reggie Bannister and Stephen Basilone.

Diggers Paul Rudd, Maura Tierney, Lauren Ambrose and Ron Eldard star in this coming-of-age story about a group of friends who reluctantly follow in their families' footsteps and face what they deem a bleak existence as clam diggers on Long Island. Directed by Katherine Dieckmann, this touching dramedy follows the companions as they struggle to cope with their predestined futures while dreaming of better lives.

Will & Grace: Season 6 Looking for love in all the wrong places, Will (Eric McCormack) continues to hold out hope of finding Mr. Right in Season 6 of the outrageous Emmy-winning sitcom. Bolstered by best buddy Grace (Debra Messing) and the dubious support of catty Karen (Megan Mullally) and snidely self-absorbed Jack (Sean Hayes), the handsome but hapless gay lawyer continues his quest for romance. The lineup of guest stars includes Tracey Ullman and Candice Bergen.

Tower of the Firstborn Despite her friends' warnings, a young woman (Ione Skye) travels to the Sahara determined to find her missing archaeologist father (Peter Weller) and the magical tower he was searching for. Aided by a mysterious prince, she battles dangerous outlaws and struggles against the harsh desert conditions. Famed composer Ennio Morricone provides a memorable score, which beautifully complements the spectacular scenery.

Finding Oprah's Roots: Finding Your Own Henry Louis Gates Jr.'s book Finding Oprah's Roots illuminates how to create an African-American family tree, with the popular TV personality as its example. This companion to the book includes excerpts from the documentary Oprah's Roots and discussions with the experts who appeared in the film. This release is an invaluable resource and starting point for anyone beginning their journey into African-American genealogy.

Michael Palin: Around the World in 80 Days Following in the footsteps of Jules Verne's fictional hero Phileas Fogg, Michael Palin circumnavigates the globe in 80 days, using the modes of transportation -- and, whenever possible, the routes -- available to Fogg. The Monty Python veteran's wit and charm make the trip a pleasure for armchair travelers, as he faces an Italian train strike, a bad case of diarrhea, a meal of shredded cobra and much more, all while racing to make his deadline.

Matthew Barney: No Restraint A rare look at artist and filmmaker Matthew Barney, this critically acclaimed documentary by Alison Chernick uses the filming of Drawing Restraint 9 as a backdrop to explore Barney's creative process in both film and the art world. Interviews with Barney, his partner, Björk, family members and art critics, along with footage from Barney's films, create an intriguing portrait of the avant-garde artist.

The 2006 Academy Award Short Films Collection Enjoy the best live-action and animated shorts from the 2006 Academy Awards. This eclectic collection includes live-action winner "West Bank Story," a hummus-rich Middle Eastern parody of West Side Story, and animated winner "The Danish Poet," which follows the title character on an adventure into romance and inspiration. Also included are nominees "Binta and the Great Idea," "One Too Many," "Helmer & Son," "The Saviour" and "Maestro."

Madeinusa As her small Peruvian village prepares to celebrate the Holy Day festival of Sin -- a raucous celebration just days before Easter Sunday -- Madeinusa (Magaly Solier) finds an unlikely suitor in a traveling laborer (Carlos J. de la Torre) who's been arrested by her mayor father (Juan Ubaldo Huamàn). Does their love stand a chance amid the bubbling chaos around them? Claudia Llosa writes and directs this Spanish-language Sundance selection.

Strawberry Shortcake: Berry Blossom Festival At Strawberryland's first Berry Blossom Festival, Strawberry Shortcake and friends show everyone the value of good manners and fairness. When Raspberry Torte declares that good manners are not important for the friends' tea party and Sour Grapes cheats in a competition to become queen of the festival, it's up to Strawberry, Angel Cake and Blue Berry Muffin to show their friends what is right in this deliciously fun-filled cartoon.

Angels in the Outfield The Pittsburgh Pirates are on a losing streak, and coach "Guffy" McGovern's (Paul Douglas) bad attitude just might have something to do with it. But thanks to the meddling of a reporter (Janet Leigh), the prayers of an orphan girl and some help from above, the Pirates may be on the road to a comeback. Keenan Wynn co-stars, with cameos by Ty Cobb, Joe DiMaggio and the Pirates' co-owner, Bing Crosby.

The Slanted Screen In this hourlong documentary, filmmaker Jeff Adachi salutes groundbreaking entertainers while turning a critical lens on the ways in which American cinema has depicted Asian men. Segments focus on the career arcs of playwright Frank Chin ("The Year of the Dragon"); producer Terence Chang (Bulletproof Monk); actors Dustin Nguyen ("21 Jump Street") and James Shigeta (Flower Drum Song); and comedian Bobby Lee ("Mad TV").

Introductory Guide to Wine Designed for novices with a thirst for knowledge, this step-by-step guide to understanding wine will help you shed your anxieties when it comes to buying wine for a special event or selecting the right bottle to go with your favorite home-cooked dish. Segments address the health benefits of drinking wine, provide a brief history of the beverage, outline the dos and don'ts of tasting, and offer tips on how to order wine in a restaurant.

Frank Zappa: Apostrophe (')/Over-Nite Sensation Frank Zappa's early 1970s albums "Over-Nite Sensation" and "Apostrophe (')" are two of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful works in a prolific career. This compilation of interviews, performance clips and home movie footage sheds light on the creation of these masterpieces. Songs include "Dinah-Moe Humm," "I'm the Slime," "Montana," "St. Alfonzo's Pancake Breakfast," "Dirty Love," "Cosmic Debris" and "Stink-Foot."

The King of Queens: Season 8 Life in Queens is anything but quiet for Doug Heffernan (Emmy nominee Kevin James) and his wife, Carrie (Leah Remini), in the eighth season of this entertaining comedy. His outspoken roommate and father-in-law, Arthur (Jerry Stiller), contributes to the humorous din. This season, Carrie gets some unexpected reactions when she takes pole-dancing lessons, the couple considers marriage counseling, and a trip to an amusement park ends in disaster.

Step 2 This When college dropout turned dope dealer Cain gets busted, he's given a choice between prison and school. Wisely, he opts for the latter, throwing himself into his fraternity's step team. Now, the team is gunning for a national title: Can Cain help lead them there? Or will his violent past overtake him first? Director Edward T. Carter keeps viewers guessing in this urban indie thriller co-starring Edward Cain, Sasky Sengamphan and Mario Locke.

Emanuelle in Bangkok In this slightly tame addition to the Black Emanuelle series, Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) is working as a journalist when she's assigned to interview a relative of the king of Thailand. The sexy scribe's dream trip, however, soon turns into a nightmare when she uncovers state secrets and is left at the mercy of a gang of rapists. Stranded, she must call on all her seductive skills if she's to escape.

Sister Emanuelle The seductive Emanuelle (Laura Gemser) renounces her sinful ways and joins a convent for naughty schoolgirls. But once there, she finds even greater temptation in the form of Mónica (Monica Catsabriaga), a free-spirited rich girl. Mónica's lusty presence awakens sensual memories for Emanuelle, who starts questioning her own religious identity. Complicating matters is the arrival of a fugitive killer who hides out in the convent.

Tony Bennett: Duets: The Making of an American Classic Head into the studio with legendary crooner Tony Bennett and an impressive roster of musical guests for a behind-the-scenes glimpse at the making of "Duets: An American Classic," Bennett's critically acclaimed album of cherished standards. Highlights include "The Best Is Yet to Come" featuring Diana Krall, "The Very Thought of You" with Paul McCartney, "Just in Time" featuring Michael Bublé, and "Because of You" with K.D. Lang.

Wallis & Edward Less than a year after his coronation as king of England in 1936, Edward VIII (Stephen Campbell Moore) abdicates his throne to marry American Wallis Simpson (Joely Richardson), a two-time divorcee. Told from Simpson's perspective, this intriguing romantic drama tells of the love affair that unnerved a monarchy and shocked a nation. David Westhead, Bill Champion, Monica Dolan, Clifford Rose, Lisa Kay and Margaret Tyzack also star.

Suicide Killers We hear about them on the news, yet we know so little about them. Now, learn about suicide bombers through revealing interviews with their family members -- and from those who've made the attempt and been caught. Actual footage follows one bomber as he prepares for a mission. See the truth behind a little-understood aspect of terrorism, what motivates suicide bombers and their methods and means.

A Secret Handshake Jacob (Robert Olding) has a good job, a beautiful wife and a happy life -- until one night he goes to bed and wakes up in a strange motel being tortured by a woman he's never met. After losing consciousness, he wakes up back in his own bed. And then the experience repeats ... and repeats. Finally, Jacob begins to lose track of what's real and what's not -- and who his true friends and enemies are in this indie thriller co-starring Jessica Landon.

Vietnam War Story Triple Feature In this HBO anthology series, powerful stories inspired by the real-life experiences of Vietnam veterans focus on the personal side of war. Episodes include "An Old Ghost Walks the Earth," starring Wesley Snipes; "The Mine," with Eriq La Salle; "Home," starring Nicholas Cascone; "The Pass," with Tony Becker; and more. The series also stars Raymond Cruz, Bill Nunn, Tim Russ, Wendell Pierce and Gregory Norman Cruz.

What I Like About You: Season 1 Teen sensation Amanda Bynes stars as Holly Tyler, a free-spirited 16-year-old who moves into her sister Valerie's (Jennie Garth) New York digs and proceeds to turn the straitlaced 28-year-old's life upside down. With Holly's impulsiveness and Valerie's practicality, cohabitating may be trying, but ultimately, they always care for each other with strong doses of sisterly love. The comedy series also stars Simon Rex and Wesley Jonathan.

The Best of the Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet This four-part collection rounds up the most memorable episodes from the long-running series "The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet," a squeaky clean sitcom starring bandleader Ozzie Nelson, his real-life wife, Harriet, and their sons, David and Ricky. Extras include vintage performance footage that captures Ricky at the height of his teen idol status as he sings "I'm Walkin'," "Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On" and "Trying to Get to You."

Di Gi Charat Nyo In this charming anime, Dejiko, Puchiko and Gema travel to Earth from the planet Di Gi Charat as part of Dejiko's mission to learn how to become a proper princess. After crash-landing at the Lucky Cat Shopping District, the threesome becomes separated. Puchiko is soon picked up by an elderly couple who owns a bakery, while Dejiko and Gema stumble upon two brothers who own a toy store filled with stock that never seems to move off the shelves.

Prince of Foxes In this Oscar-nominated epic set in Renaissance Italy, former peasant Andrea Orsini (Tyrone Power) serves the unscrupulous Duke Cesare Borgia (Orson Welles). But when Borgia sends him on a mission of betrayal, Orsini discovers love and rebels against Borgia, leading a deadly revolt against the duke's tyrannical rule. Henry King directs this classic drama based on the best-selling novel by Samuel Shellabarger.

Captain from Castile Forced to flee his home during the Spanish Inquisition, 16th-century nobleman Pedro De Vargas (Tyrone Power) joins Cortez's (Cesar Romero) army on its dangerous mission to conquer Mexico. Along the way, he falls in love with a beautiful peasant girl (Jean Peters) and exhibits great courage, even as he's pursued by a vengeful leader of the Inquisition (John Sutton). Lee J. Cobb and Antonio Moreno co-star in this lavish period drama.

The Black Rose After leading an unsuccessful revolt against the king, 13th-century nobleman Walter of Gurnie (Tyrone Power) flees England. His travels lead him to the powerful warlord Bayan (Orson Welles) and to China. But eventually, Walter returns to England, where King Edward (Michael Rennie) welcomes him back for the magic gunpowder Walter brings from the East. Cécile Aubry, Jack Hawkins, Robert Blake, Finlay Currie and Herbert Lom also star.

Son of Fury The illegitimate son of a British nobleman, Benjamin Blake (Tyrone Power) is forced to serve a cruel uncle determined to keep Benjamin's inheritance. But the young man escapes his uncle and makes his fortune on a Polynesian island, where he falls in love. Later, he returns to England to claim his birthright. Gene Tierney, George Sanders, Frances Farmer, John Carradine and Roddy McDowall star in this romance adventure directed by John Cromwell.

Russell Simmons Presents Def Poetry: Season 5 Hip-hop impresario Russell Simmons presents another scintillating season of HBO's celebration of the spoken word. Filmed before a live studio audience at the Supper Club in New York City, poets such as Dave Chappelle, Lauryn Hill, Wyclef Jean and Phylicia Rashad bring their talents to the stage. Mos Def hosts this Peabody Award-winning show that's like nothing else on television.

Caillou: Caillou the Creative Get creative with the ever-curious Caillou! In this collection of four adventures, Caillou embarks on a fun journey to deliver valentines, helps Mommy make a scarecrow and makes a cup for Mommy in Grandma's pottery class, with time on the side for a road trip and a pizza party with his friends. The popular PBS series is based on the books by Christine L'Heureux.

I Love Lucy: Lucy's Really Lost Moments Television's favorite comedienne shines in a collection of rarely seen appearances. Join Lucille Ball and teammate Johnny Carson on an episode of the game show "I've Got a Secret" and another segment in which panelist Lucy must guess the Mystery Guest, husband Desi Arnaz. This compendium of classic laughs also features the cast of "I Love Lucy" guesting on "The Bob Hope Show" and the original pilot for the loopy redhead's hit series.

Joyce Vedral: Vertical Abs & Fat-Zapping Workout Burn off body fat and streamline your stomach with this trio of innovative workouts from best-selling fitness author and certified personal trainer Joyce Vedral. A gently paced total-body workout tones all over, while a faster-moving fat-melting cardiovascular routine zeroes in on your body's problem spots. Finally, the exercises in the abdominal segment focus on toning the tummy with an unusual innovation -- they're all performed vertically.

Gift of the Game Many years ago, Ernest Hemingway founded a children's baseball league in Cuba. Now, acclaimed novelist Randy Wayne White embarks on a trip to find and revive the program. Former big league pitchers Bill Lee and Jon Warden join the expedition to share their expertise and help teach eager new ballplayers. Along the way, the group learns about Hemingway, Cuban-American relations and the unifying power of sports.

Joyce Vedral: Top Shape Total Body Weight Training Workout Adapting exercises from her best-selling books, Top Shape and Now or Never, fitness author Joyce Vedral serves up a pair of effective weight training workouts that can be used on alternating days for maximum toning results. The first routine focuses on working your triceps, biceps, shoulders and chest, while the second concentrates on the lower body, including the calves, lower back, abdominals and hips and buns.

Ayakashi Samurai Horror Tales Set in medieval Japan, this anime series collects three classic horror stories. One tale follows a bird handler who stumbles upon a cursed castle where he meets and falls in love with a forgotten goddess. The other stories portray a woman's ghost haunting her living husband and a terrifying and powerful cat creature. Each scary episode is treated as a self-contained program and is brought to the screen by a different director and creative team.

Teletubbies: Time to Play! Featuring episodes never before seen in the United States, this compilation celebrates the 10th anniversary of the lauded British children's series. With a lighthearted blend of surreal animation, music, storytelling and charm, the Teletubbies capture the imaginations of preschoolers everywhere. Join Dipsy, Po, Laa-Laa and Tinky Winky as they explore colors, shapes and numbers in the colorful world of Teletubbyland.

Santana: Hymns for Peace: Live at Montreux 2004 Carlos Santana rounds up a formidable band of musicians, including Chick Corea, John McLaughlin, Herbie Hancock, Wayne Shorter and Ravi Coltrane, for this concert of tunes centering on the theme of peace. Songs include "Redemption Song," "Blowin' in the Wind," "What's Going On" and many others. Angelique Kidjo, Barbara Morrison, Patti Austin, Sylver Sharp, Steve Winwood and Nile Rodgers also make guest appearances.

Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Jay Jay's Big Mystery Jay Jay, the 6-year-old jet plane, is back for another round of episodes from this immensely popular children's series. Using music and interactive storytelling, Jay Jay and friends Tracy, Snuffy, Herkey and Brenda Blue help preschoolers learn about nature, science and life in general. Episodes featured in this collection include "The Mystery of Plants," "The Mystery of Water," "I'm Swamped" and three more adventures.

Janis Joplin: The Kozmic Blues A compilation of performances recorded between 1967 and 1970, this Janis Joplin tribute captures the blues singer at the height of her explosive powers as an artist and rock 'n' roll icon. Highlights include "Summertime" and "Ball and Chain" from the Monterey Pop Festival; "Work Me, Lord" from the Woodstock Festival; and "Coming Home," "Piece of My Heart" and "Down on Me" from the "Cheap Thrills" sessions.

Fly Fish TV: San Juan Snowrise Colorado River fishing lodge owner Terry Gunn serves as host for a magical spring float trip down New Mexico's San Juan River with popular local guide John Tavenner. Together, the anglers explore the ins and outs of snagging trout on the San Juan. Other highlights include a fly-tying demonstration featuring Andrew Sobota's version of the Halo Nymph tie and a Kelly Galloup-hosted how-to segment on fishing Montana's Madison River.

Fly Fish TV: Steelhead Ways Learn how to successfully catch steelhead with this series of detailed presentations from expert fishermen Kelly Galloup, Ray Schmidt and Davy Wotton. Using a variety of fly-fishing gear, the pros reveal their effective techniques for reeling in this magnificent fish. The Manistee River, which flows into Lake Michigan, is well-known for its bountiful runs of steelhead and provides the perfect setting.

Latin Boys Go to Hell The fiery passions of five young Latinos collide in this coming-of-age tale set in a Brooklyn neighborhood. When his comely cousin Angel (John Bryant Davila) comes to visit, 20-year-old Justin (Irwin Ossa) is overwhelmed with attraction. But Angel would rather court the opposite sex -- and Andrea (Jenifer Lee Simard) is the perfect target. Meanwhile, Andrea's best pal (Alexis Artiles) is having problems of his own with his boyfriend (Mike Ruiz).

Best of Barbara Mandrell & the Mandrell Sisters Show Country superstar Barbara Mandrell -- along with her sisters Louise and Irlene -- hosts this immensely popular variety series from the 1980s. Blending a heapin' helpin' of sketch comedy with an even bigger serving of country music, this best-of collection features performances by Johnny Cash, Marty Robbins, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, the Statler Brothers, Ray Charles, Glen Campbell, Bob Hope and Andy Kaufman.

Fly Fish TV: Lees Ferry Tales Join pro anglers Terry and Wendy Gunn -- owners and operators of Lees Ferry Anglers and Cliff Dwellers Lodge -- in their own backyard for a Colorado River lesson on fishing big dry flies. Also on hand is wet fly-fishing expert Davy Wotton to demonstrate a Copper & Grouse tie as well as the proper across-stream and downstream presentation of wet flies in the traditional style.

Le Tour de France: 2006: Floyd Landis: Hero or Villain? The 2006 Tour de France was even more dramatic than usual because of the unexpected withdrawal of front-runners Ivan Basso and Jan Ullrich and the controversial doping charges surrounding the race's dark horse (and eventual winner), American cyclist Floyd Landis. This comprehensive video chronicles the exciting 2006 tour in its entirety with fast-paced action footage and the original commentary intact.

Jamie King: Rock Your Body Jamie King -- a noted choreographer and video director who's developed routines for pop superstars including Madonna, Jennifer Lopez, Shakira and Ricky Martin -- leads this hip-hop-infused workout designed to help you look your best and look good while you're doing it. Developed for everyday people who aren't professional dancers, the routine incorporates elements of cardio and dance to promote flexibility and weight loss and increase strength.

Jason King Going solo after his service with Interpol's Department S, former agent Jason King (Peter Wyngarde) tries his hand at writing adventure novels about his alter ego, Mark Caine. Between pressures from his publisher, Nicola (Anne Sharp), and the real-life adventures that encroach on his time, it's a wonder King can get any writing done at all. Smooth, sophisticated and ready for action, King was an icon of British television in the early 1970s.

Tangerine Dream: Live at Coventry Cathedral 1975 This limited-edition release features a landmark performance by German electronic band Tangerine Dream (marking its 40th anniversary in 2007) at Britain's Coventry Cathedral. The video blends edited footage from the 1975 show with music from the group's "Ricochet" album released that same year. The concert is notable in part because German aircraft bombed and partially destroyed the cathedral during the Coventry Blitz of World War II.

Fly Fish TV: Casting About Join fly-fishing author, lecturer and producer Jack Dennis on a trip down a pair of Oregon and Idaho rivers with guide John Erickson as they explore a variety of avenues toward becoming better casters. Also on hand are Davy Wotton to demonstrate his Muddler Daddy tie, and Slide Inn fishing lodge owner and operator Kelly Galloup to lead a fish-catching expedition on Montana's Madison River.

Fly Fish TV: Takes on Lakes Fly-fishing expert Kelly Galloup joins experienced angling professional and author Denny Rickards to discuss fly-fishing on lakes. Rickards shares with viewers his considerable knowledge and personal techniques that he's developed by studying the behavior and habitat of trout for years. In addition to fishing on Montana's Ennis Lake, Galloup provides useful advice on fishing the nearby Madison River.

Fly Fish TV: Peers on the Pere Michigan's Pere Marquette River is the setting for this fun primer on hooking trout in one of the finest trout, steelhead and salmon fisheries in the Great Lakes region. Host Kelly Galloup joins his friend and fellow fly-fishing expert Jerry Dennis for a float trip filled with tips on fishing streamers and nymphs. Galloup also demonstrates the versatile Peeking Caddis tie and offers a close-up look at the Madison River in a how-to segment.

Fly Fish TV: Spring Creek Corner Natural springs abound at the intersection of Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa, an area that host Kelly Galloup explores with guide and expert tier Andrew Sobota in this presentation of Fly Fish TV. Sobota also demonstrates his version of the Crippled Caddis tie, and Davy Wotton shows viewers how to present wet flies with an extended dry-line cast in the how-to segment.

Fly Fish TV: Canadian Cats & Carp U.S. Fly Fishing Team member and veteran outdoorsman Jeff Currier heads north in search of catfish and carp, joining Winnipeg professional fisherman Stu Thompson on the Red River to learn some new techniques and get a few tips from a master. Also included is a segment in which fly-fishing guide Davy Wotton shows viewers how to present wet flies in a downstream manner.

Racing Against the Clock Five extraordinary women test their physical limits in this award-winning inspirational documentary. These amateur athletes, aged 50 to 82, compete in high-level track-and-field events, including the pole vault, 100 meters, long jump and high jump, hoping to become world champions. With fierce determination and indomitable spirit, the senior athletes in this uplifting film prove that it's never too late to go for the glory and the gold.

Fly Fish TV: White River B&B World-renowned fly-fishing instructor Davy Wotton joins fellow expert Gary Taylor on the White River in Arkansas to find and catch brim and smallmouth bass. Wotton shares with viewers his personal tying techniques that have helped him catch tons of fish throughout his accomplished career. While these varieties of bass are small, they're famous for their terrific fighting ability once hooked.

Fly Fish TV: Postcard Pool Host Wanda Taylor joins guide Becky Strain at the Great Smoky Mountains' Cannon Falls, where she learns that patience makes all the difference when it comes to shallow-water nymphing. In addition to learning about flies and tactics, you'll get a lesson in fly tying from Metrela Brown, who demonstrates her Fire and Ice tie, and a how-to on fishing wet flies in the traditional style with expert Davy Wotton.

Fly Fish TV: Frog Holler Hogs The fish are biting down south when certified Federation of Fly Fishers instructors Gary and Wanda Taylor meet guide Metrela Brown in a lovely Georgia holler to chase some fat Southern trout and expound on the joys of fishing Georgia trout streams. Brown demonstrates her tying techniques with her signature Redheaded Stepchild tie, and Arkansas expert Davy Wotton weighs in with a lesson on wet fly-fishing in the traditional style.

The Joys of Jezebel / My Tale Is Hot The devil meddles in the affairs of man in two cult grind house classics. In The Joys of Jezebel, the title character (Christine Murray) is allowed to return to earth from hell to avenge her own death, provided she delivers another soul to Satan. My Tale Is Hot sees the devil trying to tempt faithful husband Ben-Hur Ova (Jack Little) with lusty women, but Ben has a trick of his own for Lucifer. Drive-in hero Bethel Buckalew directs both films.

Straight from the Heart After being tricked into answering a personals ad by a well-intentioned friend, Jordan Donovan (Teri Polo) finds herself face to face with a blind date (Andrew McCarthy) she has absolutely nothing in common with. But the more she learns about this handsome stranger, the more she begins to wonder whether love is in her future. Greg Evigan ("My Two Dads") co-stars in this made-for-television romance based on the book by Pamela Wallace.

Gene Autry Collection: The Singing Hill Jo Adams (Virginia Dale) is about to give up her inherited grazing lands, playing into the devious scheme of John Ramsey (George Meeker), who wants to drive up property prices. Luckily, Gene Autry and his friend Frog (Smiley Burnette) arrive just in time to set things right. This classic comic Western showcases numerous Autry songs, including the debut of the timeless hit "Blueberry Hill."

Colette: A Mi Manera Runner-up and best female singer in Season 5 of "La Academia" (Mexico's version of "American Idol"), Colette Acuña sizzles in this compilation of 12 performances from the hit show. The sultry dark-eyed beauty shows off her vocal versatility in "Oye Mi Canto," "Desde la Oscuridad," "Se Me Olvido Otra Vez" and more. Colette gained international recognition -- and a legion of fans worldwide -- when she competed on "La Academia."


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