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New Releases for August 28th, 2007.

Blades of Glory When a scandal strips them of their gold medals, two world-class skaters (Will Ferrell and Jon Heder) skirt their way back onto the ice via a loophole that allows them to compete together as a pairs team. Will Arnett ("Arrested Development") and Amy Poehler ("Saturday Night Live") co-star as their competitive on-ice rivals who vow to use their triple axel to the fullest advantage.

Heroes: Season 1 This sci-fi action saga follows a global group of young, everyday people who, in the midst of perfectly normal lives, awake to discover they each have special powers -- from stopping time to reading people's thoughts. The newly minted unlikely superheroes eventually join forces to defeat their mutual foe, who plots to steal their super-DNA and destroy the world. Dave Semel ("American Dreams," "Beverly Hills, 90210") directs the series pilot.

Year of the Dog Molly Shannon stars in this quirky, canine-themed comedy written and directed by actor Mike White (School of Rock), with supporting performances from Peter Sarsgaard, Regina King, John C. Reilly and Laura Dern. The film centers on an upbeat secretary (Shannon) whose life takes a temporary nosedive when her beloved dog, Pencil, suddenly dies. But in an unexpected trick, her pet's tragedy opens her up to transformation.

Kickin It Old Skool Awakening after 20 years in a coma that resulted from a break-dancing accident, Justin Schumacher (Jamie Kennedy) quickly learns that a lot has changed in the world. When he discovers that his parents have enormous medical bills, Justin tries to save the day by entering himself and his friends in a dance competition, but standing in the way is a longtime foe -- who's engaged to Justin's dream girl. Michael Rosenbaum and Maria Menounos also star.

Friday Night Lights: Season 1 In rural Texas, there's not much in life that matters more than high school football -- a point this series drives home searingly as it chronicles the ups and downs of a team that carries the heart and soul of its town on its players' backs. First-time coach Eric Taylor (Kyle Chandler) and quarterback Jason Street (Scott Porter) lead a stellar team, but the pressure is enormous in this drama adapted from the hit movie of the same name.

Two Days in April Four college-bound football players go for gridiron glory in this behind-the-scenes look at the NFL draft. Follow the intense training and all the nerve-wracking emotions that accompany the four young men on their journey to draft day, when their million-dollar dreams are intercepted by reality. Peeking into the secretive, fiercely competitive, often brutal process of creating NFL players, this documentary hits as hard as the athletes it depicts.

Offside In director Jafar Panahi's offbeat Iranian tale, several girls find themselves arrested after posing as boys to sneak into a soccer stadium to see a key international qualifying match. It's illegal for Iranian women to attend sports events, so the gate-crashers end up in a holding pen waiting for authorities. But a sympathetic guard watching through a peephole describes the action for the girls, who are eager to know what's happening in the game.

Air Guitar Nation If your bedroom has become too small a stage for your air guitar antics, take inspiration from the competitors featured here as they battle their way from the inaugural U.S. Air Guitar Championship all the way to Oulu, Finland, for the world championship. Along the way, filmmaker Alexandra Lipsitz documents the fierce rivalries that develop as would-be rock legends vie for top honors in technical accuracy, stage presence and "airness."

Meatballs 4 Faced with a dismal financial future, a struggling summer camp hires hotshot water-ski instructor Ricky Wade (Corey Feldman) to boost attendance and drive up revenues. But the camp's chances at survival take a dive when the rich owner of a rival camp (Sarah Douglas) threatens to buy out her competition. Now, the only way to save the camp is to win the lake's annual water-ski competition, and Ricky will have to use every trick he knows.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey's Treat Big Pete's having a Halloween bash at the Trick-or-Treat Tower, and everyone's invited. But, if Mickey, Minnie, Donald and the rest of the gang are going to get there in time, they'll have to make it through the foggy woods first. With the gates to the tower closing once the moon is full, Mickey and company will have to pull together and use teamwork and positive attitudes if they're to share in the Halloween fun.

Rick & Steve: Season 1 Meet Rick (voiced by Will Matthews) and Steve (Peter Paige), the happiest gay couple in the world, and their friends Dana (Taylor M. Dooley), Chuck (Alan Cumming) and Kirsten (Emily Brooke Hands) as they live the good life in West Lahunga Beach. Featuring animation inspired by classic toys, this hilarious and insightful series from Logo is based on the cult favorite short feature by Q. Allan Brocka.

Flight 29 Down: Vol. 2 Seven students en route to Micronesia for an eco-adventure tour find themselves marooned on a tropical island after their flight crashes. Stranded, they must learn to rise above their differences and trust one another if they're to survive. Through teamwork and determination, the group of teens, played in part by Corbin Bleu (High School Musical) and Hallee Hirsh ("Grey's Anatomy"), tackle one harrowing adventure after another.

The Land Before Time: Amazing Adventures Everyone's favorite dinosaurs from the Great Valley have emerged in this animated series from the Cartoon Network. Join Littlefoot, Cera and the rest of the gang as they embark on a series of misadventures and learn about the world around them. Packed with a host of adventurous episodes, sing-a-long tunes and interactive games, parents and kids will love this charming collection.

I Love Miami What happens when Fidel Castro is banished from Cuba and washes up onshore in Miami? Mixing dark humor and political satire, this comedy explores life in the Cuban-American community where hapless and hated Fidel must try to make a new start. Can he win the people over, or will the refugees who fled his regime have their revenge? Directed and co-written by Alejandro Gonzalez Padilla, the film stars Juan Luis Galiardo and Ofelia Medina.

The Last Day of Summer With his first day of middle school looming, Luke Malloy makes a wish that the last day of summer could last forever. But when he wakes up the next day to discover that he's living the same day over and over again, he wishes he's kept his mouth shut. Yeah, he was hoping for a "do-over" … but this is ridiculous! Jansen Panettiere (the younger brother of "Heroes" star Hayden Panettiere) stars in this Nickelodeon original movie.

Teachers Threatened by the bad publicity of a class action lawsuit, the administration at JFK High School is looking to weed out any teachers who are critical of the school's policies, most notably student favorite Alex Jurel (Nick Nolte). Fighting to save his job, Jurel disregards the school board's wishes and continues his mission to help the "problem" students whom the school seems all too willing to ignore. JoBeth Williams and Judd Hirsch also star.

Dane Cook: The Lost Pilots Dane Cook plays a down-and-out comedian who moves in with his brother in "Humor Me" (2004) and an adventure-seeking slacker in "Cooked" (2005) in these two unaired sitcom pilots. Also included are gag reels, deleted scenes and ad lib footage. Named one of Time magazine's "100 People Who Shape Our World," Cook headlined HBO's 2006 traveling stand-up series "Tourgasm," and his second comedy CD, "Retaliation," went double platinum.

Shredderman Rules In retaliation against school bully Bubba Bixby (Andrew Caldwell), straight-A student Nolan Byrd (Devon Werkheiser) constructs a cyber superhero named Shredderman using a digital camera, a computer and the Internet. Before you can say "webcast," Shredderman captures Bubba's misdeeds on film -- and airs them online. Tim Meadows, Dave Coulier and Mindy Sterling also star in this comic tale based on Wendelin van Draanen's children's book series.

UFC 69: Ultimate Fighting Championship: Shootout In the ultimate mixed martial arts battle -- and the first Ultimate Fighting Championship held in the Lone Star State -- Georges St. Pierre defends his welterweight title against UFC 4 welterweight winner Matt Serra. Also featured is a rematch between fierce rivals and top welterweight contenders Josh Koscheck and Diego Sanchez. Other bouts include Kendall Grove vs. Alan Belcher, Yushin Okami vs. Mike Swick and more.

The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros Maxi (Nathan Lopez) is a sensitive 12-year-old boy whose life has deteriorated into a surrogate existence of his dead mother. Relegated to housekeeping and caring for his criminal father and brothers, Maxi is befriended by a kind and honorable policeman (J.R. Valentin) eager to show the boy a more respectable way of life. Auraeus Solito's compassionate drama filmed on the streets of Manila features music from Filipino rock legend Pepe Smith.

The Masseur Coco Martin stars as attractive young Iliac, who earns his living at a shabby massage parlor that indulges the desires of its gay clientele. When his alcoholic father passes away, Iliac returns home for the burial -- and soon embarks on an introspective odyssey in this erotic minimalist drama from Filipino director Brillante Mendoza. The supporting cast includes Jacklyn Jose, Allan Paule and Katherine Luna.

Return to Halloweentown As Halloweentown prepares to celebrate its 1,000th anniversary, Marnie Piper (Sara Paxton) and her brother Dylan (Joey Zimmerman) return to Witch University, where trouble is in session from the Sinister Sisters (Katie Cockrell, Kellie Cockrell and Kristy Wu) and from someone who's plotting to use Marnie's powers for evil. Debbie Reynolds returns as Marnie and Dylan's grandmother Aggie in this mystery-filled sequel.

Antibodies After confessed killer Gabriel Engel (André Hennicke) is captured, small-town cop Michael Martens (Wotan Wilke Möhring) interrogates him, hoping a journey into the madman's twisted mind will give clues to an unsolved murder committed in the same heinous manner as Gabriel's crimes. Gabriel claims to know the killer's identity but turns the investigation into a psychological game, leaving Michael questioning his own sanity in this German thriller.

Curious George Takes a Job and More Monkey Business In this collection of animated "Curious George" episodes from the Emmy-nominated PBS series, a fearless George sets out to explore the job market by trying every job there is. But, of course, he only succeeds at making plenty of monkey business! Oscar nominee William H. Macy narrates these family-friendly misadventures based on the classic children's books by Margret and H.A. Rey.

Bob Saget: That Ain't Right Well-known television personality Bob Saget -- perhaps best known for his portrayal of squeaky-clean TV dad Danny Tanner on "Full House" -- headlines an unpredictable evening of adult-flavored comedy in this raucous stand-up special. Highlights include Saget's performance of "Danny Tanner Is Not Gay," a pop parody set to the tune of the Backstreet Boys' "I Want It That Way," and the music video "Rollin' with Saget" featuring Jamie Kennedy.

Libby, Montana For nearly 30 years, residents of the quaint town of Libby, Mont., worked for the multinational corporation W.R. Grace, mining and processing a multiuse product known as vermiculite. Little did they know, they were risking their lives. This compelling documentary follows the plight of these courageous Americans as they band together to lift one another up from throes of illness and take on the all-powerful corporation.

Samurai Jack: Season 4 Samurai Jack (voiced by Phil LaMarr) returns to do battle with the evil warlord Aku in the fourth season of Genndy Tartakovsky's Emmy Award-winning animated series. This year, Jack rescues an abandoned baby, helps a lost prince and princess return to their home planet and battles the monstrous Mondo-Bot with a robot of his own. A flashback takes Jack to Africa to learn a new fighting style, and Aku confronts Jack face to face for the first time.

Bird of Prey / Bump in the Night The stakes are high for two journalists in this double dose of 1990s thrillers. To even the score for his father's murder at the hands of a ruthless crime lord (Richard Chamberlain), vengeful Nikolai (Boyan Milushev) teams with a likeminded photojournalist in Bird of Prey. And in Bump in the Night, Meredith Baxter stars as a boozy former reporter who dusts off her investigative skills to find her kidnapped 8-year-old son.

Firestorm / Scorpio One Veteran actor Robert Carradine co-stars in this sci-fi doubleheader. Set in a mining compound in 2024, Firestorm follows a faction of freedom-seeking androids as they take on their repressive human owners. In Scorpio One, a disastrous turn of events aboard a space station prompts the CIA to dispatch a team of investigators to get to the bottom of things -- but someone on the mission has a subversive agenda.

Confess A mischievous computer hacker (Eugene Byrd) becomes a media darling when he begins broadcasting the bad behavior of prominent businessmen, politicians and other elite power brokers using a clever arrangement of hidden cameras. With the help of an enthusiastic accomplice (Ali Larter, of "Heroes" fame), he's become more powerful than he ever intended. But is he destined to stay on top … or be toppled?

Guarding Eddy In this family-friendly buddy film, a former professional basketball player finds unlikely inspiration in an 18-year-old autistic boy who's run away from home to try out for the L.A. Clippers. While serving out his court-ordered stint of community service at a local homeless shelter, ex-hoopster Mike Jeffreys (Kiko Ellsworth) serves as a big brother to Eddy (Brian Presley). But, in the end, it's Eddy who mentors him.

Paper Cut In this imaginative comedy, three college chums launch an underground newspaper (named Gonzo in honor of journalist Hunter S. Thompson) devoted to the counterculture world largely ignored by the mainstream media. But the trio's idealism, friendship and commitment to integrity go down the drain when their private lives get in the way. Meghan Faye Gallagher, Esteban Powell and Justin Shilton head the cast.

Ski School A group of partying ski instructors known as "Section Eight" finds time between chasing girls and chugging beer to take on a snobbish rival school's instructors in an annual contest. This year, there's more than just bragging rights on the line -- they're skiing for their jobs! Dean Cameron, Tom Bresnahan, Darlene Vogel and Patrick Labyorteaux star in director Damian Lee's rowdy comedy, filmed on location at British Columbia's Whistler Mountain.

A.T.O.M. Hawk, Axel, Shark, King and Lioness are ATOM (Alpha Teens on Machines), a five-member crime-fighting force. Under the watchful eye of Mr. Lee, they test experimental vehicles and weapons in their battle against crime boss Alexander Paine. Each is a martial arts expert with powers that come in handy as they save Landmark City from the forces of evil.

Bad Blood After relocating from Lisbon to a remote Portuguese village, Xavier, Helena and their two children soon discover that the home they inherited is surrounded in mystery, curses, superstition and old folk tales. Villagers whisper and the rumors fly as the family tries to uncover the dark secrets hidden deep within the walls of their new house. This chilling horror story stars Manuela Couto and Adriano Luz.

Search and Rescue / River of Rage Get set for suspense and adventure with this gritty double feature. Robert Conrad leads a team of gutsy mountain rescuers dedicated to saving lives in the Sierras in Search and Rescue. In River of Rage, a whitewater rafting excursion on the Rio Grande becomes a harrowing test of survival for Maggie Keene (Victoria Principal) when she ends up alone in the wilderness -- except for a psychotic killer who's stalking her every move.

Naughty Art Painter Irvin Bomb carries on the centuries-old obsession with capturing the female form with his unique erotic art. In modeling sessions and candid interviews, you'll meet Bomb's models as they reveal all for his brush and the cameras. Discover the ladies' fantasies and dreams, the style that sets Bomb's art in a class of its own and the drive to immortalize the nude body.

A Season of Hope / Seasons of the Heart Families in crisis must confront reality in this affecting twin bill. A Season of Hope finds Hackett clan matriarch Elizabeth (JoBeth Williams) struggling to keep her family together when a blight threatens their livelihood. In Seasons of the Heart, after Vivian Levinson (Carol Burnett) takes in her abandoned 7-year-old grandson, the antipathy coming from her husband (George Segal) forces long-ignored issues out into the open.

Blood and Tears: The Arab-Israeli Conflict Filmmaker Isidore Rosmarin's documentary chronicles the Arab-Israeli conflict from its biblical beginnings to the volatile present. Through film footage and interviews with a diverse group, the film examines the age-old battle from all sides. Interviewees include Hamas leaders, Middle Eastern and Palestinian scholars, former Israeli prime ministers, fundamentalist Muslims, loyal Zionists, ordinary citizens and many others.

Diana: Last Days of a Princess Released 10 years after the tragic 1997 death of Princess Diana of Wales, this controversial documentary recounts the final two weeks of her life through revealing interviews and dramatized reenactments. Highlights include interviews with biographer Andrew Morton; bodyguard Kez Wingfield; Dodi Al-Fayed's father and masseuse; and Jean-François Musa, owner of the Etoile Limousine service.

Nobody's Perfect Everything's going wrong for college freshman Steve (Chad Lowe), a tennis ace whose game has been derailed by his crush on fellow player Shelly (Gail O'Grady). But his luck could change when a buddy suggests he pose as a woman to get closer to the object of his affection. Steve hopes the ruse will make Shelly notice him. Of course, he never imagines she'll discover the truth. … Kim Flowers and Patrick Breen co-star in this cross-dressing comedy.

Fallout / Survival on the Mountain Manmade and natural disasters tale their toll in this taut twin bill. In Fallout, four wary co-workers find themselves trapped in a subterranean shelter -- and reliant on one another -- after an explosion rips their corporate high-rise. In Survival on the Mountain, a trek into the Himalayas becomes a desperate ordeal for the Hoffmans (Dennis Boutsikaris and Markie Post) when a freak blizzard leaves their group isolated and exposed to avalanches.

Tell Me No Secrets / When Time Expires All is not what it seems in this pair of made-for-TV thrillers. Tell Me No Secrets stars Lori Loughlin as a harried Los Angeles prosecutor being shadowed and terrorized by a serial killer; Bruce Greenwood plays her calculating ex-husband. In When Time Expires, time-traveling bureaucrat Travis Beck (Richard Grieco) is dispatched to a backwater desert town on a minor mission that turns out to be anything but routine.

Martin Lawrence Presents: 1st Amendment Standup: Season 1 The original bad boy, comedian and actor Martin Lawrence, produced this showcase for some of America's hottest up-and-coming comics. Doug Williams plays host to Sheryl Underwood, Paula Bel, A.J. Jamal, Joey Diaz, Ralphie May, Miguel Nunez, Alonzo Bodden, musical guest DJ Biz Markie and many more in a full-on comic assault that's rife with profanity, dirty images and racially charged material.

The Odd Couple: Season 2 Fussy Felix Unger (Tony Randall) and slovenly Oscar Madison (Jack Klugman) survive another year of getting on each other's nerves in the second season of the hit sitcom based on Neil Simon's play. This season's highlights include a visit from Oscar's pregnant niece, Oscar's attacks on Felix while sleepwalking and the sudden arrival of a greyhound in the apartment. Pat Morita, Joan Van Ark and David Steinberg are among this year's guest stars.

Never Down Newly released from prison after serving a five-year sentence, Rico wants nothing more than a new lease on life with his ex-wife and daughter. But when circumstances turn against him, can he resist the pressure to resume his life of crime? This absorbing drama stars Robert LaSardo and features a cameo by Kurt Vonnegut Jr. as a helpful spirit who tries to keep Rico on the straight and narrow.

The Milky Way In this satiric French comedy, two men (Paul Frankeur and Laurent Terzieff) on a spiritual pilgrimage find their faith put to the test by the zealots and apostates they meet along the way. Bernard Verley and Edith Scob provide first-rate support as director Luis Buñuel -- with his trademark absurdist touches on full display -- lampoons his favorite targets: organized religion in general and Catholicism in particular.

Buenos Aires 100 km In a small Argentinean town 100 kilometers from Buenos Aires, five friends stand on the brink of adolescence. A summer that might have been filled with bike rides and soccer is instead spent fighting with parents and discovering girls. And this summer may also spell the final season for their friendship. Juan Ignacio Perez Roca, Emiliano Fernández, Alan Ardel, Hernan Wainstein and Juan Pablo Bazzini star in Pablo José Meza's award-winning drama.

Mary & Tim / Ronnie and Julie Love blossoms between improbable couples in this double bill of small-screen romances. Mary & Tim stars Candice Bergen as middle-aged widow Mary Horton, who faces public scorn after taking up with a mentally impaired handyman 30 years her junior. In Ronnie and Julie -- a modern retelling of "Romeo and Juliet," with politics and subterfuge adding an ominous kink -- feuding families keep their smitten teens (Joshua Jackson and Margot Finley) apart.

The Hit In this sequel to Straight Out of Compton, record executive Hen (Blair Underwood) continues his quest to bring peace to the hip-hop community through a music label that gives back. But when Hen inadvertently crosses paths with the mob in the process of building his business, he soon finds that peace is the furthest thing from the gangsters' minds in this film co-starring DeRay Davis and James Russo and directed by Ryan Combs.

Reunion / Secrets Two women are pushed to the edge in this dramatic double feature. In Reunion, Marlo Thomas plays Jessie Yates, a mother seemingly driven to madness after a family tragedy involving her young son. Secrets -- set in pastoral 1905 Iowa -- stars Veronica Hamel as housewife Etta Berter, whose serene world is shaken to the core when a shocking skeleton comes out of the family closet. Richard Kiley portrays Etta's husband.

Against Her Will / Wounded Heart The spotlight is on a pair of strong women in this made-for-TV double feature. Against Her Will stars Carol Burnett as a recently widowed woman who bonds with her fugitive kidnapper (Carrie Hamilton). In Wounded Heart, when her rich father (Stuart Whitman) suffers a debilitating stroke, callous businesswoman Tracy Lance (Paula Devicq) heads back to her Texas hometown to secure her inheritance -- but instead rediscovers her roots.

Mercy Mission / Nowhere to Land Tension abounds as pilots come face to face with death in this high-flying twin bill. In Mercy Mission, aviator Jay Parkins (Scott Bakula) gets lost over the Pacific when his instruments malfunction; Robert Loggia portrays the veteran flier who risks everything to help him. In Nowhere to Land, Jack Wagner plays Capt. John Prescott, who has to pull off a midair miracle by defusing a nerve-gas bomb planted aboard his plane by a vengeful lunatic.

A Nightmare Come True / Two Came Back Survival is the name of the game in this made-for-TV twin bill. When her abusive father (Gerald McRaney) insists that his wife ran off, the prescient dreams of suspicious Sarah Zarn (Katy Boyer) provide a clue to her mother's mysterious disappearance in A Nightmare Come True. Based on real events, Two Came Back stars Melissa Joan Hart and Jonathan Brandis as a young couple stranded at sea after a mammoth storm scuttles their vessel.

Journey of the Heart / Heart's Adrift This pair of made-for-TV movies packs plenty of heartfelt drama. While struggling to raise an autistic son, single mom Janice Johnston (Cybill Shepherd) discovers that he has an amazing aptitude for music in Journey of the Heart. And in Hearts Adrift, an unexpected invitation leads to love for Maxine Deerfield (Sydney Penny) when she accompanies her widowed mother on a weekend visit to San Diego to rekindle an old romance.

Legion of Superheroes: Vol. 1 In the first volume of episodes from this animated DC Comics spinoff, the Legion of Superheroes travels back in time to the 21st century to recruit Superman, only to learn that he's still living as Clark Kent and has yet to embrace his superpowers. Can the crew help this yet-to-be-super young man realize his destiny and gain his help against a formidable group of villains in the 31st century?

Care Bears: Fitness Fun The joyful Care Bears stand ready to teach the young and the young at heart how to have fun while staying fit and being a good sport in this collection of five episodes from the classic animated TV series. The happy-go-lucky creatures love to play games and cheerfully compete with one another even as they embark on a series of amazing adventures in the Kingdom of Caring.

Finney Years after fleeing his organized crime family's violent life, musician Stephen Finney (David Morrissey) returns home when his mobster father is murdered. Working on plans to open a jazz club, he soon finds himself sucked back into the world he escaped. While Finney's hard-nosed sister (Melanie Hill) seeks vengeance for their father's murder, his drug addict brother (Andy Serkis) creates new problems in this powerful British television drama.

Savage Planet: Storms of the Century If you thought hurricanes were the worst Mother Nature had to offer, think again: Bigger, badder and far bloodier are extratropical cyclones -- several of which are documented in this hair-raising PBS presentation. Through on-site footage, survivor interviews and expert commentary, this documentary brings to life two of the 20th century's worst storms: the 1993 Gulf Coast disaster and the Great Storm of 1953, which ravaged Northern Europe.

Savage Planet: Volcanic Killers Combining mesmerizing beauty with breathtaking destruction, volcanoes regularly spew red-hot molten rock, lava and deadly steam across the landscape. This PBS presentation examines their power and the steps being taken to predict their eruptions. Via footage of eruptions in West Africa, the Philippines and New Zealand and interviews with survivors and scientists, the program provides powerful insight into the force beneath the Earth's surface.

Savage Planet: Extremes From the snowy avalanche-prone peaks of Utah, Washington and France to the below-sea-level furnace of Death Valley, this Stacy Keach-hosted PBS presentation explores some of the world's most extreme landscapes and the people drawn to them. Survivors' accounts and news footage of avalanches combine with visual evidence of the mysterious sliding stones in Death Valley's Racetrack Playa to showcase opposite ends of the environmental spectrum.

The Incredible Voyage of Bill Pinkney From Boston to Bermuda, the British Virgin Islands, Brazil, South Africa, Tasmania, Uruguay and then back, Bill Pinkney became the first African-American to sail solo around the world -- a journey chronicled in this Bill Cosby-narrated documentary. Communicating with schoolchildren in Boston and Chicago throughout his adventure, Pinkney offers inspiration through his story of commitment, courage, education and perseverance on the high seas.

A Dance to the Music of Time Based on Anthony Powell's literary opus, this miniseries centers on Brit Nicholas Jenkins (James Purefoy) who, over the course of decades, observes the upper crust's uncanny ability to maintain propriety while keeping their secrets and scandals under wraps. Tea cakes are spread with infidelity, failure, scandal and politics in this epic tale that spans from the 1920s to the '60s. John Gielgud, Miranda Richardson and Simon Russell Beale co-star.

Broke When high school lets out for the summer, Marshall and his friends embark on a road trip to celebrate their rising senior status. But their plans stall when they crash their ride, a minivan that just so happens to belong to one of their parents. Now, the only way out of trouble -- and a serious grounding -- is to raise $1,000 so they can pay to have the van fixed. But making that kind of cash proves hilariously difficult.

Savage Planet: Deadly Skies Look out from above: These would seem to be the watchwords of this Stacy Keach-narrated PBS presentation about the dangers that emerge from the Earth's upper atmosphere. From a 27-pound meteor that crashes into a motorist's car to a lightning bolt that blows a pair of glider pilots out of the sky and a freak hailstorm in Sydney, Australia, this episode explains, explores and details the power of the Earth's savage skies.

Story of Saiunkoku Born into a noble but impoverished family, Shuurei agrees to play the role of concubine to the new emperor, Shi Ryuuki, in order to teach the reckless leader -- who's rumored to exhibit an appetite for bedding noblemen -- how to rule. The promise of riches for her family and the opportunity to live at court keep her motivated to continue the job despite the many challenges the emperor throws her way in this visually appealing anime series.

LOL Cyberspace is portrayed as both hero and villain in this sociological comedy about three college grads whose lives are dually enhanced and hindered by their use of instant messaging, email and the Internet as tools of romance. Alex (Kevin Bewersdorf), Tim (director Joe Swanberg) and Chris (C. Mason Wells) try to reconcile real life and virtual reality in this fresh film that combines a script written by its stars with video from everyday people.

Growing Up Creepie: Vol. 1 Creepie Creecher is the ultimate outsider -- primarily because she's a girl who's being raised by a family of bugs. So when she's sent to school to interact with actual human beings, she finds out she has a lot to learn. The biggest catch is that Creepie can't reveal anything to her new friends about her home life at the abandoned Dweezwold mansion. After all, if she did, her adoptive parents could get exterminated!

Dark Shadows: The Beginning In these rarely seen early (pre-Barnabus Collins) episodes of the Gothic soap opera, viewers are introduced to the mysterious Collins clan, as orphan Victoria Winters (Alexandra Isles) arrives in Collinsport in search of her identity. Working as a governess for the Collins family, Victoria quickly learns that secrets (and spirits) abound in the spooky Collinwood mansion. Screen legend Joan Bennett plays the family matriarch.

Tebana Sankichi: Snot Rocket and Super Detective From prominent Japanese filmmaker Yudai Yamaguchi comes this off-the-wall anthology of three experimental vignettes showcasing the style and wit that are the director's stock-in-trade. Recorded on digital video, these genre-bending short films -- starring then up-and-comer Tak Sakaguchi -- are awash with farce, Yamaguchi's pubescent sense of humor and electrifying rock 'n' roll.

Dumb Luck A divorced accountant (Scott Baio) stumbles into the most complicated relationship of his life when he erroneously assumes that a woman he runs into at the mall (Tracy Nelson) is his blind date. As it turns out, she's nothing of the sort: She's actually the frazzled partner of a computer expert (Scott Subiono) who's slipped her a batch of incriminating phone numbers -- and now, she has two thuggish men chasing after her.

Peter Beard Scrapbooks: Africa and Beyond Mixing the photographer's reminiscences about life among the remnants of Kenya's colonial past with shots from his bloodstained, detritus-packed notebooks, this documentary chronicles Peter Beard's enduring love affair with Africa and its people. Narrated by Charlotte Rampling, the film provides a rare glimpse of Beard's life, work and friendships, including never-before-seen footage of Mick Jagger, Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon and others.

The Lost Princess In an effort to save her cousin from the clutches of the evil Krankenmal, Queen Eleanor of Fairhaven dispatches an unlikely squad of heroes: Don Juan, the prince of Spain; his daughter, Princess Esmeralda; and his bumbling sidekick, Miguel. Jose Granados, Dakota Star Granados and Douglas Kondziolka co-star in this family-friendly farce set amid the grandeur of the English Renaissance.

Satan: Prince of Darkness Regarded as the personification of evil, the being known as Satan has captured the imagination of mankind for centuries; this in-depth documentary goes to great lengths to demystify the countless myths regarding the fallen angel. Join historical experts, theologians and scholars as they examine a wealth of material to help explain the never-ending fascination the world has with the devil and the realm over which he presides, hell.

Nothing to Declare Everything the people of Putterton cherish is jeopardized when a beautiful tax agent named Caroline Roy (Valérie Valois) comes to town. Putterton's only hope of retaining its idyllic charm rests with quiet, unassuming local George Putter (Billy Zane). Co-written and directed by Alain Zaloum, this charming romantic comedy also stars Michael Sinelnikoff, Gordon Masten, Serge Houde, Patrick Bergin and Barry Morse.

Country Concert In a deeply divided society where class is everything, the privileged daughter of a wealthy plantation owner loses her heart to a lowly but passionate musician. Although their love is scrutinized by everyone, the beautiful music they make together is enough to keep their flame alive. But will social constraints keep them from being together forever? Antonio Abujamra and Samara Felippo co-star in this Portuguese-language romance.

Flower and Snake '74 Frustrated by his lackluster sex life, businessman Senzô Tôyama (Nagatoshi Sakamoto) conspires to have one of his employees (Yasuhiko Ishizu) -- a sex shop owner's son -- kidnap Senzô's frigid spouse (Naomi Tani) and train her as a sexual submissive. But the domineering industrialist gets more than he bargained for in director Masaru Konuma's erotic, adults-only tale that explores the boundaries between sexual pleasure and perversion.

Engelbert Humperdinck: King of Romance Languishing in obscurity performing under his given name, crooner Gerry Dorsey shot to stardom when Tom Jones's manager suggested he try the Engelbert Humperdinck moniker instead. The rest, as they say, is history -- much of it captured here. In performances shot on vintage kinescope, film and video, the "King of Romance" lends his silky smooth vocals to hits such as "Release Me," "After the Lovin'" and "Quando, Quando, Quando."

Jesse James: American Outlaw One of the most infamous antiheroes the world has ever known, Jesse James is America's favorite outlaw. This in-depth documentary on the notorious gunslinger draws on the expertise of several noted historians to separate fact from fiction. Presented by The History Channel, the lavish production goes to great lengths to paint a full picture of the controversial legend and unravel the mystery surrounding his death.

The Short Stack: Vol. 6 Another short-order helping of delectable stories served up fresh range from dramas to action and comedies, including the entertaining "Dead Shift" and "The Cubicle." Other titles in this edition of the popular compilation series include "Phobic," "Lucky Man" and "Flowers Don't Last." Fans who prefer their films short and tasty won't be disappointed.

The Ugly Duckling and Me: School Days In this animated series that puts a new twist on the beloved Hans Christian Andersen tale, a duckling named Ugly is adopted by an urban rat named Ratso and proceeds to get an education. Join Ugly as he takes on his new school's bullies, sees Ratso forced back to the classroom to get his Chicken Certificate and sets out to do the opposite of what Ratso would do after hearing the expression "Like hen, like chick."

Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction: Season 1 Actor James Brolin hosts this anthology TV series that challenges viewers to determine whether the stories presented are true or false. Largely centered on supernatural occurrences, episodes each consist of five logic-defying tales -- some based on real-life experiences and some completely imagined for the show. Strange stories include that of a boy who disappears in a closet and the tale of a dog that returns from the dead.

Bikini Bistro This deliciously sexy comedy features Chambers helping a group of friends turn a boring vegetarian cafe into a gourmet restaurant.

Horrors of Malformed Men A medical student searching for his father discovers a deranged scientist on a remote island whose experiments combine humans and animals to produce terrifying creatures in this surreal and horrifying tale. The student soon unearths disturbing facts that link him to some appalling truths. Adapted from stories by horror author Rampo Edogawa and directed by Japanese exploitation auteur Teruo Ishii, the film remains banned in its native Japan.

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Ned Bigby (Devon Werkheiser) may not have everything figured out, but he's got plenty of advice to dispense about getting through junior high. With his friends Moze (Lindsey Shaw) and Cookie (Dan Curtis Lee), Ned offers tips no kid should be without. His laid-back attitude and powers of observation help Ned deal with bullies, field trips, pop quizzes, detention and just about every kind of teacher you can imagine.

Care Bears: Gift of Caring Armed with plenty of heart, the cuddly Care Bears make their way through another collection of animated adventures themed around the selfless gift of caring. Episodes include "Birthday Bear's Blues," in which the Care Bears make Birthday Bear sad by forgetting his special day, and "Grin & Bear It," in which Beastly tries to become a good guy by joining the Care Bears … but finds he can bear-ly stand it.

Jakers!: Spooky Storytellers Spookiness is the name of the game for Piggley Winks the pig and his barnyard friends Dannan the duck and Ferny the bull in this collection of slightly shivery animated episodes with lessons that everyone can stand to learn. Adventures include "The Creepy Cabbages of County Galway," in which Piggley disobeys his parents and eavesdrops on their favorite sci-fi radio program, only to end up having wacky dreams about vicious vegetables.

On the Silver Globe When a spaceflight crashes on the moon, the survivors establish a new society. Shortly afterward, all but one of the adults die, leaving the children to create their own civilization. When a visitor from Earth lands in this bizarre place, the children immediately welcome him as a messiah. Filmmaker Andrzej Zulawski labored for years to complete this chilling vision of the future after the original negatives were seized by Polish authorities.

Dancing Lion Faced with the choice of winning a company-sponsored talent show or losing their jobs, a pair of desperate colleagues learns the art of Chinese lion dancing -- a ritual not to be confused with line dancing -- and unwittingly spark a citywide craze. Co-director Francis Ng also stars along with Chi Chung Lam and Anthony Wong Chau-Sang in this lighthearted Hong Kong comedy in the spirit of Strictly Ballroom.

The Wrangler Jeff Fahey (Grindhouse, The Lawnmower Man) stars as Ben Creed, a U.S. businessman vying for the hand of rancher's daughter (played by Tushka Bergen) with a rugged cattle drover named Jack Donaghue (Steven Vidler) in this turn-of-the-century Australian drama. While Ben helps to defend the rancher's land from a corrupt creditor, he finds himself falling head over heels for the beautiful Alice.

Suburbia Confidential / Office Love-In In this '60s sexploitation double bill, director Stephen C. Apostolof proves that sex is sex -- whether it takes place in the wilds of suburbia or the confines of the workplace. In Suburbia Confidential, the housewives are horny -- and doing it with everyone from carpet salesmen to TV repairmen. In Office Love-In, Kathy Williams, Lynn Harris and Marsha Jordan star as Date-a-Mate employees who take their work seriously.

Amphibious Assault Get an inside look at the technology and training of U.S., British and Soviet seafaring military personnel with this documentary scripted by renowned historian Bruce Quarrie. Putting all their weapons and other equipment into action, sailors participate in military maneuvers and train to land on enemy territory from Norway to the Middle East. Highlights include footage of the AAV7A1 armored amphibious assault vehicle and the LCAC hovercraft.

Dialogues with Solzhenitsyn Documentary filmmaker Alexander Sokurov explores the work of acclaimed Russian novelist Alexander Solzhenitsyn through a series of thoughtful interviews. The Nobel Prize-winning author discusses Russian history and folklore and the role they play in his writing and that of his contemporaries. The result is a unique portrait that focuses on the insight of one literary genius and the influences that drive his work.

Escape from Dunkirk In the spring of 1940, more than 300,0000 Allied troops were evacuated from Dunkirk, France, and transported across the English Channel by military and civilian boats and ships quickly gathered for the daring, lifesaving mission. Using vintage newsreel footage and images, this compelling documentary explores the treacherous operation that rescued soldiers who would have otherwise perished or been captured by the Nazis.

The Five Books of Moses Bringing the Scriptures to life, this presentation provides dramatized accounts of the events of the first five books of the Hebrew Bible -- Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy -- long held to have been recorded by Moses. From the story of the Creation through the Israelites' journey into the promised land, the film brings historical and religious insight to these often-told tales.

Miss Spider: Bug-a-Boo Day Play Miss Spider (voiced by Kristin Davis) and the denizens of the Hollow Tree -- Holly, Squirt, Shimmer, Dragon, Bounce and Spinner -- bring fun and laughter to Sunny Patch in this animated Nick Jr. series. Shimmer wants to put on a show but discovers that it's hard work without help. This and seven additional stories make up this compilation, based on the books by David Kirk.

Submarine Warfare Using photographs, documentary footage and never-before-seen film of nuclear and conventional attack subs, this presentation traces the use of submersible vessels in warfare. From the greased leather Drebbel boat of the 17th century through the egg-shaped "Turtle" boat of the Revolutionary War, the below-the-sea terrors of World War I and II and the 21st-century leviathans that skulk beneath the ocean's surface, this show's got subs covered.

The Beautiful Washing Machine Teoh's (Loh Bok Lai) secondhand washing machine has a personality as strong as that of his ex-girlfriend. After exploiting the temperamental appliance, Teoh sells her to the Wongs, whose son (Berg Lee) develops an attachment to her that causes a rift in his family. Teoh Kah Yong co-stars in writer-director James Lee's award-winning surrealist satire that's drawn comparisons with the work of visionaries such as Luis Buñuel and Jim Jarmusch.

D-Day: The Normandy Invasion Focusing on both the strategic overview of the military invasion and on personal stories of heroism, this documentary delves into the events of June 6, 1944, and the Normandy invasion. Taking the Germans by surprise, Allied soldiers marched onto France's shores and began the assault that ultimately ended World War II. Stories include the Allied landing at Omaha Beach, French liberation celebrations, valor at Pointe du Hoc and much more.

Design Filmmakers Danielle Schirman and Anna-Celia Kendall explore the fusion of form and function in six iconic products that helped define 20th-century design. See how the iMac, Akari lamp, BIC Cristal pen, Bubble Club sofa, Hoover vacuum and Citroën's DS19 went beyond pure functionality to capture the public's imagination and become part of popular culture.

The Patriotic Knights Based on the writings of renowned author Liang Yusheng, this stunning martial arts epic follows a rogue group of top-notch fighters who band together to take on the Ching government and the sinister Manchurian constable. Led by the heroic scoundrel Kam, the rebels battle the constable and his cohorts to defend the freedom and the spirit of the martial arts. Directed by Kuk Kwok Leong, this exhilarating tale stars Chen Long and Norman Tsui.

True Heart Susie / Hoodoo Ann Controversial film pioneer D.W. Griffith lent his directing and writing talents to this pair of well-crafted silent melodramas. Lillian Gish stars as True Heart Susie, a simple, generous girl whose sacrifice for the man she loves (Robert Harron) comes back to haunt her. In Hoodoo Ann, Mae Marsh turns in a compelling performance as a down-and-out orphan who believes she's living under a curse that only true love can break.

Kung Fu Fighter Hoping to study martial arts from his father, Ma (Vanness Wu) travels to Shanghai and accidentally discovers that he possesses superhuman strength. When he crosses paths with a band of ruthless gangsters, Ma uses his newfound powers to bring them down. Joining Wu for this incredible kung fu adventure are Kung Fu Hustle's Bruce Liang and Terry Fan from Rikki O: The Story of Ricky.

Yoga to the Rescue Designed by well-known yoga expert Desirée Rumbaugh to bring relief to those suffering chronic pain, this therapeutic, hourlong workout focuses on body alignment and positioning. Rumbaugh's gentle and restorative regimen -- geared toward beginners but a great refresher for seasoned yoga practitioners -- covers the body from head to toe to alleviate neck and back discomfort, stiff shoulders and sore feet.

I Was Stalin's Bodyguard Created shortly before the dissolution of the Soviet Union, this startling documentary features the last living bodyguard for dictator Joseph Stalin. Filmmaker Semyon Aranovich combines the man's personal recollections, ranging from the chilling to the bizarre, with rare footage, including Stalin's home movies. The result is a unique portrait of the dictator, the oppression of the Soviet state and the Cold War from an insider's point of view.

Samba Larger-than-life Ottó Szamba (Róbert Koltai) is a theater actor in his small Hungarian village. Everyone in town loves him -- except his son Ottó Jr. (László Görög), who's so embarrassed by his hammy father that he shuns the stage. But when he enters college, the younger Ottó discovers he can't escape the acting bug. Koltai co-wrote and directed this satire on small-town attitudes and big-time egos, co-starring Éva Kerekes and Judit Pogány.

George Eliot: Life and Literature Explore the life and career of one of Britain's finest writers with this fascinating biographical documentary. Born Marian Evans, author George Eliot led an unconventional life in 19th-century England, sharing a home with a man to whom she wasn't married and refusing to attend church. Her insightful novels provided groundbreaking social commentary during the strictly structured Victorian era, offering a completely new form of literature.

Tutenstein: Vol. 3: The Fearless Pharaoh Three thousand years after his accidental death, the young mummy Tutankhensetamun is reawakened to take on the present day. Aided by archaeology student Cleo and her cat Luxor, Tut lurches his way into trouble in four fright-filled episodes. "Day of the Undead," "Ghostbusted," "The King of Memphis" and "Fearless" are the adventures included from this Discovery Kids series, which received a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program.

Blues Legends: Junior Wells: Live at Nightstage Blues giant Buddy Guy shares the stage with legendary headliner Junior Wells -- one of the greatest collaborations the genre has ever seen -- in this memorable concert video. Unleashing the best of electric Delta blues, Wells and Guy deliver one-of-a-kind renditions of "Trouble No More," "Got My Mojo Workin'," "Juke," "Super Bad" and "My Younger Days." Also included is an extensive interview with the two bluesmen.

Great African Films: Vol. 2: Tasuma In Daniel Kollo Sanou's comedy, Sogo (Mamadou Zerbo), a West African World War II vet, purchases a mill on credit believing he'd get paid his due pension. But when the money doesn't come through, Sogo finds himself in jail for not being able to pay off the mill. Having already waited over 50 years for his pension, Sogo joins in with the local women who come to his side in support.

Siavash On the eve of his first show, rock musician Siavash (Ali Ghorbanzadeh) makes a pilgrimage to the grave of his late father, killed during the Iran-Iraq War. But soon thereafter, a friend reveals that Siavash's father is still alive, a POW being held in Tehran. With the help of his girlfriend (Hedyeh Tehrani), Siavash struggles to make sense of the news. Saman Moghadam wrote and directed this portrait of young Iranians in the aftermath of war.

Citizen Dog Ignoring his grandmother's warning that he'll grow a tail if he moves to Bangkok, Pod leaves the safety of his village for a job in a big-city factory that produces canned sardines. He accidentally loses his finger, but he ultimately finds true love. Wisit Sasanatieng directs this surrealistic Thai romance with fanciful visuals and elaborate special effects that has drawn comparisons to the French film Amélie.

Johnny Legend: TV Noir Hosted by Johnny Legend, this quartet of vintage television crime dramas features Hollywood stars in action-packed stories. Treasury Department agents hunt down criminals in "Federal Men," with guest star Charles Bronson; George Raft stars in "I Am the Law" as a streetwise New York detective; a disbarred lawyer (Melvyn Douglas) works as a private dick in "Hollywood Offbeat"; and the boys of Precinct 11 see plenty of action in "Police Station."

Great African Films: Vol. 2: Sia, the Dream of the Python Dani Kouyaté's visually stunning film is an adaptation of a seventh-century African legend about a woman chosen as a sacrifice to a snake god to save a destitute village. The emperor picks the beautiful virgin Sia (Fatoumata Diawara) but no one tells her fiancé, Mamadi (Ibrahim Baba Cissé), about his lover's fate. Kerfa, a government leader with plans to oust the emperor, helps Sia and Mamadi, but can she live with being known as a traitor?

John Lennon's New York Accompanied by Beatles überfan and writer Susan Ryan, Daytrippin' magazine founder and lads-from-Liverpool expert Trina Yannicos provides a John Lennon-centric tour of the city where the ex-Beatle lived for almost a quarter of his life. From the Dakota Apartments home John shared with wife Yoko to the myriad sites that influenced and inspired him, this guided tour sheds light on an important time (and place) in the artist's life.

Nick Name and the Normals Former Mormon missionary turned openly gay revolutionary punk rocker Nick Name takes to the stage with his straight bandmates, the Normals, in this hard-driving documentary. Following the band on their gay pride festival circuit tour, filmmaker Howie Skora captures all the ups and downs as Nick faces off against both angry homophobes and gays who don't like his in-your-face style, all while staring down the ghosts of his strict religious past.

Cayo Stricken with cancer, Ivan (Carlos Esteban Fonseca) returns to his Puerto Rican homeland and finds his health improves when he visits a small island called Cayo. Officials try to keep Ivan off of Cayo, but his faith-inspired community comes to his defense. This poignant drama follows Ivan's story from his childhood friendship with Kike and future wife Julia to his harrowing Vietnam War ordeal and his quest to live -- and die -- in peace on Cayo.

Edward Jenner: The Man Who Cured Smallpox Explore the life and career of Edward Jenner, an English country doctor who gained worldwide fame after discovering the cure for smallpox. Hailing from Gloucestershire, Jenner was an avid researcher, and his study of cuckoo nesting behavior led to his installment as a fellow of the Royal Society. But when his interest turned to examining the effects of cowpox virus immunizations as a preventive measure against smallpox, he changed history.

New American Bible: New & Old Testaments Experience the New American Bible -- both Old and New Testaments -- in this program combining more than 74 hours of narration with on-screen graphics and text. The Scriptures come vividly to life as Emmy Award winner Stephen Johnston narrates with his pleasing baritone. An option allows the viewer to select a single chapter or book or to continuously play. Bonus material includes a Holy Land photo tour.

Over at the Big Ranch Poor ranch hand José Francisco (Tito Guízar) falls in love with homely girl turned beauty Cruz (Esther Fernández). Unfortunately, his boss, rancher Felipe (René Cardona), also adores her, and the resulting love triangle threatens José's job and their friendship. Director Fernando de Fuentes's romance launched the comedia ranchera genre, which combines Mexican folklore with musical comedy and melodrama.

Wartime Britain: A Nation's Finest Hour At no time in history was that famous British pluck more on display than in World War II, when the citizens of that island nation endured bombings, blackouts and rationing while standing firm against the Nazis' advance. This film documents that era. From the first skirmishes to the final battles, the film paints a portrait of a nation at war and a people prepared to make sacrifices great and small for the sake of their homeland.

The Tsunami Diaries: A Voyage to the Epicenter Pro surfer Timmy Turner and photographer Dustin Humphrey wasted no time heading to Indonesia after the 2004 tsunami, but what began as a journey to document the big wave's destruction turned instead into a relief mission. This film tells that story. Rounding up a boat, food, medical supplies and a few goats, Turner and a band of surf buddies, journalists and doctors set sail to the remote islands of northern Sumatra.

I Shouldn't Be Alive Ordinary people relive extraordinary life-and-death stories in this 20-episode collection, which features accounts of bravery and endurance from sailors who survived shark-infested waters, a father who risked his life to save his son's, and others. This gripping series from the Discovery Channel reveals the death-defying decisions, remarkable physical and mental endurance and lifesaving lucky breaks of survivors who beat the odds.

Paul Lamb: A Journey Through the Blues with a Harmonica Award-winning blues harmonica legend Paul Lamb chronicles his personal odyssey through blues music, including finding inspiration from the likes of great blues-harp players Big Walter Horton and Sonny Terry, and recounting experiences with his band, the King Snakes. Lamb demonstrates the wide, expressive range of playing styles available to harmonica players, including a tutorial section that reveals the secrets of this European harp master.

Stash 28 Entering 2007 with a bang, this issue of the popular animation, effects and motion graphics magazine includes a panoply of must-see video works and a raft of behind-the-scenes footage from projects big and small, mainstream and cutting edge. Highlights include a new short film ("Moloch") from director Marcin Pazera, Asylum's PS3 campaign and the world premiere of Aaron Stewart's charming animated short "Banana Switcheroo."

Stash 14 Get out your 3-D glasses to enjoy the anaglyphic 3-D cover project (created by Interspectacular for Comedy Central) in this issue of the respected animation, effects and motion graphics video magazine. Also featured are a slew of laugh-out-loud works, including the opening of the Geek Boy serial movie and two gamer-bashing commercials for G4 (from Buck). As usual, the issue also features the work of important new directors and studios.

Peter Mettler: Picture of Light Six filmmakers travel to the Canadian Arctic in this visually lyrical search for the elusive aurora borealis. Facing monumental challenges -- including keeping their equipment functioning in temperatures as low as minus-40 degrees Celsius -- the team travels 3,000 miles through snowy wilderness on their quest. Interviews with residents at their final destination of Churchill, Manitoba, provide further insights into the stunning northern lights.

Blaze Bayley: Alive in Poland Former Iron Maiden front man and current Blaze lead singer Blaze Bayley brings his unique brand of melodic heavy metal to the Metalmania Festival in Katowice, Poland, in this concert. The metal maestro performs cuts from his post-Maiden efforts as well as earlier tunes such as "Man on the Edge" and "Futureal." Also featured are interviews with Bayley and the rest of the members of Blaze.

Peter Mettler: The Top of His Head Satellite dish salesman Gus (Stephen Ouimette) experiences some life-altering changes when he meets performance artist Lucy (Christie MacFadyen) in this visually poetic fantasy. After Lucy vanishes, leaving a puzzling note, Gus goes on a quest for the mysterious woman. Moving from his meticulous life in a technologically advanced world into the spontaneity of nature, Gus learns some important lessons and begins to trust his own instincts.

Good Charlotte: Staying Alive With identical twins Joel and Benji Madden leading the way, punk pop band Good Charlotte has built a devoted following. This release documents their story. Blending band member interviews with commentary from friends, family and colleagues; obscure performance footage; and rarely seen photos, the film paints a portrait of the outfit responsible for hits such as "Lifestyles of the Rich and the Famous" and "Girls and Boys."

Van-Pires Transform: Uncool Fuel: Vol. 4 Rev, Axle and the rest of the teen superheroes known as the Motor-Vaters are back, and they're all that stands between planet Earth and the villainous, gas-devouring Van-pires, led by the maniacal Tracula. A unique blend of animation and live action, this turbo-charged series features a rock soundtrack from the Who's John Entwistle, Leslie West, Billy Squier and more.

Aspect: The Chronicle of New Media Art: Vol. 9 Acclaimed media art digital publication Aspect returns for a ninth volume focused on performance art. Embracing works across the spectrum of performance, the pieces range from traditional visions to those that use technology and various items to enhance the presentation. Segments include "Undertow" by Marilyn Arsem, "Black or White" by Marisa Olson, "Folly Series" by Rob List, "365 Performances" by Jamie McMurry and much more.

Rick Wakeman: The Other Side of Rick Wakeman Keyboard pioneer Rick Wakeman proves that his talents extend beyond music in this stand-up performance that has the audience in stitches as he recounts anecdotes collected over his long career performing with bands such as Yes and the Strawbs. Japanese bathrooms, serial marriages, rock star antics and life on the road provide plenty of fodder for the grumpy rock star turned raconteur, who also throws in a few tunes for good measure.

Basic How-To Halloween Makeups Go from gorgeous to ghoulish using this step-by-step Halloween makeup lesson. Professional makeup artists show you how to create 20 terrifying looks -- including Frankenstein, Dracula, Mummy, Evil Clown and more -- using easy-to-find materials. Other frightful delights include Zombie, Pumpkin-head, Witch, Cat, Exorcism Victim, Vampire, Gargoyle, Robot, Swamp Creature, Alien Burn Victim, Creature, Old Man, Lizard, Phantom and Ghastly Ghoul.

Stash Sixpack 2 Witness the best in state-of-the-art visual effects, computer animation and motion design in this collection of more than 170 clips from Stash digital magazine. This volume features commercials, music videos, short films and game cinematics from some of the world's biggest effects houses, including Rhythm & Hues, Digital Domain, Blur, Aardman, Animal Logic and more.

Preludes: Selected Works of Peter Mettler Known best for his collaborations with Atom Egoyan -- serving as cinematographer on films such as Next of Kin -- Peter Mettler is an important filmmaker in his own right, as witnessed by the three works collected here. Scissere, Mettler's first feature, explores the rift between reason and sensation; Eastern Avenue provides a lyrical travelogue of a three-month journey; and Balifilm reflects Mettler's artistic exploration of the island of Bali.

Fire Bulls With enemy forces looming at the borders of Chi, it's up to one man -- the unflappable Gen. Tien Tan -- to protect the capital and its people from the advancing Yen army. Relying on an arsenal of crude weaponry and his own ingenuity, Tien erects a makeshift fighting force and lays his life on the line for the sake of the region's freedom. Yun Tang and Yau Tin co-star in this sweeping epic from director Chia Li.

Classic Game Room In 1999, the first online video game show was inaugurated with a single camera, a $50 per episode budget and a pair of hosts who weren't above swilling beer and slinging joysticks to inject some fun. This film documents the short-lived show's rise and fall, and includes Mark Bussler's and David Crosson's reviews of classic games such as Frogger, Duck Hunt, SeaMan, Yars' Revenge, Alien, Joust and more.

Stash 32 From slick and sensual commercial work such as Joseph Kosinski's Saab spot to the whacked-out robo-animated romp "A Gentleman's Duel" (from Blur Studio), this issue of the popular video magazine provides a wide range of audio and visual delights. Also included are bonus films from Kelly Meador and Daniel Elwing and the second installment of the Stephen Arnold Music Showcase (with more than 25 minutes of downloadable music).

Cro-Mags: The Final Quarrel: Live at CBGB 2001 Fusing hard-core punk with thrash metal, New York rockers the Cro-Mags put on a blistering final show at the Big Apple's famed CBGB club. Whipping the crowd into a frenzy with favorites such as "World Peace," "Street Justice," "Hard Times," "Don't Tread on Me" and "Life of My Own," the guys demonstrate why they're punk legends. Also included is a Harley Flannigan-led tour of CBGB and a set by the bassist's post-Mags band, Harley's War.

Darzamat: Live Profanity (Visiting the Graves of Heretics) Death metal band Darzamat performs live at the 21st annual Metalmania Festival in their native Poland, ripping through a set composed primarily of songs from their album "Transkarpatia." Also featured is footage of the band performing at the 2007 Winternachtstraum Festival in Arnsberg, Germany, plus an interview with band members Flauros and Nera. Tracks include "The Burning Times," "Hallucinations," "Fistful of Ashes" and more.

The World of Gilbert & George In this presentation by the artists Gilbert and George (Gilbert Prousch and George Passmore) almost 20 years into their collaboration, their eccentric vision is on full display via still images, words and film. Blurring the line between art piece and documentary, the film provides both a slice of life and an inspired collection of self-arranged vignettes: Gilbert and George drinking tea; Gilbert and George singing hymns; and more.

Rudolph McKissick, Jr.: Intimate Worship Charismatic Jacksonville, Fla., pastor Rudolph McKissick Jr. leads his celebrated Word & Worship Mass Choir in an inspirational performance (including the gospel hit "Magnify") that will have you stretching your hands heavenward in no time. Nothing lifts the soul like a spirited gospel performance and once again, McKissick and company do not disappoint.

Stash Sixpack 1 Get ready to be blown away by state-of-the-art visual effects, computer animation and viral marketing in this collection from Stash digital magazine. More than 170 clips showcase the best effects animation from the world's foremost advertisers, short filmmakers, music video directors and game designers, including Aardman, Psyop, Motion Theory, Digital Domain and more.

Stash 33 Silliness at its most sublime is the order of the day in this issue of the popular video magazine, which features Make's flammable chipmunks, Han Huggebrooge's off-kilter vignettes for Dutch TV, Nexus's pirate/bovine/bicyclist stop-motion animation for Cravendale and more. Also included are a slew of music downloads from Baltimore's Monitor Records and two shorts from the "Roger Dans L'espace" series about aliens who land on a farm.

Horseland: Friends First: Win or Lose Take a trip to Horseland, a giant ranch where horse lovers join together for fun and adventure in this animated television series. When Sarah arrives with her horse, Scarlet, the other kids make assumptions about her because they know she's wealthy in "You Can't Judge a Girl by her Limo." Then, in "The Competition," everyone becomes ultracompetitive when Horseland needs to pick one rider to participate in an important junior national contest.

Van-Pires Transform: Swarm Storm: Vol. 3 Tracula and the monstrous machines from Sunrise Salvage are more determined than ever to drain the world of petrol -- and the world's only hope rests with Nuke, Snap and the rest of the Motor-Vaters. In this series of episodes, Nuke drinks a beverage that turns him against the gang; Tracula creates a villainous offspring to deal with the superhero teens; and a fleet of toy trucks transforms into a swarm of terror.

Stash Sixpack 5 Stash magazine showcases the best and brightest in this compilation of more than 180 visual effects and computer animation-driven commercials, music videos and short films. Highlights include the winners of the 2006 Global Student Animation Awards, short films from Bermuda Shorts, works by acclaimed filmmakers Marcin Pazera and Alex Weil and 40 music tracks featuring artists from Scatalogics, Warp, Sub Pop and more.

Stash Sixpack 4 New talent shines in this compilation of groundbreaking computer animation and visual effects-driven commercials and short films from digital magazine Stash. More than 170 clips include the six winners of the 2006 Soho Shorts Film Festival and other award-winning short films, plus ads and videos from 140 of the world's best effects houses. Bonus material features 40 music tracks from Nature Sounds, Bastard Jazz, the Agriculture and more.

Stash 31 Featuring music downloads from artists such as Kinder Atom and SolaZul and a pair of short films from the Italian illustrator and graffiti artist Blu, this issue of Stash provides a wealth of treats for videophiles. In addition to work by established artists and studios, viewers can check out projects by up-and-comers such as Amsterdam's Valkeiser Capital Images, Moscow's Quadroplastic, Tokyo's Furi Furi and Singapore's Hakka Design.

Stash Sixpack 3 Stash magazine showcases the best in cutting-edge digital animation and visual design with this compilation of more than 170 commercials, interstitials, music videos and game cinematics. Premier effects houses such as Motion Theory, the Mill, Blur, Animal Logic and more than 140 others display unforgettable advertising and captivating viral marketing.

Stash 13 Stash, the animation, effects and motion graphics video magazine, returns with a Lucky 13 issue that includes all the winners and finalists from the 2005 Global Student Animation Awards. Along with this feast of artists to watch, the issue offers spectacular commercial work created for the likes of Cheryl Crow and Honda, plus edgier fare such as 1st Ave Machine's "Sixes Last" video for Alias and Joost Korngold's lyrical work.

Horseland: Taking the Heat Take a trip to Horseland, a giant ranch where horse lovers join together for fun and adventure in this animated television series. After skipping practice sessions, overconfident Alma gets an unpleasant surprise in the fence-jumping event in "Win Some, Lose Some." Then, in "Fire, Fire Burning Bright," Chloe and Zoey don't take their responsibilities seriously on a trail ride, and their actions lead to consequences that put everyone in danger.


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