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New Releases for October 31st, 2006.

Mission: Impossible III Helmed by J.J. Abrams, the third entry in the explosive espionage series finds semiretired superspy Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) forced back into action to save his protégé, Lindsey Ferris (Keri Russell). To checkmate her investigation, badass arms dealer Owen Davian (Philip Seymour Hoffman) abducts Lindsey, sending Ethan and his crack field team to Berlin on a rescue mission. Meanwhile, Ethan's agency superiors may be double-dealing their operatives.

Keeping Up with the Steins While his parents plan an over-the-top bar mitzvah on his behalf, a 13-year-old boy struggles with his own shyness and his desire to see his father and grandfather reconcile. Directed by Scott Marshall, who deftly mocks Hollywood excess, this sharp but loving satire of materialism took home the Best Feature award at the U.S. Comedy Arts Festival. Jeremy Piven, Jami Gertz, Doris Roberts and newcomer Daryl Sabara lead the standout cast.

James Ellroy's Feast of Death Best-selling author James Ellroy takes viewers on a dark journey through the grisly underworld of American murder in this fascinating documentary. Ellroy survived his own childhood tragedy when his mother was murdered in a mysterious attack, an event that ignited his obsession with unsolved homicides and shaped his future writing. Here, he visits notorious crime scenes and discusses historic cases, including the infamous Black Dahlia murder.

Three Wise Guys Tag along on this Christmas crime caper in which casino owner Murray Crown (Tom Arnold) hires three gunmen to track down his partner and stop his stool pigeon accountant from delivering incriminating evidence to the FBI. What seems like a simple task becomes a screwball road trip adventure when the three hit men meet up with the beautiful and pregnant Mary (Jodi Lyn O'Keefe), who's determined to share the true meaning of the holiday spirit.

Fatal Contact: Bird Flu in America Joely Richardson, Stacy Keach, Ann Cusack, Justina Machado and Scott Cohen head the cast in this made-for-television disaster flick chronicling a deadly outbreak of avian flu in America. Tracing the virus's journey from Hong Kong to Virginia via the body of an infected businessman, the film explores what happens when a strain of the flu mutates and spreads, putting the world's best medical minds to the test.

Ghost Whisperer: Season 1 Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) -- who longs to lead an ordinary existence -- has grappled her whole life with an unexplained power to speak with the dearly departed. In the meantime, the ghostbuster-for-hire investigates a plethora of spectral scenarios, helping the dead move on to the other side. Aisha Tyler and David Conrad costar in this riveting drama based on psychic James Van Praagh's real-life cases.

SpongeBob SquarePants: Whale of a Birthday That wacky square sponge saves the day when he's sent shopping for birthday presents for Mr. Krabs's daughter, Pearl, in this collection of seven hilarious episodes of Nick Jr.'s popular animated series. The fun continues as a pack of chimpanzees visits Bikini Bottom; SpongeBob tries to replace his trusty spatula; and Squidward starts to worry about catching a disease when Gary the snail starts biting everything in sight.

Heartstopper Robert Englund stars as a small-town sheriff in this gory horror flick about a serial killer (James Binkley) whose demonic soul refuses to die -- even after the state executes him. While his corpse rests on a slab in a hospital autopsy room, the murderer inexplicably regenerates himself and goes on a bloody tear through the infirmary looking for a new host body to house his evil spirit. His choice: suicidal teen Sara Wexler (Meredith Henderson).

CSI: Miami: Season 4 The environs may be flashy, but murder is still murder -- something forensic detective Horatio Caine (David Caruso) never lets his team forget in this popular CBS crime drama. Caine becomes the target of his own unit's investigation; a mole infiltrates the CSI operation; the feds stick their noses in; and the Mala Noche gang returns in the fourth season of this cop show co-starring Emily Procter, Adam Rodriguez and Khandi Alexander.

Ringside: The Best of Mike Tyson Mike Tyson was once the toughest man on the planet, as amply documented in this retrospective of his turbulent career. But by 1997, when he bit an opponent's ear, he had become a joke. Crowned as the youngest heavyweight champion ever, Tyson was unstoppable for many years. Through footage of classic bouts and commentary from key boxing figures, you'll witness Iron Mike's ascent to the peak of his sport -- and his eventual tumble.

Warriors of Terra Suspicious of the activities at her father's biotech company, impressionable Ali (Ellen Fury) decides to join her new boyfriend (Edward Furlong) in his work as part of a militant animal rights group. But when the activists raid the lab, they discover hideous human genetics experiments gone badly awry. Soon, they're on the run from a heavily armed security squad -- and a dangerous mutant with a taste for human flesh.

Punto y Raya Friendship finds a way to spring from the dull and bitter earth of hardship and violence in this film starring Daniela Alvarado, Pedro Lander and Dora Mazzone. A Colombian border patrol employee whose job is to keep drugs and rebels from entering his country strikes up an unusual friendship with a Venezuelan who sympathizes with his country's plight. Generosity like this isn't often rewarded, however, as evidenced by the film's tragic end.

Rampo Noir Four short films, based on stories by Japanese mystery writer Rampo Edogawa, explore dark themes of obsession, sex and death. In "Mars Canal," a naked man wanders alone through a swamp recalling a former lover. "Mirror Hell" follows a serial killer with a fixation on hand mirrors. "Caterpillar" centers on a crippled veteran, his sadistic wife and their unhealthy relationship. And in "Crawling Bugs," a chauffeur plots to seduce a starlet.

Tres Pajaros Sent on a problem-solving mission by his boss, ambitious junior executive Gustavo (Daniel Kuzniecka) runs out of gas and lands in a tiny rural town full of bizarre locals and no cell phone reception. Trapped in a desolate wasteland, he finds shelter at a crumbling motel inhabited by a luscious temptress (Isabel Achaval), oddball owners and a variety of dubious guests. Soon, Gustavo realizes that his unplanned layover may change his very fate.

Baywatch: Season 1 On a picturesque beach, high atop a lookout tower, Lt. Mitch Buchannon (David Hasselhoff) and his team of attractive young lifeguards patrol the shores with a watchful eye, keeping tourists and beachgoers safe. This five-disc set features all 20 episodes from the premiere season of the syndicated show, a series that went from cult hit to worldwide phenomenon. The cast also includes Parker Stevenson and Erika Eleniak.

Baywatch: Season 2 David Hasselhoff reprises his role as Mitch Buchannon, the man charged with keeping the beaches safe and leading a cadre of heroic young lifeguards, including new team member C.J. Parker, played by Pamela Anderson. This five-disc series has every episode from Season 2 of the worldwide cult hit syndicated show, which also stars Gregory Alan Williams, Vanessa Angel, Billy Warlock, Jeremy Jackson and Michael Newman.

Beirut: The Last Home Movie Winner of several awards on the film festival circuit -- including Best Documentary and Best Cinematography at the Sundance Film Festival -- this gripping film details three months in the life of a Lebanese family inhabiting a heavily bombed Beirut neighborhood. Director Jennifer Fox creates a fascinating portrait of people living through the chaos of war as she explores the complexity of personal and political relationships under stress.

Tupac Shakur: The Complete Live Performances Combining the only two of Tupac Shakur's concerts that were filmed, this rousing live footage showcases the talent of one of the best-selling hip-hop artists ever to perform. Both events -- a House of Blues show and a never-before-seen performance from Las Vegas's Club 662 -- occurred in 1996. Songs include "So Many Tears," "Murder Was the Case," "Gin and Juice," "Nothing But a Gangster Party," "California Love," "All About You" and many more.

Tales from the Crypt: Season 5 Spend some quality time with the Crypt Keeper in another installment of devilishly creepy episodes from the campy HBO series "Tales from the Crypt." In the show's fifth season, Steve Buscemi and The Who's Roger Daltrey portray war photographers; Traci Lords, Vincent Spano and David Paymer are sucked into a tale of "wife and death"; and Billy Zane and Martin Sheen play rival magicians who have it in for each other.

Sixth Annual Media That Matters Film Festival This DVD gathers a collection of hot-topic short films from the Sixth Annual Media That Matters Festival, which strives to inform and inspire audiences to become active in the issues that plague our communities. Attempting to expose problems such as global warming and prejudice against race, religion and sexual orientation, independent filmmakers may use this artistic open platform to visually compel viewers in eight minutes or less.

A Touch of Frost: Seasons 11 & 12 David Jason reprises his role as resolute Det. Jack Frost in this hit British drama based on R.D. Wingfield's books. In this collection of episodes from the show's 11th and 12th seasons, Frost returns from suspension and gets caught up in the murder of a man with too many secrets. Later, a gold tooth is the only clue to a corpse's identity, and Sgt. George Toolan (John Lyons) is gravely injured while trying to save a stranger's life.

The Last Detective: Series 2 Unassuming and overlooked, Det. Constable "Dangerous" Davies (Peter Davison) nonetheless gets the job done -- a fact his colleagues and boss finally begin to acknowledge in the popular British TV series' second season. In this collection of four episodes, the dogged Davies outshines his slick London associates in investigating the deaths of a would-be artist, a medical researcher and a pretty refugee from Kosovo.

George Burns: The TV Specials Comedian George Burns was legendary for his charm, wit and longevity, all of which are on display in this collection of television specials highlighting a lifetime in show business. These classic variety shows attracted a who's who of entertainment all-stars as guests, including Johnny Carson, Bob Hope and Ann-Margret. Burns passed away in 1996 at the age of 100, but his dry laugh and his trademark cigar are well-documented here.

Party at the Palms: Season 1 Former Playmate Jenny McCarthy serves as host for this romp of a television series that takes viewers inside the renowned Palms Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, where partying hard is de rigueur. Play the voyeur and watch as scantily clad hotel guests -- including porn stars, exotic dancers and a bevy of other beautiful babes -- answer Jenny's impertinent questions and take part in some naughty games.

The Hitchhiker: Vol. 3 Bill Paxton, Lauren Hutton, Michael Madsen, Kelly Lynch, David James Elliott and Michael Ironside co-star in this third volume of heart-pounding episodes from "The Hitchhiker." Page Fletcher plays host (and the role of the hitchhiker) for this collection of creepy tales exploring the dark side of human nature, introducing each story much as Rod Serling and Alfred Hitchcock did on "The Twilight Zone" and "Alfred Hitchcock Presents."

Spirits of the Jaguar Another exotic installment of the BBC's award-winning "Atlas of the Natural World" series that explores the Western Hemisphere in its entirety, this program takes you to the jungles of Central America and the Caribbean. Once there, you'll explore the vast array of flora and fauna and the fantastic, lush landscapes that surround you, stopping now and then to sample the cultural customs of the native people.

Wild South America Another exotic installment of the BBC's award-winning "Atlas of the Natural World" series that explores the wonders of the Western Hemisphere, this program takes you into the dense wilderness of South America. First, you'll sample the region's impressive array of rivers, mountains, rain forests and deserts. Then, you'll get a peek at some truly fascinating nocturnal creatures through the magic of night-vision cameras.

Land of the Eagle This ambitious documentary traces the natural history of North America from the perspective of both the American Indians, who worshipped the land, and the European settlers, who were determined to tame it. The BBC production showcases the relationship between humans and the earth through antique photos, famous paintings and video footage of the continent's sweeping panoramas, all backed by historic songs performed using period instruments.

The Kids in the Hall: Season 5 Known collectively as the Kids in the Hall, Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson cap off five hilarious years on the air with the final season of their quirky sketch-comedy show. The funniest skits in this zany collection involve plenty of men in drag, plus appearances by popular characters such as gay bar owner Buddy Cole (Thompson) and, of course, the Chicken Lady (McKinney).

Indoctrination In this revealing insight into the world of big-business seminars, German director Harun Farocki employs an unconventional documentary format to expose the psychological manipulation used in the corporate world. Witness a group of budding go-getters at a five-day capitalist boot camp as they're coached from head to toe on how to market themselves effectively, picking up tips from lessons on body language, speech, posture and facial expressions.

Jealousy Daniel Galo, Will Morales and Natalia Zelaya star in this tale of a love triangle among Mexican immigrants in Los Angeles. Things couldn't be better for Teresa and Gerardo -- in love and starting a brand-new life together -- when a friend of Gerardo arrives from the old country. The couple takes him in, but soon, the dynamics of their relationship change as Gerardo becomes convinced his wife is having an affair with his friend.

Sonic X: Season 5 In the fifth season of this animated series based on the iconic video game starring Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic is working overtime to recover the previous Chaos Emeralds, which have all been released into space. But his quest also includes stopping the cruel and merciless Metarex from robbing the earth of its life-sustaining Planet Eggs -- a tricky task that will require help from a newly arrived alien named Cosmo.

North Korea: A Day in the Life Filmmaker Pieter Fleury provides a rare look at life inside North Korea -- albeit one that's been vetted and approved by the government of Kim Jong II. Fleury had to make plenty of concessions to North Korea just to get the film made, and it's clear that all the participants are putting their best faces forward here. Still, the film manages to reveal far more than the government would like about life under its repressive regime.

Hidden Truths Determined to sustain hope in their hearts and provide for their families, many Central American women endure physical assaults, sexual abuse and devastating disease while subjecting themselves to prostitution. This emotional Nicaraguan documentary investigates the disturbing truths behind the region's sex trade and chronicles the plight of the impoverished women who are forced to sell their bodies for food, shelter and other basic necessities.

The Exodus Decoded Director Simcha Jacobovici's provocative documentary delves into history, archaeology and geology to uncover startling evidence that sheds new light on the events of the Exodus, including the parting of the Red Sea. High-tech computer-generated imagery brings the biblical episodes to life while scientists, scholars and theologians explain the significance of these intriguing new clues about ancient times. James Cameron narrates.

Conflict: Live in England: Vol. 2 In this second installment of a two-volume set, the anarchist rockers of Conflict deliver a variety of tasty extras, including band interviews, bonus tracks, live clips, photo stills and behind-the-scenes footage capturing rehearsals and recording sessions. Songs include alternate performances of "Big A Little A," "The Ungovernable Farce," "Big Hands," "A Piss in the Ocean" and "To Whom It May Concern."

Cabbage Patch Kids: Collector's Set A batch of adorable Cabbage Patch Kids come to life in this one-of-a-kind collector's set featuring five musical adventures for children and parents to share. The enjoyable, song-filled stories help teach children valuable lessons about friendship, teamwork and just having fun! What started as a holiday craze back in 1983 continues to this day as new Cabbage Patch Kids win over the hearts of fresh young audiences.

Warrior Empire: The Mughals This absorbing History Channel documentary looks at the nomadic people known as the Mughals. Roaming south Asia's landscape, they conquered everything in their path and paved the way for modern India, Pakistan and Bangladesh. In addition to leaving behind a legacy of artistry, culture and military expertise, the Mughals built the magnificent Taj Mahal, a tomb that required 22,000 laborers and took more than 22 years to complete.

The Making of Miss Saigon Go behind the curtain of the Tony-winning musical "Miss Saigon" to see how acclaimed director Nicholas Hytner pulled it off, particularly the infamous scene in which a three-dimensional helicopter lands onstage. Other highlights include a look at the casting process -- which meant scouring the world to find the ideal leading lady (Lea Salonga won the part) -- and the show's nerve-racking opening night in London.

University of Notre Dame: Fighting Irish You'll be cheering the Fighting Irish with this collection of eight immortal Notre Dame football games -- versus tough opponents -- filmed between 1966 and 1993. Highlights include Notre Dame's crippling 1977 defeat of the University of Southern California (49-19), a game featuring four touchdowns by a young Joe Montana; the 1989 Fiesta Bowl victory against West Virginia (34-21); and a narrow "Snow Bowl" win in 1992 over Penn State (17-16).

Conflict: Live in England: Vol. 1 This first installment of a two-volume set captures Conflict in classic gigs in Newcastle and Leeds, culled from footage of the band's journey across the United Kingdom. Packing a wallop of explosive energy, this blistering set of tracks includes "I Ain't Thick It's Just a Trick," "Working Class Rip Off," "Punk Is Dead," "Big Hands," "Reality Whitewash," "To Whom It May Concern," "The Ungovernable Farce" and "A Piss in the Ocean."

Pure Decadance Bring the sexy and luxurious atmosphere of the world's hottest clubs home to your living room dance floor with this audiovisual experience that combines rhythmic music and seductive movement. A playlist of decadent dance tracks (spun by a renowned German mix master dubbed DJ S Cream) includes "Hot Asian Snack" (Levelheads remix), "Faith," "Lemonade," "Da Geht Noch Was," "Last House Song" and "Number One."

Isabella After being suspended from the force, a police officer (Chapman To) channels his energies into getting a pretty young girl (Isabella Leong) into bed, only to find out she's the daughter he never knew he had. In an effort to get better acquainted with her long-lost father, she insists on moving in with him. But her dad's awkward attempts at fatherhood fall somewhat flat.

Coheed and Cambria: The Last Supper: Live at Hammerstein Ballroom Dynamic metal band Coheed and Cambria rock the house in this sold-out 2006 performance at New York City's Hammerstein Ballroom, which features state-of-the-art lighting and stage effects. Highlights include "Blood Red Summer," "The Crowing," "Delirium Trigger," "A Favor House Atlantic," "The Suffering," "Welcome Home" and "Everything Evil," plus exclusive backstage footage of the group getting primed for the show.

Yoga Booty Ballet: Complete Workout System Created by two of the nation's top female fitness experts, Yoga Booty Ballet: Complete Workout System combines five energetic workouts and a comprehensive nutritional plan into a unique fitness system. Designed by Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough and practiced by many Hollywood celebrities, the program is based on a fun and fabulous fusion of yoga, body sculpting and dance, designed to help women lose weight and create long, lean muscles.

Hello Kitty Stump Village Vol. 1: A Place of Fun The Hello Kitty franchise goes claymation in this collection of episodes from the sweet series, in which the adorable kitty and her cutesy friends get into all sorts of creative adventures in the town of Stump Village. There's never a dull moment as Hello Kitty and her pals learn to make a cookie town, build a seesaw out of a nutcracker, design sunglasses from vegetables and more. Special guests Badtz-Maru and My Melody also show up for the fun.

America 1900 Explore life in America at the turn of the 20th century with this comprehensive documentary from PBS. The mood in the country in 1900 combined optimism about progress with turmoil over social issues. Covering rapid technological advances; increasing racism; contentious public debate on sex and morality; immigration; and U.S. troops in Asia, the program details America's search for a national identity and rise as a world power.

Seeking 1906 Join acclaimed British author Simon Winchester on a yearlong journey through California to research his book about the devastating 1906 San Francisco earthquake, A Crack in the Edge of the World. The engrossing documentary follows Winchester as he chats with quake survivors and gathers information from seismologists about contemporary methods of studying temblors and the long-term effects of one of history's most powerful shakers.

AC/DC: Back in Black: A Classic Album Under Review This in-depth retrospective revisits AC/DC's "Back in Black" (which sold more than 40 million copies), with track-by-track analysis of the landmark album that launched the Aussie rockers' career into the stratosphere. A team of experts including music journalist Malcolm Dome, recording engineer Tony Platt and band biographer Paul Stenning provide an insightful critique. Performance footage, a featurette and an AC/DC quiz round out the video.

Condor Hero A teen orphan is taken by his uncle to a mysterious clan to learn the secrets of an ancient form of kung fu. After he meets the beautiful Dragon Girl, powerful leader of the Tomb Sect, the boy follows her on a life-changing journey. Louis Cha's epic martial arts novel, which explores the themes of honor, betrayal, love and revenge, explodes onto the screen in this live-action kung fu saga filled with jaw-dropping fights and stunning visuals.

Kirameki Project: Robot Girls Three royal sisters defend their kingdom from an aggressive enemy in this futuristic anime series. The princesses rely on technology to keep things running smoothly in their Mediterranean country, but when a giant robot threatens their kingdom, it's up to robot expert Princess Kana and her android Rincle to protect the land from the evil Old Guys and their mechanical warrior.

Bad Religion: The Riot On Dec. 29, 1990, police tried to close down a concert by California punk band Bad Religion at the El Portal Theater in North Hollywood. The punks-vs.-cops brawl that ensued was captured by a crew videotaping the show. The disc also includes footage from a 1988 Bad Religion concert in which the band performs "You Are the Government," "How Much Is Enough?" "Drastic Action" and more.

The Who: In Their Own Words The band that made guitar-smashing a cliché is given the full documentary treatment here through behind-the-scenes footage, rarely seen performance clips, interviews with band insiders and insight from critics. The result is a fascinating examination of how John Entwistle, Roger Daltrey, Keith Moon and Pete Townshend changed the face of rock music with electrifying performances and audacious work such as the rock opera "Tommy."

Phil Lesh and Friends: Live at the Warfield Bassist Phil Lesh and his band of "friends" -- Joan Osborne, John Scofield, Larry Campbell, Rob Barraco, John Molo and Greg Osby -- settle in for a two-day musical event at San Francisco's Warfield Theater. The selection of tunes includes "All Along the Watchtower," "Uncle John's Band," "Eyes of the World," "The Eleven" and "Slipknot," along with a candid discussion among Lesh, Scofield and Osby about the art of improvisation.

Hungry for Monsters Declared "a tale from a New Age witch hunt," George Paul Csicsery's documentary exposes the malpractices of the mental health and legal community during one family's harrowing ordeal. In 1990, 15-year-old Nicole accused her father of molesting her and claimed a host of bizarre incidents had happened, including satanic rituals, a murder and sex orgies. The family tries to piece together the truth despite overzealous prosecutors and therapists.

Wimbledon Classic Match: Borg vs. Gerulaitis This action-packed replay of a classic Wimbledon encounter captures the legendary three-hour men's semifinal match between Bjorn Borg of Sweden and Vitas Gerulaitis of the United States in 1977. To be sure, it was one of the most exciting contests of the year. But what made the match all the more enthralling was the fact that the two opponents were longtime friends -- and onetime practice partners.

Legends of Wimbledon: Pete Sampras Follow the ups and downs -- but mostly ups -- of one of the best players ever to swing a tennis racket at Wimbledon: Pete Sampras. This documentary tracks his career at the top British tournament, from his less-than-stellar 1989 debut to his final match there in 2002 -- and the record seven wins in between. The DVD also features interviews with some of Sampras's top rivals, including Boris Becker, Andre Agassi and Goran Ivanisevic.

Wimbledon 2006 Official Film British actor Sam Hazeldine narrates this official recap of the 2006 Wimbledon Championships, a year that saw No. 1 seeds Roger Federer of Switzerland and Amelie Mauresmo of France claim the men's and women's crowns. Other highlights include the return of Martina Hingis after a five-year absence; Andre Agassi's final match on the grass courts; and Martina Navratilova's farewell to the site of her record-tying win of 20 Wimbledon titles.

Le Mans 2006 Review Follow the high-speed action from the 2006 Le Mans auto race in this official highlight film that records the adrenaline punch of the 24-hour endurance driving competition, one of auto racing's most prestigious events. Perfect for anyone who doesn't have a full day to watch the entire event, this video features race footage, interviews with top drivers, frenzied clips from inside the pits and sharp commentary from racing experts.

Shiva Rea: Creative Core Abs Internationally renowned yoga instructor Shiva Rea leads this unique and innovative workout filmed in high definition at New Mexico's magnificent White Sands National Park. Divided into three flowing segments that can be performed individually or all together, the routine focuses on core development that will strengthen your torso and back while soothing your mind and rejuvenating your spirit.

Hamlet Based on a translation by novelist Boris Pasternak, this memorable Russian film version of one of Shakespeare's greatest works provides a visually beautiful and haunting experience. Russian stars Innokenti Smoktunovsky and Anastasiya Vertinskaya turn in remarkable performances as Hamlet and Ophelia, while the poignant black-and-white cinematography and striking score by composer Dmitri Shostakovich add dramatic tension to the story.

Yoga Booty Ballet Yoga Booty Ballet is a fun and fabulous fusion of yoga, body sculpting and dance that tones, strengthens and energizes, while helping you lose weight and create long, lean muscles. Fitness experts Gillian Marloth and Teigh McDonough lead you through two complete workouts, "Light and Easy" and "Latin Flavor," designed to tone and shape, build confidence, boost energy and promote balance between mind, body and spirit.

Cool Dimension: Innocent Assassin Haunted by a long-lost childhood memory, a beautiful assassin tries to escape her dangerous career in this action-packed thriller. From the time she was a child, Shiori was forced to be a trained killer, but when she recalls a suppressed memory, the femme fatale decides to leave the only life she's ever known. Now, she's ready to face the future, but how many more will she have to kill to escape the past? Yoko Mitsuya and Mitsuho Otani star.

The Trouble-Makers Maggie Q and Terence Yin co-star in this unconventional romantic comedy about two warring housemates who finally have something in common when one of them gets scared nearly to death. After suspecting that his attractive new roommate (Q) is trying to scam him out of his security deposit, Shito (Yin) launches a full-fledged attack for revenge. But when his trickery proves too terrorizing for her, he must nurse her back to health.

The Music of Leroy Anderson: Once Upon a Sleigh Ride This career-spanning documentary centers on the life of legendary composer Leroy Anderson, an artist best known for the holiday classic "Sleigh Ride" and the familiar tune "The Syncopated Clock." In addition to these well-known favorites, the program also features "Blue Tango," "Jazz Pizzicato," "The Typewriter" and "Fiddle Faddle," among others. Previously unreleased bonus material includes TV appearances and unpublished songs.

The Battle of Trafalgar Robert Powell narrates this engrossing exploration of one of France and Britain's most thrilling and decisive conflicts: the Battle of Trafalgar. The event unraveled on Oct. 21, 1805, when British admiral Lord Nelson and his 27 ships defeated an assault by French emperor Napoleon's 33 ships, cementing Nelson's legacy in naval victories. Dramatized accounts and 3D graphics, along with expert commentary, help recount the unlikely triumph.

1812: The Battle of Borodino Expert analysis, authentic reenactments and period artwork combine to re-create the Emperor Napoleon's infamous defeat at the Battle of Borodino, widely considered to be his biggest military blunder. The largest and bloodiest conflict of the Napoleonic Wars, the battle involved more than 30,000 French casualties and ultimately spurred the emperor's retreat from Moscow and his Russian enemies.

The Napoleonic Wars The battlefield genius of the infamous Napoleon Bonaparte is re-created via informative maps, period imagery and artwork and authentic reenactments in this historical documentary focusing on his military conquests. Expert analysis of the emperor's successes and notable failures includes commentary from Niall Barr of the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst, historian John Tincey and Napoleonic expert David Chandler.

The First Civilizations Discover how human society evolved from nomadic hunter-gatherer tribes to create complex civilizations in Africa and Europe in this historical documentary, part of the Secrets of Ancient Empires series. Using artifacts, archival materials, interviews with scholars and reenactments of important events, this fascinating program re-creates life in the earliest civilized communities.

The First Armies Part of the Secrets of Ancient Empires series tracing the trajectory of human society, this documentary shows how evolving civilization prompted the creation of organized military forces meant to protect communities. Making the most of available archival materials and artifacts, expert interviews and reenactments of important events, The First Armies re-creates military life as it was in ancient times.

The First Beliefs Find out how and why humans concocted and developed creation myths and other complex religious beliefs to bring order into their frequently chaotic existence in this in-depth documentary. Part of the Secrets of Ancient Empires series tracing the development of civilization, the program brings to life ancient civilized communities through location footage, 3D animation, interviews and reenactments of important events.

Nutcracker Sweeties / The Judas Tree These lively performances of two contrasting ballets will thrill fans of the art form. Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington's "Nutcracker Sweeties," choreographed by David Bintley, celebrates 1940s America through its dazzling fusion of historical icons, glamorous costumes and big band music. "The Judas Tree," an emotionally charged piece choreographed by Kenneth MacMillan and starring Irek Mukhamedov, addresses the dark side of male sexuality.

Wimbledon Classic Match: Federer vs. Sampras Roger Federer of Switzerland takes on his idol, Pete Sampras of the United States, in this memorable 2001 match snatched out of the Wimbledon vaults and cued up for an instant replay. The three-and-a-half-hour match ultimately ends with Sampras stepping down as men's singles champion and with Federer displaying uncharacteristic emotion over his win.

Hard Rock Treasures Don Bernstine, the Hard Rock Café's director of acquisitions, leads viewers on a treasure hunt in this behind-the-scenes look at how the restaurant chain collects its rock 'n' roll memorabilia. Bernstine scours the globe for mementos -- from concert posters to musical instruments -- to adorn the franchise's walls. Highlights include a tour of the Hard Rock vault and appearances by members of Bon Jovi, Van Halen, Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith and more.

The First Merchants See how the rise of cities spurred commerce and the development of the merchant class in this engrossing historical documentary, part of the Secrets of Ancient Empires series tracing the development of civilization. With ancient artifacts, archival materials, interviews and reenactments of important events, this absorbing program re-creates societal interactions in the earliest of civilized communities.

Handel Messiah: A Sacred Oratorio The Australian Broadcasting Corporation presents the first Australian film recording of Handel's "Messiah," one of the most famous compositions of all time. This moving work has been staged somewhere in the world every year since it was written in 1742, but this production, which features conductor Antony Walker and soprano Sara Macliver, stands out. The performance was filmed at the stunning Cerretti Chapel on St. Patrick's Estate.

Beat Fatigue with Yoga This exercise video (based on Fiona Agombar's book of the same name) promotes practicing yoga to energize the weary body and relax the mind, whether you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome or are just habitually tired. Led with gentle and motivating style by Agombar and British yoga guru Sue Delf, the program offers step-by-step instructions for achieving optimum health. The routine is appropriate for viewers at any fitness level.

Banda Pequenos Musical: La Produccion Maestra 2006 After making music for more than a decade, Banda Pequenos Musical hit the stage at Mexico City's Ciudad Neza in 2006 for a rousing concert featuring special guest Panteon Rococo. Among the selections in this collection of videos from the event are "Coqueta," "Voy a Danzar," "Mentira," "Desnudos," "Atado," "Mi Esperanza," "Regresando," "Aventurera" and "Reencuentro." Extras include a behind-the-scenes look at the making of "Regresando."

My Morning Jacket: Okonokos Capture the sheer drama and musicianship of experimental country-rock group My Morning Jacket in this often surreal and otherworldly concert film directed by Sam Erickson and conceptualized by Jim James. The band runs through hits from their album "Okonokos," including "The Party," "Wordless Chorus," "One Big Holiday," "I Will Sing You Songs," "The Way That He Sings," "What a Wonderful Man," Off the Record" and more.

Aggro Berlin Presents: Aggro Videos Part 1 Germans aren't exactly known for their rapping skills, but this collection of video clips by artists from the Aggro Berlin hip-hop label proves that their rhymes can compete with the best of them. Selections include "H.I.V. Safe Sex" by A.i.d.S, "Mein Block" by Sido, "Steh Wieder Auf " by Deine Lieblings Rapper, "Twoh" by B-Tight and Tony D, "Neue Deutsche Welle" by Fler and the all-star anthem "Aggro Berlin Zeit."

Listen with Pain: 20 Years of Einsturzende Neubauten German avant-garde band Einsturzende Neubauten celebrates two decades together with this absorbing documentary charting their career highs and lows. Best known for their experimental sound and homemade instruments, Einsturzende Neubauten is one of the most inventive groups to emerge from Deutschland. The film includes behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with the band members, who discuss their musical influences and philosophies.

New Bomb Turks: Reigning on Edinburgh Punkers the New Bomb Turks -- whose hard-hitting sound appeals to fans on both sides of the Atlantic -- wowed the faithful in this heady 1994 performance recorded in Edinburgh, Scotland. Once a Columbus, Ohio, garage band, the New Bomb Turks emerged during the 1990s punk revival, and many consider this British tour one of the group's best. The set list includes "Up for a Downslide," "Sucker Punch," "Out of My Mind" and "Long Gone Sister."

Iced Earth: Alive in Athens Power metal band Iced Earth is captured in all their Gothic-inspired, guitar-screeching glory in this film of the two 1999 sold-out shows in Athens, Greece, that resulted in the group's "Alive in Athens" album. In addition to the newly discovered footage of the historic concerts, the presentation includes an interview with rhythm guitarist and songwriter Jon Schaffer and backstage clips of the boys.

Every Time I Die: Sh*t Happens Metal-core rockers Every Time I Die treat Long Island fans to a scorching set list of tunes, just part of this comprehensive DVD that contains more than two hours of band footage, all their music videos and more. Highlights include behind-the-scenes film of the group's American tour, their Warped Tour and the Christmas show in their hometown of Buffalo, N.Y. The disc also features the band members' wild home movies.


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